Bird Watching

Sandhill Cranes in Kearney Nebraska

Best Bird Watching in Nebraska

Nebraska, a state known for its vast landscapes and abundant natural beauty, is a hidden gem for birdwatching enthusiasts. With its diverse habitats, including wetlands,

Cedar Rapids Skyline with birds flying around in Iowa

Best Bird Watching in Iowa

Embarking on a bird-watching journey in Iowa is an unparalleled experience for nature enthusiasts and bird lovers alike. Known for its rich and diverse landscapes,

A killdeer bird along the banks of Cherokee Lake in Eastern Tennessee

Best Bird Watching in Tennessee

Tennessee, nestled in the southeastern United States, is a paradise for birdwatchers seeking extraordinary encounters with winged wonders. With its diverse landscapes, ranging from the

Beautiful humming bird against a Montana blue sky

Best Bird Watching in Montana

Embark on an awe-inspiring avian adventure as we delve into the diverse landscapes and magnificent wildlife of Montana, a birdwatching paradise nestled in the heart

Seagull sitting on a driftwood at a rocky beach in Oregon

Best Bird Watching in Oregon

Embark on an exciting journey through the best birdwatching spots in Oregon, where the Pacific Northwest’s natural splendor unveils an unparalleled world of avian wonders.

A large adult American Bald Eagle in a tree surveying her hunting grounds in northern Washington State

Best Bird Watching in Washington

Washington State is a haven for birdwatchers, offering an enchanting blend of diverse landscapes and abundant avian life. From snow-capped mountains to sprawling coastal shores,

Close-up of a blue jay bird perching on a branch in Indiana

Best Bird Watching in Indiana

Birdwatching in Indiana offers a captivating and enriching experience for nature enthusiasts. The state is home to a variety of exceptional birdwatching spots, making it

A blue jay perching on a branch during the fall season in Massachusetts

Best Bird Watching in Massachusetts

Embark on a thrilling avian adventure as we delve into the mesmerizing world of birdwatching in Massachusetts. With its diverse landscapes and varied ecosystems, the

Snow Owl in New Jersey

Best Bird Watching in New Jersey

Embarking on an avian adventure, New Jersey unveils a trove of diverse habitats that beckon birdwatchers from near and far. From the serene wetlands to

Eagle flying over Lake Cour d’Alene in Northern Idaho

Best Bird Watching in Idaho

If you’re a bird enthusiast, Idaho offers a paradise of opportunities to witness some of the most captivating avian species in their natural habitat. From

Shorebird perched on a dock in South Carolina

Best Bird Watching in South Carolina

Embark on an exciting journey through the top birdwatching spots in South Carolina and delve into the vibrant world of avian wonders. From tranquil marshlands

Two seagulls standing on posts watching over the boats at the Vinalhaven Island Harbor in Maine

Best Bird Watching in Maine

Maine, often referred to as “Vacationland,” is not only a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers but also a mecca for birdwatchers. With its

Clark’s nutcracker bird in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Best Bird Watching in Colorado

Embark on a captivating journey through the untamed beauty of Colorado, delving into the world of birdwatching—an enthralling activity that allows you to connect with

Yellow Warbler perched on a branch during spring migration in Wisconsin

Best Bird Watching in Wisconsin

In the picturesque state of Wisconsin, bird watching becomes an enchanting experience for avian enthusiasts and nature lovers. Known as America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin boasts a

A male wood duck in a Pennsylvania stream

Best Bird Watching in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, birdwatching enthusiasts are in for a treat. With its diverse landscapes, ranging from lush forests to serene lakeshores, the Keystone State offers a

Explore Ohio's diverse habitats and witness a vibrant array of bird species. Uncover top birdwatching spots for nature enthusiasts and ornithologists alike.

Best Bird Watching in Ohio

The Buckeye State, Ohio, nestled in the heart of the Midwest, is a birdwatcher’s paradise, boasting an incredible diversity of habitats that attract a plethora

Birds on the beach, Outerbanks North Carolina

Best Bird Watching in North Carolina

North Carolina, a bird watcher’s paradise, boasts an array of diverse habitats, from coastal areas and wetlands to mountains and forests, making it a haven

A bird perched by a wooden fence amongst the skyscrapers of New York

Best Bird Watching in New York

New York State might be famous for its bustling cities, but beyond the urban landscape lies a birdwatcher’s paradise waiting to be explored. Amidst the

Photo of desert bird taken in Arizona in the summer season

Best Bird Watching in Arizona

Arizona, a state renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich biodiversity, stands as a premier destination for bird watching enthusiasts. With its diverse ecosystems ranging

Woman watching birds with binoculars

Best Bird Watching in Texas

Texas, the Lone Star State, is not only renowned for its vast landscapes and diverse ecosystems but also holds a special place in the hearts

Senior couple bird watching, woman pointing out something for her husband to look at through binoculars

Best Bird Watching in California

California is a bird watcher’s paradise, boasting a diverse array of habitats that attract an impressive variety of avian species. From coastal seashores to expansive

Pelican bird perched on a pier in late spring at SW Florida

Best Bird Watching in Florida

Explore the Sunshine State, where vibrant skies and diverse ecosystems create a haven for bird enthusiasts. Florida is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes and