Best Pool Thermometers

A close-up view of a pool thermometer, providing an accurate reading and creating gentle ripples as it is pulled out of the water.
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Are you tired of guessing the temperature of your pool or relying on outdated methods? Look no further than a pool thermometer! Accurately measuring the temperature of your pool is essential for maintaining comfort and health, preventing damage, and saving money. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of pool thermometers, different types, top brands, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more. Whether you’re a new pool owner or a seasoned pro, this guide has everything you need to know to make an informed purchase and keep your pool in top shape.

Buyers Guide

Sure, here is a brief buyer’s guide for pool thermometers to help you make an informed decision when purchasing one:

  1. Type of Pool Thermometer – There are various types of pool thermometers available, such as digital, analog, wireless, and floating. Choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.
  2. Accuracy – A pool thermometer must be accurate to ensure proper temperature readings. Look for a thermometer with at least a +/-1-degree accuracy rating.
  3. Temperature Range – Make sure the thermometer can measure the range of temperatures required for your pool or spa. Some thermometers may only measure up to 120°F, while others can measure up to 300°F.
  4. Display Size – Choose a thermometer with a display size that is easy to read, even from a distance. A larger display can be helpful if you have vision problems.
  5. Waterproofing – Since pool thermometers are submerged in water, they must be waterproof. Make sure the thermometer is rated as waterproof or water-resistant to prevent damage from water exposure.
  6. Battery Life – Check the battery life of the thermometer before making a purchase. It is ideal to choose a thermometer with a long battery life to avoid frequent battery replacements.
  7. Durability – Choose a pool thermometer that is durable and can withstand the harsh pool environment. A thermometer made of high-quality materials is less likely to break or get damaged.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best pool thermometer that meets your requirements and budget.

Types of Pool Thermometers

There are several types of pool thermometers available in the market. Here are the most common types:

  1. Digital Pool Thermometers – These thermometers use electronic sensors to measure the temperature of the water. They usually have a large display screen that shows the temperature readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  2. Analog Pool Thermometers – Analog pool thermometers use a coil or a bimetallic strip to measure the temperature of the water. They have a traditional dial display and are easy to read.
  3. Wireless Pool Thermometers – These thermometers have a sensor that is placed in the water, and a receiver that is placed outside the pool. The receiver displays the temperature readings from the sensor. Some wireless thermometers can also be connected to a smartphone app for remote monitoring.
  4. Floating Pool Thermometers – These thermometers float on the water surface and have a temperature sensor at the end of a cord that is submerged in the water. They are easy to read and can be moved around the pool as needed.

Each type of pool thermometer has its pros and cons, so it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Digital pool thermometers are usually more accurate, while analog pool thermometers are more traditional and require no batteries. Wireless pool thermometers offer convenient remote monitoring, while floating pool thermometers are affordable and easy to use.

Top Picks for Best Pool Thermometers 

Large Sinking Pool Thermometer for Accurate Readings


Are you Looking for an accurate pool thermometer that's easy to read? Look no further than the SplashTech Large Sinking Pool Thermometer! This alcohol-based thermometer features big, easy-to-read numerals in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Plus, the handy pocket reservoir means you can take out-of-pool readings without having to remove the thermometer from the water. And because it sinks, you'll get more accurate readings than a floating thermometer. Best of all, the tough plastic body can take daily use and abuse - making it an excellent value for the price. Upgrade to the SplashTech Large Sinking Pool Thermometer for accurate, worry-free pool temperature.

Buy from Amazon

Easy to Read Swimming Pool Thermometer



The Kingsource thermometer with snap-on flotation top is one of the most accurate, easy-to-read pool thermometers on the market. We have large lettering so you can see temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, a shatter-proof lens over the temperature gauge for even clearer reading, and a rope leash so you can use it as a sink thermometer when not floating in your pool. This thermometer has a range of 30 degrees Fahrenheit up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to give you critical information about how hot or cold your water is in your spa or pool.

Buy from Amazon
03/08/2024 01:32 am GMT

Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Polar Bear


Make a splash this summer with the Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Polar Bear! This fun and functional pool accessory is a must-have for any backyard oasis. The thermometer is 7” tall and features a bear-shaped top, adding a touch of whimsy to your décor. The Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer is made from durable ABS plastic and includes a rope tether to keep it from floating away. With accurate temperature readings, you can say goodbye to guesswork and enjoy a stress-free swimming season. So dive into summer fun with the Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer Polar Bear!

Buy from Amazon

Large Floating Swimming Pool Thermometer



This large floating water thermometer is best suited for usage in indoor or outdoor swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, aquariums, or fish ponds. This product provides an accurate reading of the pool and spa water temperature both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It comes with a large size display that makes it easy to read from afar the respective readings it displays up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Celsius. This floating pool thermometer is built from durable materials so it's very strong, shatter-resistant and it will stay on your pool's wall for many years!

Buy from Amazon
03/07/2024 03:27 am GMT

Floating Flamingo Swimming Pool Thermometer

Pull Together

This little guy will keep your cool pond temperature just right! With his perfectly positioned thermometer, reading the water temperature is as easy as looking at him. The thermometer includes a tether so it won't float away. You'll be able to spend more time checking the water temperature and less time chasing down your thermometer thanks to this cute flamingo! No matter how hardcore of a pool goer you are, we know these moments will happen.

Buy from Amazon

Floating Turtle Swimming Pool Thermometer



Our newest trendy and fun swimming accessory is here and we just love it! The Floating Pool Thermometer has bright colors, a cute turtle design, and a string to keep it from floating away. This product isn't just for your pool either, the Pond Water Thermometer is fantastic for Hot tubs and Spas, and Jacuzzis as well. With such durable material, this thermometer is ready to make any face light up with joy. What we especially like about it; besides its fabulous style--the shatter-resistant body!

Buy from Amazon
03/05/2024 01:18 am GMT

Gold Fish Floating Pool Thermometer


If you're looking for the perfect pool thermometer, take a look at our floating Gold Fish. Designed to be cute and accurate this durable mesh cord prevents it from floating into other cleaning equipment while being shatter-resistant helps protect against bumps in your swimming hole's environment! You can easily read numbers with ease thanks to its clear casing which allows water temperature determination making this an excellent choice for any swimming hole!

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Shatter Resistant Swimming Pool Thermometer


Our cartoon design, the shatter-resistant thermometer is the perfect addition to any pool. The crystal clear casing and easy read numbers make it much easier for you or your kids to know the temperature at a glance! With this thermometer tied down with a string, you can rest easy knowing that it will not float in other pool equipment. It’s high quality, popular, and great for any budget!

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Crab Pool or Spa Thermometer Easy Read



Swim into some fun as you take a dip with some aquatic friends! This adorable Floating Crab Pool Thermometer is just the thing. Featuring a cartoon design, sturdy and shatter-resistant material, and easy read numbers on the face of its durable casing. Float him in your pool, spa, or aquarium with you wherever you go!

Buy from Amazon
03/08/2024 04:00 am GMT

Milliard Floating Pool Thermometer



Milliard is a pool thermometer that tells you the water temperature with ease. With a 7”-tall design, read in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, Floatin' Guy Large Size String Outdoor/Indoor Thermometers can be placed anywhere near your pool for reading when not into the water. Durable ABS polymer lasts from season to season while including a rope tether for safety. Not sure if it's cold? Just wait thirty minutes and place this thermometer in your pool to find out!

Buy from Amazon
03/08/2024 02:56 am GMT

Cheap vs Expensive

When it comes to pool thermometers, there are both cheap and expensive options available. Here are some differences between cheap and expensive pool thermometers:

  1. Accuracy – Expensive pool thermometers are generally more accurate than cheap ones. This is because they are made with high-quality materials and have more advanced sensors.
  2. Durability – Expensive pool thermometers are typically more durable than cheap ones. They are made with high-quality materials that can withstand harsh pool environments, such as exposure to chlorine and UV rays.
  3. Features – Expensive pool thermometers may have additional features that cheap ones don’t, such as a larger display, wireless connectivity, or the ability to measure both air and water temperature.
  4. Battery Life – Expensive pool thermometers may have a longer battery life than cheap ones. This means you won’t have to replace the batteries as frequently, which can save you money in the long run.
  5. Warranty – Expensive pool thermometers usually come with a longer warranty than cheap ones. This provides peace of mind in case the thermometer breaks or malfunctions.

Ultimately, whether you should choose a cheap or expensive pool thermometer depends on your budget and needs. If you’re on a tight budget and just need a basic thermometer, a cheap one may suffice. However, if accuracy and durability are important to you, it may be worth investing in a more expensive pool thermometer.

Top Brands

There are several top brands of pool thermometers available in the market. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Taylor Precision Products – Taylor Precision Products is a well-known brand that offers a range of pool thermometers, including analog, digital, and wireless options. Their thermometers are known for their accuracy and durability.
  2. Pentair – Pentair is a leading manufacturer of pool equipment and offers a range of pool thermometers, including floating, digital, and wireless options. Their thermometers are known for their reliability and ease of use.
  3. Aquatix Pro – Aquatix Pro is a relatively new brand that offers a range of high-quality pool thermometers at an affordable price. Their thermometers are known for their accuracy, durability, and ease of use.
  4. La Crosse Technology – La Crosse Technology is a well-known brand that offers a range of wireless pool thermometers. Their thermometers can be connected to a smartphone app for remote monitoring and are known for their accuracy and reliability.
  5. GAME – GAME is a popular brand that offers a range of floating pool thermometers. Their thermometers are known for their affordability and ease of use.

These are just a few of the top brands of pool thermometers available in the market. When choosing a brand, it’s important to consider factors such as accuracy, durability, and ease of use, as well as your budget and personal preferences.

Troubleshooting Pool Thermometer Issues

If you’re having issues with your pool thermometer, here are some troubleshooting tips you can try:

  1. Check the battery – If your pool thermometer is not turning on or displaying incorrect readings, the first thing you should check is the battery. Make sure the battery is inserted correctly and has enough charge.
  2. Calibrate the thermometer – If your pool thermometer is displaying incorrect readings, it may need to be calibrated. Follow the instructions in the user manual to calibrate the thermometer.
  3. Check the sensor – If your pool thermometer is displaying erratic readings, the sensor may be dirty or damaged. Remove the thermometer from the water and clean the sensor with a soft cloth. If the sensor is damaged, you may need to replace the thermometer.
  4. Check for interference – If you’re using a wireless pool thermometer, make sure there are no sources of interference, such as other electronic devices, nearby. Interference can cause the thermometer to display incorrect readings.
  5. Keep the thermometer in the shade – If your pool thermometer is reading a temperature that is significantly different from the actual water temperature, it may be because it’s exposed to direct sunlight. Try moving the thermometer to a shaded area.

If none of these troubleshooting tips work, you may need to replace your pool thermometer.

Maintenance and Care

Proper maintenance and care of your pool thermometer can help ensure accurate readings and extend its lifespan. Here are some tips for maintaining and caring for your pool thermometer:

  1. Clean the thermometer regularly – Clean your pool thermometer regularly with a soft cloth to remove any dirt, grime, or algae that may be on the surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals that can damage the thermometer.
  2. Store the thermometer properly – When you’re not using your pool thermometer, store it in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. This will help prevent damage to the thermometer and extend its lifespan.
  3. Replace the battery as needed – Check the battery of your pool thermometer regularly and replace it as needed. A low battery can affect the accuracy of the readings.
  4. Calibrate the thermometer – Calibrate your pool thermometer regularly to ensure accurate readings. Follow the instructions in the user manual to calibrate the thermometer.
  5. Handle the thermometer with care – Handle your pool thermometer with care, and avoid dropping or mishandling it. This can cause damage to the thermometer and affect its accuracy.
  6. Keep the thermometer out of extreme temperatures – Avoid exposing your pool thermometer to extreme temperatures, such as freezing temperatures or high heat. This can damage the thermometer and affect its accuracy.

By following these maintenance and care tips, you can ensure that your pool thermometer remains accurate and in good working condition for years to come.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for using your pool thermometer:

  1. Take readings at the same time every day – To get the most accurate readings, take the temperature of your pool at the same time every day. This will help you get a better idea of how the temperature changes throughout the day.
  2. Use a thermometer with a long cord – If you’re using a wireless thermometer, make sure it has a long cord so that you can place the sensor in the water in different areas of the pool. This will give you a more accurate idea of the water temperature.
  3. Keep the thermometer away from water outlets – Don’t place your thermometer near water outlets, such as jets or fountains, as the movement of the water can affect the accuracy of the readings.
  4. Use a thermometer that floats – A floating thermometer is a great option if you want to monitor the temperature of your pool without having to get in the water. It’s also easy to read and adjust.
  5. Keep the thermometer in the shade – Direct sunlight can affect the accuracy of the readings. Keep your thermometer in the shade, and if possible, place a small umbrella over it to protect it from the sun.
  6. Use a thermometer with a large display – A thermometer with a large display makes it easier to read the temperature, especially if you have poor eyesight or if the thermometer is placed far away from the pool.

By following these tips and tricks, you can get the most accurate readings from your pool thermometer and keep your pool at the perfect temperature for swimming and relaxation.

Benefits of Pool Thermometers

Using a pool thermometer can offer several benefits, including:

  1. Ensuring comfort – Knowing the exact water temperature can help you adjust your pool heater or cooler to ensure maximum comfort for you and your guests.
  2. Maintaining pool health – The ideal temperature range for a pool is between 78 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. If the water is too cold, bacteria and other harmful organisms can thrive, while if it’s too warm, algae can grow. By monitoring the temperature with a thermometer, you can help maintain the health of your pool.
  3. Preventing damage – Extreme temperatures can damage pool equipment and surfaces. For example, if the water is too cold, it can cause cracks in the pool’s surface or damage the pool’s pipes. By keeping the water at the ideal temperature range, you can help prevent damage to your pool.
  4. Saving money – By using a pool thermometer, you can make sure your pool heater or cooler is running efficiently, which can save you money on energy bills.
  5. Convenience – Using a pool thermometer can make it easier to maintain your pool and keep it in good condition. With accurate temperature readings, you can adjust chemical levels and schedule maintenance tasks more efficiently.

In summary, using a pool thermometer can help maintain the comfort and health of your pool, prevent damage, save money, and make pool maintenance more convenient.



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