7 Best Boot Dryers

Do you have wet boots? Drying your boots after a long day of hiking or hunting can be a pain. You want to get home and relax, not spend an hour standing near the front door waiting for your boot to dry out. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better way? Well, there is… read on to find out more. You won’t believe how easy our boot dryers are to use – just place your shoes inside of one of our units and let it do the work. In a few hours your shoes will be completely dried out and ready to go back into action!

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Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer



The DryGuy Forced Air Boot and Garment Dryer is perfect for families. It dries two pairs of boots, shoes, or gloves in 1 to 2 hours while using a whisper-quiet rotary blower. With the dryer's capability of drying four garments simultaneously, it will make sure you have enough space to air your wet clothes out before long days on the mountain. Don't let the mold set in on winter gear with this fast and efficient accessory from DryGuy!

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Electric Shoe Warmer and Boot Dryer Ultra Silent



The Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer is a convenient and practical way to get the perfect pair of shoes for winter. Use this dryer on wet boots during winter, or damp work boots all year round to keep them fresh. With hot air that rises naturally without over-drying your shoes, keeping your footwear clean has never been easier!

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Boot Dryer - Dries in Under 180 Minutes - Shoes, Gloves, & Hats


Everlasting Comfort 

What most people don't realize is that wet boots mold and rot, creating a smell that cannot be removed. You can cure them with bleach or ammonia but why not just dry your boots the quickest way possible? The Everlasting Comfort Boot Dryer is designed to quickly and efficiently dry wet footwear such as boots, shoes, gloves, and hats. It also features an added deodorizer to help eliminate odors. With many customizable options including drying tubes for boot heights up to 16" tall and the ability to dry multiple garments simultaneously - no more struggling with single garments. Lastly, the smart timer will ensure your product shuts off after 180 minutes of use so you conserve energy when desired or it can be manually shut off at any time with the push of a button.

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Shoe, Glove and Boot Dryer with Timer and Warm Air Fan



Introducing the next generation of boot dryers. With a 250-watt heating coil and a motor inside, this heavy boot dryer is capable to dry any damp shoes, boots, or gloves within 2 hours. It removes dampness and sweat to neutralize smelly odors as well as remove pesky mold for those with asthma. This large capacity shoe drier features 4 separate tubes and 4 brackets which can hold up to two pairs of boot or heavy skating shoes at one time. Your delicate materials will not be harmed by the hot air because its warm air feature leaves out drum beaters that could potentially damage your investments. The timer can go from 0 minutes all the way up to 180 minutes to accommodate different drying needs.

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Small Simple Easy to Use Shoe and Boot Dryer



The innovative small simple easy to use shoe and boot dryer is the must-have for this winter. Forget about ugly wet shoes, ones that are ruined by bad odor, mold, or foot fungal infections! This boot drying machine does all of this for you

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Portable Electric Shoe Glove Boot Dryer and Warmer with Folding Drying Rack



This electric boot dryer is perfect for your next outdoor adventure. Its lightweight, compact design makes it easy to take with you on an adventurous voyage! The "forced air" technology works quickly drying away any moisture. Once the boot is done, fold up the Dryer and store it away just as easily!

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Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer 1-4 Hours



With this heavy-duty boot dryer, you won’t ever have to worry about getting caught with cold wet soggy feet again. The PEET Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer 1-4 Hours will dry your footwear quickly using its powerful fan and heat setting. It also comes with an adjustable timer so that it turns off automatically after drying is complete – no need to worry about forgetting it on overnight! Plus, there are two different temperature settings depending on whether or not you want heated air or unheated air during the process. So go ahead – take back control over your life today by purchasing our product right now!

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