Best RV Camping in Washington

An RV parked in a lush green campground in Washington, with tall trees, a clear sky, and a serene lake in the background
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Washington offers a rich tapestry of landscapes for RV camping enthusiasts, from the rugged coastline to scenic mountains and lush forests teeming with trails for hiking. Your adventure in the state’s great outdoors can be as tranquil or as thrilling as you desire, with countless parks and campgrounds specifically tailored to accommodate your RV. With diverse environments, including the tranquility of old-growth forests and the invigorating freshness of alpine air, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to park your home on wheels.

Olympic National Park

When you bring your RV to Olympic National Park, you’re in for a treat. This vast expanse of wilderness offers a variety of campgrounds tailored to meet your camping needs. Each site boasts unique features that cater to different styles of outdoor adventure.

Kalaloch Campground is a gem, offering you immediate shoreline access with expansive views of the Pacific Ocean. This large campground is well-loved by visitors, and for a good reason. You can find more details about Kalaloch and its offerings here.

If you prefer a quieter setting, Deer Park Campground stands out. Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by pristine nature, away from the busy beach. However, keep in mind the access can be more challenging for larger RVs due to the steep, narrow road.

Those interested in fishing or hiking trails might consider staying at Mora Campground, located near Forks. It provides easy access to the Quillayute River, and the enchanting Hoh Rainforest is just a drive away.

Most campgrounds offer basic amenities, such as potable water and flush toilets. Make sure to check each campground’s availability for electric hookups or dump stations, as these can vary.

For a stay filled with comfort, the Log Cabin Resort RV Park near Port Angeles provides a variety of RV sites with different hookups, and it’s a great basecamp for exploring what the park has to offer. To make reservations at Log Cabin RV & Campground, click here.

Remember to always check for any travel alerts or updates on campground availability before planning your trip to ensure the most current information.

Mount Rainier National Park

Snow-capped Mount Rainier towers over lush forests and alpine meadows, with a clear blue sky and a winding river in the foreground

When you set your sights on RV camping, Mount Rainier National Park offers an immersive experience with nature’s grandeur. Your journey promises encounters with wildlife and the chance to explore a variety of hiking trails.


Cougar Rock and Ohanapecosh Campground are two of the park’s main campsites that accept advance reservations. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Cougar Rock: Situated in the southwest section of the park, ideal for proximity to the Paradise area.
  • Ohanapecosh: Located in the southeast, it’s surrounded by ancient forests and close to the Ohanapecosh Visitor Center.

White River and Mowich Lake campsites operate on a first-come, first-served basis, suitable for those who seek spontaneity.


Mount Rainier National Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with a plethora of hiking trails suitable for every skill level. Whether you’re looking for a gentle walk through wildflower meadows or a challenging ascent, the park’s extensive network offers it all.

In the colder months, the park transforms into a snowshoeing wonderland, allowing you to traverse its winter beauty. Equipment rentals are available, making it easy for you to step into this serene activity.

Wildlife Observations

The park’s diverse ecosystems support a range of wildlife, from the elusive black bear to the majestic elk. While you’re here, respect the natural habitat and keep your distance, ensuring a safe environment for both you and the animals.

Remember to check the National Park Service website for updated information on campground status and opening hours, and always plan ahead to ensure the best possible experience at Mount Rainier National Park.

North Cascades National Park

When you decide to RV camp in North Cascades National Park, you’re signing up for an adventure set in one of Washington’s most stunning landscapes. This park boasts a variety of campgrounds, each offering different amenities and experiences.

For those eager to explore, there’s a plethora of hiking trails that range from leisurely walks to challenging climbs. Ascend through the park’s dense forests and witness the grandeur of over 300 glaciers adorning the rugged peaks.

Fishing enthusiasts will find their haven in the alpine and subalpine lakes, as well as in the numerous streams. These pristine waters are habitat to several trout species, providing both a peaceful pastime and a test of skill.


When it comes to setting up camp, you can make reservations through up to 180 days in advance. Be aware that campsite occupancy is typically limited to eight people and that specific rules apply regarding tent and vehicle numbers.

Campground FeatureDetail
ReservationsAvailable at some campgrounds
OccupancyMax 8 people per site
Tents/VehiclesLimit of 3 tents and 2 vehicles
Stay DurationUp to 14 days (summer), 30 days (off-season)

Boating is another activity that beckons with designated boat-in campsites, allowing you to soak in the serene beauty of the park from the water.

For a comprehensive RV camping experience amid lush valleys and crystalline waters, look no further than North Cascades National Park. As you immerse yourself in the park’s offerings remember to adhere to the Leave No Trace principles, ensuring these wonders persist for years to come.

Deception Pass State Park

When you embark on an adventure to Deception Pass State Park, you’ll be immersing yourself in an environment that is as stunning as it is diverse. Situated on the northern end of Whidbey Island, this location delivers picturesque views and a rich array of activities that cater to outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

Campsites here are varied, offering you the choice to sleep under the stars near the forest, by the freshwater of Cranberry Lake, or alongside the saltwater coastline. Notably, the Quarry Pond Campground provides amenities such as electrical hookups and is suitable for your RV needs.

Hiking trails abound, with over 38 miles available, ranging from easy beachfront strolls to challenging forest treks. The Goose Rock Summit trail, for example, offers captivating views of the iconic bridge and surrounding waters from above.

BeachesAmple shoreline for relaxation and picnics.
HikingTrails for all skill levels with stunning vistas.
FishingPopular for salmon and crab during respective seasons.
CampingOptions for tents and RVs with necessary facilities.

Remember to respect the park’s natural beauty by observing all regulations, especially when you’re enjoying serene beaches or engaging in fishing. Regulations help ensure that this park remains a majestic destination for future visitors.

Before your trip, ensure that you make your Deception Pass camping reservations early, especially during peak seasons, to secure your preferred spot. Your experience at Deception Pass State Park promises to be both breathtaking and memorable.

Cape Disappointment State Park

At Cape Disappointment State Park, you’ll discover a rich tapestry of history and natural beauty. This 2,023-acre park offers you over two miles of ocean beaches and jaw-dropping cliffside viewpoints.

Campgrounds here are aplenty, with over 220 mixed-use campsites, which include standard, full hookup, partial hookup, and primitive options. You can rest comfortably in your RV, benefiting from the well-maintained amenities such as restrooms and showers.

Take a step back in time and immerse yourself in the area’s history. Cape Disappointment was named by English Captain John Meares in 1788, and it’s at the mouth of the Columbia River. This park is a part of the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks, where the explorers’ journey reached its end.

Lighthouses stand as stoic guides to the past and present. Cape Disappointment is home to two – the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse and the North Head Lighthouse. Both offer unique perspectives of the Pacific Ocean and are steeped in maritime lore.

Cape Disappointment LighthouseHistoric site with tours available
North Head LighthouseOffers panoramic views
BeachesIdeal for beachcombing and relaxing
CampgroundsAccommodates RVs and tents

Your time at Cape Disappointment State Park can be as relaxed or as active as you choose. Walk the sandy beaches, fish from the jetty, or explore coastal forests. Whatever your preference, you’ll find this coastal gem to be one of the best RV camping experiences in Washington.

Lake Wenatchee State Park

Lake Wenatchee State Park offers a premier RV camping experience amidst Washington’s stunning Cascade Mountains. You’ll find this 492-acre park situated just 16 miles from the charming Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth, providing a perfect balance of nature and nearby cultural delights.

Choose from 155 sites for RV or tent camping, including 42 that offer full hookups, ensuring you have access to water and power.


  • Boat Launch: Enjoy easy access to the lake with on-site boat launch facilities.
  • Park Store: Stock up on supplies at the convenient park store, open seasonally.

The glacier-fed Lake Wenatchee and the Wenatchee River provide ample opportunities for fishing. Ensure you have the necessary permits, and get ready for a peaceful day of angling.

Hiking Trails:
Embark on numerous trails around the park, where you can absorb the breathtaking views and local wildlife. Hikes range from easy strolls to more challenging treks for avid hikers.

Remember to respect the natural environment and observe all park regulations during your stay to ensure a memorable and sustainable outdoor adventure at Lake Wenatchee State Park.

Moran State Park

When you set your sights on RV camping in Washington, Moran State Park is a treasure waiting to be explored. Nestled within the San Juan Islands, Moran State Park offers a richness of natural beauty and outdoor activities that cater to all levels of adventure enthusiasts.

Your experience begins with choosing from over 5 campgrounds, where you can park your RV amidst the park’s expansive 5,000+ acres. You’ll find the campgrounds well equipped with the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. For reservations and specific details about the campgrounds, you can visit this comprehensive guide to Moran State Park camping.

  • Campsites: Check-in at 2:30 pm, check-out by 1 pm.
  • Reservations: Recommended, especially during peak season.
  • Campground Phone: 888-226-7688

Moran State Park is not just a place to settle in, but a launching point for numerous activities. Whether you’re up for a hike on its hiking trails or prefer a day on one of the freshwater lakes, you’re in the right place. You can enjoy a leisurely walk in the woods, a challenging hike up Mt. Constitution, or water activities such as fishing and paddleboarding.

Wildlife is abundant, and if you’re keen on birdwatching or hoping to spot local fauna like deer or otters, you have a generous chance here. Keep your camera ready for those unexpected encounters.

Remember, Moran State Park isn’t just a camping destination; it’s a full-on nature retreat offering a diverse outdoor experience. Before you visit, check out more about what to expect on the official Moran State Park website. Whether you’re in search of tranquility or adventure, your journey here is bound to be memorable.

Dosewallips State Park

When you plan your RV adventure in Washington, Dosewallips State Park offers an experience that harmoniously blends forested mountains with saltwater shoreline. Your camping journey here is met with options for both standard and partial-hookup sites, ensuring comfort and convenience for your RV stay.

RV Sites:

  • Standard sites provide a back-to-nature feel without hookups.
  • Partial-hookup sites include electricity and water, perfect for RVs.

Ready to stretch your legs? Hiking trails in the park lead you through lush landscapes and open up to views of the Olympic Mountains, making for an invigorating escape into nature.

  • Hiking Trails:
    • Short loop trails for a casual stroll
    • Challenging ascents for avid hikers

Dosewallips State Park offers direct saltwater access. Launch your kayak or simply enjoy the rhythmic sound of the waves. The park’s dynamic coastline invites you for shellfish harvesting—remember to check regulations and seasons.

  • Saltwater Access:
    • Beaches for walking and exploration
    • Opportunities for kayaking and clamming

Anglers will find fishing opportunities in both the freshwater of the Dosewallips River and the park’s marine waters. Be sure to have your fishing license in hand, and get ready to cast a line for salmon or shellfish, depending on the season.

With amenities like restrooms and a dump station, along with the undeniable beauty of Washington’s wild, Dosewallips State Park holds the promise of memorable moments in the great outdoors.

Grayland Beach State Park

Located along the beautiful Washington coast, Grayland Beach State Park offers you exceptional RV camping experiences. Nestled at 925 Cranberry Beach Rd, Grayland, WA, this park provides you with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

When you stay at Grayland Beach State Park, you can expect:

  • Campsites: A total of 104 campsites suitable for a range of preferences.
    • Full Hookups: 58 sites equipped for you to enjoy the comfort of your RV.
    • Water & Electric: 42 sites that provide basic amenities for your RV needs.
    • Yurts: 16 yurts available for those looking for a unique camping experience.
    • Primitive Sites: 4 sites for a more traditional camping atmosphere.

Whether you prefer the convenience of a full hookup site or the charm of yurt living, you’re covered. The campsites are complemented by amenities designed to make your stay comfortable.

  • Amenities:
    • Drinking Water
    • Flush Toilets
    • Hot Showers
    • RV Dump Station

Please note, camping directly on the beach is not permitted, preserving the natural beauty of the shoreline. Moreover, be mindful of beach hazards, as the coastal environment can be dynamic.

If you’re looking for a memorable Washington coast RV camping experience, Grayland Beach State Park is a prime choice. The park also offers a peaceful escape during winter with its quiet yurt accommodations. So, plan your trip to Grayland Beach and enjoy the ocean’s soothing presence right from your campsite.

Lake Chelan State Park

When you’re seeking a memorable RV camping experience in Washington, Lake Chelan State Park stands out as a prime destination. Nestled on the south shore of Lake Chelan, this picturesque park offers an array of activities that cater to any outdoor enthusiast.

Campsite Details:

  • Total Campsites: 144
  • Full Hookup Sites: 17
  • Water & Electric: 18
  • Standard Sites: Remainder
  • Accommodations: Tents, trailers, RVs
  • Amenities: Each campsite is equipped with a table, fire ring, and grate.

Amenities go beyond the basics — you have access to drinking water and modern restroom facilities. Your days can be filled with vibrant activities such as hiking, biking, volleyball, and swimming. Anglers, don’t forget your rods, as fishing here is a popular pursuit.

Lake Chelan State Park operates from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. during the summer, and you will need a Discover Pass for entry. For convenience, passes are available for a single day or annually:

  • Annual Discover Pass: $30.00
  • One-Day Discover Pass: $10.00

For a more detailed exploration of the park’s offerings and to make reservations, consider visiting the official state parks page or explore for reviews and tips from fellow RVers. With its stunning views and well-maintained facilities, Lake Chelan State Park could be the highlight of your Washington RV camping trip.

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