Best Picnic Spots in Orlando

Sunny park with green grass, palm trees, picnic blanket, basket, sandwiches, and drinks. Blue sky and distant city skyline
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Orlando offers an array of scenic picnic spots where you can enjoy a delightful outdoor meal surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Whether you’re looking for a lakeside view, a serene park, or a spot amidst lush gardens, you’ll find the perfect setting to lay down your blanket and savor a leisurely lunch. These spots not only promise a feast for your taste buds with your packed goodies but also provide a visual feast of Orlando’s natural beauty. From the tranquility of Cypress Grove Park to the ambient charm of Downtown Celebration Park, your options for an idyllic outdoor dining experience are plentiful.

Lake Eola Park

When you visit Lake Eola Park in the heart of Downtown Orlando, you’re in for a serene experience. This urban oasis offers you a place to unwind amidst the bustling city. Enjoy the sight of the iconic fountain and swan boats as they glide across the lake.

At Lake Eola, multiple spots beckon for your perfect picnic. Look for a shady tree or claim a spot on the green for your blanket. After your meal, take a leisurely stroll along the paved walkway encircling the lake or explore the playground areas if you’re with family. Remember, every Sunday, you can relish fresh produce and local wares at the farmer’s market.

Kraft Azalea Garden

At Kraft Azalea Garden, you’re invited to explore a serene 5.22-acre public space located at 1365 Alabama Drive, Winter Park. Known for its picturesque lake views and towering cypress trees, it provides an idyllic setting for your picnic endeavors.

The garden captures the essence of tranquility. Your experience is enhanced by the scenic environment, featuring the distinctive presence of Neoclassical columns and a variety of spots conducive to laying down a blanket and enjoying a leisurely day outdoors.

Leu Gardens

When planning your outdoor leisure, Leu Gardens offers an ideal backdrop with its 50-acres of lush botanical displays. Your visit can extend beyond picnicking to explore themed gardens and a historic home. Discover an array of plant collections including the largest formal rose garden in Florida, all in the very heart of Orlando.

Before you go, know that admission is modestly priced; making it accessible for you to experience the beauty of this sprawling urban oasis. Also, the gardens grant you the tranquility to unwind amid nature’s artwork from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily, except on December 25th when it is closed to visitors.

Bill Frederick Park

When you visit Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake, you’re in for a delightful day outdoors. With 183 acres of lush nature, this park is a serene retreat in Orlando. Bask in the scenic views or engage in various recreational activities.

Your family can enjoy amenities like playgrounds and picnic areas, plus the park’s reputation for being among the top-five rated fishing lakes in Florida adds to its allure. The convenient location means you’re just minutes from Orlando’s prime attractions, blending peaceful nature with urban proximity.

Baldwin Park

When you visit Baldwin Park in Orlando, you immerse yourself in what was once a military base but has since evolved into a serene urban oasis. The neighborhood offers lush landscapes, making it an idyllic spot for your afternoon outings.

Relax around Lake Baldwin, where you can enjoy picturesque lakefront views, a dock, and ample green space to lay down your picnic blanket. Don’t forget to explore the trails or take advantage of the rental bicycles to meander through this scenic area.

Wekiwa Springs State Park

At Wekiwa Springs State Park, you are greeted with lush landscapes and the opportunity to explore one of Florida’s exquisite natural springs. Just a short trip from downtown Orlando, this location offers a refreshing retreat into nature. You can swim in the spring’s crystal-clear waters, a perfect respite from the heat.

The park’s amenities support a plethora of outdoor activities. Whether you choose to canoe along the Wekiva River or observe diverse wildlife, your day at Wekiwa Springs promises adventure. On land, take advantage of over 25 miles of trails for a serene hike through Florida’s natural beauty.

Kelly Park

Enjoy a day out at Kelly Park in Apopka, Florida. Just a short drive north of Orlando, you’ll find this natural oasis at 400 East Kelly Park Road. Offering crisp, clear springs perfect for tubing, and shaded areas ideal for picnics, your outdoor excursion here promises relaxation and fun.

Ensure a smooth visit by remembering that the park prohibits alcohol and pets. Admission fees are nominal, and there are kayak launch facilities available at Camp Joy within the park.

Blue Jacket Park

The sun shines on the grassy park, with picnic tables and tall trees providing shade. A serene lake reflects the blue sky, creating a peaceful atmosphere for picnicking

Your visit to Orlando is incomplete without a stop at Blue Jacket Park. Located at 2501 General Rees Ave, this park is an ideal spot for a leisurely picnic. The park’s history emerges from its past life as the Orlando Naval Training Center, now transformed into a place of tranquility and recreation.

You’ll find well-maintained grounds perfect for laying down your picnic blanket. Take pleasure in the shade of beautiful oak trees and the option to enjoy various recreational activities including baseball and soccer, all whilst taking in a lovely view of Lake Baldwin.

Dickson Azalea Park

In the heart of Orlando, Dickson Azalea Park beckons as a historical haven for your outdoor relaxation. Sited at 100 Rosearden Drive, its charm lies in a history stretching back to 1924. Here, azaleas bloom with vibrant colors thanks to philanthropy from individuals such as State Senator Walter Rose and Col. H. H. Dickson known for cultivating these blooms city-wide.

Your picnic at Dickson Azalea Park is complemented by the serene backdrop of tropical landscaping. While there, you can unwind amidst the natural beauty shaped by Fern Creek, providing a picturesque setting for your afternoon outing. Open hours vary, so check ahead to plan your visit.

Cypress Grove Park

Lush green grassy area with tall cypress trees, picnic tables, and a serene lake in the background. Sunshine illuminates the park, creating a peaceful and inviting atmosphere for picnicking

Cypress Grove Park offers you a picturesque backdrop for a day out in the sun. This scenic spot is ideal for picnics with its ample green spaces and tranquil lake. Located at 290 Holden Ave, Orlando, FL 32839, it’s a local haven for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Your visit might include bird watching, fishing, or simply a peaceful walk. The park features majestic cypress trees, including a heritage tree believed to be over 500 years old, enhancing your experience with its historical significance.

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