Best Shore Fishing in Mississippi

Fishing on a Mississippi shoreline.
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Shore fishing in Mississippi offers an array of opportunities for both novice and experienced anglers seeking the thrill of the catch right from the water’s edge. With its rich marine ecosystems, Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is a haven where you can cast a line for a diverse variety of species. In towns like Gulfport, shore fishing can yield an impressive day’s haul, providing challenges and excitement in equal measure. Here, you can immerse yourself in the pursuit of fish like redfish and black drum, understanding that the best times for shore fishing are often governed by the tides, seasons, and local fish behavior. Whether baiting your hook on the serene stretches of the Mississippi coastline or enjoying the subtle art of angling in the bountiful marshes and bays, shore fishing in Mississippi is an experience that connects you deeply with the natural charm of the Gulf.

Ross Barnett Reservoir

The Ross Barnett Reservoir is a prime location for shore fishing in Mississippi. Spanning over 33,000 acres, this expansive body of water provides a variety of fishing spots that can appeal to your angling preferences.

Popular Species:
The reservoir is notably a habitat for Largemouth Bass, and it’s not uncommon for anglers to reel in Crappie, Catfish, and Bream as well.

Fishing Hotspots:

  • Vegetated Areas: Look for spots where vegetation is abundant, as bass often hide in these areas.
  • River System: The Pearl River’s influence creates dynamic areas which can be lucrative for fishing.
  • Backwaters and Shoreline Miles: With more than 105 shoreline miles, explore backwaters where fish tend to gather.

Fishing Tournaments:
You may also find yourself sharing the water with contestants in one of the many bass tournaments held annually.

Tips for Success:

  • Choose the right bait: Shiners, jigs, and plastic worms are effective choices.
  • Fish along the edges of the vegetation and in the quieter backwaters for the best chances.

Sardis Lake

When you’re looking to cast your line close to shore in Mississippi, Sardis Lake emerges as a prime fishing location. Nestled along the Little Tallahatchie River in northern Mississippi, it boasts a remarkable 32,500 acres of water and over 80 miles of shoreline.

Key Features:

  • Size: 32,500 acres
  • Shoreline: Over 80 miles
  • Maximum Depth: 76 ft
  • Elevation: 596 ft
  • Popular Fish: Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, White Bass, Black Crappie, White Crappie, Bluegill

Best Fishing Practices:

  • Target the docks and structures for the best chances at a significant catch, especially for crappie.
  • Mind the water temperature for crappie spawning; ideally between 58°F and 75°F.
  • Utilize the weather fronts and moon phases for timing your endeavors.

Noteworthy Spots:

  • Engineer Point: N 34 23.965 / W 89 47.083 for wind protection.

Before heading out, check with local bait shops, like Collins’ Bait Shop, for the most recent updates on lake conditions.

Grenada Lake

In northern Mississippi, Grenada Lake offers a premier shore fishing experience, especially for crappie enthusiasts. Created by damming the Yalobusha River for flood control, the lake spans an impressive 35,000 acres and has garnered a reputation as a haven for anglers seeking trophy-sized crappie.

When you visit, you can exploit several hot spots around the lake. For instance, a notable location is the Old Grenada Hwy 8 N (33 48.387/W 89 38.948), a submerged road where you can wade and fish along the old pavement.

Hot Spot LocationCoordinatesNotable Features
Old Grenada Hwy 833 48.387/W 89 38.948Submerged road, wade fishing
Jacks Slough33 51.329/N 89 43.588Proximity to winter crappie

Here’s what you need to remember for a successful fishing trip at Grenada Lake:

  • Best Time for Crappie: Aim for the cooler months for a higher chance of catching larger crappie.
  • Techniques: Wading along submerged structures or fishing close to flooded timber can yield good results.
  • Regulations: Always check local regulations for seasons, sizes, and limits to ensure sustainable fishing practices.

It’s not only crappie that will tug at your line; large bass and catfish also call these waters home, although crappie remains the star attraction. Your time at Grenada Lake promises a serene environment where your fishing skills can lead to a gratifying catch.

Bay Springs Lake

Located in the northeastern region of Mississippi, Bay Springs Lake is a prized fishing destination you shouldn’t miss. With its 6,700 acres of water and 133 miles of shoreline, the lake provides abundant opportunities for anglarians who seek a rewarding day of fishing.

You’ll find Bay Springs Lake on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, offering access to a diverse fish population. Here are the key species you may encounter:

When targeting bass, you have several strategies based on local anglers’ insights:

  • Use the Red Eye Shad in shallow areas.
  • Cast a spinnerbait along the deep ends of clay points.
  • Opt for a shaky head in the deep brush.

For the best experience, consider fishing in one of these recommended spots:

  • Clay points: Ideal for bass with good cover.
  • Deep brush: Holds fish year-round, particularly spotted bass and crappie.

Bay Springs is recognized for its crappie, particularly when fished during their active seasons. Look out for local tournaments in the spring, summer, and fall, which witness impressive catches.

Remember, the lake’s environment transitions dynamically from one season to another. During October, fishing patterns change, challenging your adaptability as an angler. Try different areas of the lake to identify where the bass may be holding, such as cooler waters or around structure, and adjust your techniques accordingly.

Percy Quin State Park Lake

Trees lining the shore edge at Percy Quin state park on a sunny day.

At Percy Quin State Park, you’re granted access to the serene Lake Tangipahoa, a premier spot for shoreline fishing in Mississippi. Spanning 490 acres, the lake presents a tranquil escape and a playground for anglers of all skill levels.

Fishing Opportunities:

  • Bass: Known for its bass population, you can expect to reel in both quantity and quality.
  • Bream: Discover abundant bream, which can provide plenty of action for a casual day out.
  • Catfish: Target catfish for a challenging and potentially rewarding catch.
  • Crappie: Find crappie lurking around structures and in shallower waters.


  • Fishing License: Required for ages 16 to 65, available at the park office.
  • RV Campsites: Over 100 spots if you’re planning an overnight stay.
  • Cabins and Cottages: For a more comfortable lodging experience.


  • The park is easily reachable by taking exit 13 off Interstate 55, just six miles south of McComb, MS.
  • Day-use entry fees apply: $2.00 per person, free for ages 5 and under.

When planning your visit, early morning or late afternoon are typically the best times for shore fishing, as the fish are more active.

Buccaneer State Park

Located in Waveland, Mississippi, Buccaneer State Park offers you an attractive mix of coastal fishing and family-friendly amenities. The park is situated by the Gulf of Mexico, ensconced in a background of stately moss-draped oaks and expansive marshlands, ideal for a tranquil fishing experience.

Fishing Amenities:

  • Shoreline Fishing: Enjoy fishing along the park’s beachfront, where you have the opportunity to catch local species.
  • Pier Fishing: Utilize the park’s pier to cast deeper into the Gulf waters for a diverse catch.

Remember to check local regulations and acquire the proper fishing license before engaging in any fishing activity.

Additional Features:

  • Camping: Combine your shore fishing outing with an overnight stay at one of the park’s numerous campsites.
  • Picnicking: After a serene day of fishing, relax at one of the picnic spots scattered throughout the park.

Note that Buccaneer Bay waterpark may only be open on weekends prior to Labor Day, adding more activities for your weekend fishing getaway.

Accessibility: The park is at 1150 South Beach Boulevard, catering to both Saturday and Sunday outdoor enthusiasts. Always confirm the latest operating hours and potential seasonal changes before planning your visit.

Through the blend of nature and recreational facilities, Buccaneer State Park provides you with ample opportunities for a memorable shore fishing experience. With nature trails, waterpark entertainment, and a variety of fish to reel in, your adventure by the Mississippi Gulf Coast awaits.

Lake Lincoln State Park

When you visit Lake Lincoln State Park, located in Lincoln County near Wesson, MS, you’re in for a delightful shore fishing experience. With Lake Lincoln as the centerpiece, the park offers 550 acres of freshwater wonderland ripe with various fish species.

Fish Population and Tips:

  • Crappie: This species thrives in Lake Lincoln, especially during cooler months. For successful catches, target the white crappie with jigs or minnows.
  • Bass and Bream: While crappie is a highlight, don’t overlook the bass and bream, which also populate the waters.

Access Points:

  • Main Entrance: 2573 Sunset Road NE, Wesson, MS 39191
  • Contact: To gather more details or check conditions, dial (601) 643-9044 before your trip.


  • Fishing is complemented by convenient amenities such as RV campsites and a cabin for lodging.
  • The park is designed to provide easy access with its close proximity to Interstate 55 and Highways 51 and 27.

Sampling Methods:
Biologists from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks use sophisticated sampling methods to assess and maintain the health of the fish populations, ensuring quality fishing opportunities for you.

Lake Bill Waller

When seeking some of the best shore fishing experiences in Mississippi, Lake Bill Waller is a destination that deserves your attention. Located in Marion County, roughly 7 miles southeast of Columbia, this 168-acre water body offers a tranquil setting for anglers.

Your fishing endeavors at Lake Bill Waller are likely to be met with a variety of species. Common catches include Largemouth Bass, with the lake known for producing a significant record—a Largemouth weighing 15 pounds, 14 ounces. Although Bass are a highlight, you also have the chance to encounter other species, enriching your shore fishing experience.

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Other freshwater species

*Note that while Lake Bill Waller does not offer camping facilities, you can find boating access which is essential for shore fishing. For camping opportunities, look towards Lake Columbia or nearby State Parks.


  • Boat lanes
  • Earthen piers

Local Tips:
Contact local resources: Before you prepare your tackle box, it is wise to contact local resources. This ensures that you’re up-to-date with the latest conditions and any regulations that may affect your fishing plans.

Local contact number:
(601) 736-1861

Lake Mary Crawford

Lake Mary Crawford offers a picturesque fishing experience right in the heart of Lawrence County, Mississippi. At approximately 128 acres, you’re provided with ample space to enjoy a day of shore fishing amidst serene surroundings.

When targeting bream and crappie, summer months are the prime time, with activity peaking during the warmer hours of the day. If you’re an angler who enjoys early dawn or dusk, you’ll find the lake’s largemouth bass to be particularly active during these times.

Facilities at Lake Mary Crawford include:

  • Two accessible fishing piers
  • Two boat ramps suitable for various boat sizes
  • Campsites and a pavilion that you can reserve by contacting the lake manager

It’s noted for its abundance of bluegill and redear sunfish (shellcrackers), making it a popular destination for anglers seeking these species. The lake is also home to a healthy population of bass, crappie, and catfish.

Please note, boating is limited to trolling speed with an exception on Sundays from 12:00 pm to sunset, ensuring a peaceful fishing experience.

To reach Lake Mary Crawford:

  • Address: 293 Lake Mary Lane, Monticello, MS 39654
  • GPS: N31 34.790, W90 09.353

For more information, including reservations and potential fishing advisories, contact the lake manager at (601) 587-7853.

Tippah County Lake

When you are looking to angle from the shore in Mississippi, Tippah County Lake is a prime destination for avid fishers. Located in Tippah County, this 145-acre lake provides a serene and accessible fishing environment.

Types of Fish:

  • Largemouth Bass
  • Crappie
  • Bream (Redear Sunfish, Bluegill)
  • Catfish (Channel and Flatheads)

Tippah County Lake is particularly renowned for its Redear Sunfish (also known as shellcracker), with the lake record being an impressive 3.33 pounds. Bluegills here are also noteworthy, contributing to the lake’s reputation.

Fishing Tips:

  • For shellcrackers, consider using earthworms, as they are a favored bait.
  • When on the hunt for crappie, the recommended bait is minnows or jigs.
  • If you are targeting bass, artificial lures or live bait such as shiners can be very effective.

Seasonal Advice:

  • In June, redear sunfish are commonly targeted, but you’ll find that spring and early summer can yield good catches across species.
  • For catfish, evenings or nights can be the most productive times.


  • The lake is equipped with a boat ramp for easy access.
  • There’s also a pier, making it handy for you to enjoy fishing without the need for a boat.

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