Best Picnic Spots in Seattle

A sunny park with lush green grass, blooming flowers, and a view of the sparkling city skyline and calm waters of Puget Sound
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Seattle beckons you with its vibrant green spaces and picturesque waterfronts, making it an ideal city for picnicking with family and friends. Whether you seek a summer’s day feast on a grassy knoll or a serene spot to enjoy the great outdoors, the city’s abundant parks offer a variety of settings for your leisurely lunch. From playgrounds where children can frolic post-meal to tranquil gardens perfect for a peaceful reprieve, each park boasts its unique charm. Revel in the Emerald City’s natural beauty as you lay down your picnic blanket and create lasting memories.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park, nestled in Magnolia, is a pristine natural expanse where you can savor sweeping views. As Seattle’s largest park, it boasts a rich selection of picnic tables for your leisure. Imagine unwinding amidst lush greenery with a backdrop that captures the Olympic Mountain ranges.

Your exploration might lead you to hidden beaches or through miles of trails; each turn is a discovery waiting to happen. This hidden gem truly offers a serene escape where the city’s bustle fades into the tranquility of nature.

Gas Works Park

With its eclectic blend of industrial history and natural beauty, Gas Works Park offers a truly distinct picnic experience. You can settle in for a meal on the grassy slopes or at the designated picnic area, with the iconic Seattle skyline creating a stunning backdrop. The park lies on the north shore of Lake Union, making it an idyllic spot for both relaxation and observing water activities.

Kite Hill, a highlight of the park, offers panoramic views and an open space ideal for kite flying. The nearby play area ensures that the little ones are entertained, allowing for a full day of family fun. Whether you’re here to fly a kite, take in the lakeside views, or simply enjoy a picnic, Gas Works Park is a choice location.

Kerry Park

When you visit Kerry Park, you’re guaranteed some of the most panoramic views of the Seattle skyline. The idyllic setting is perfect for a romantic outing, giving you and your partner a backdrop featuring the iconic Space Needle and the glittering city lights.

Carry your picnic basket to this Queen Anne location and find your spot either on the grassy slope or near the bustling viewing area. The park’s elevated position offers a magnificent vantage point for taking in Seattle’s beauty in a single glance.

Golden Gardens Park

As you venture to Golden Gardens Park, anticipate an evening where the sunset paints the sky with radiant hues. This picturesque waterfront haven tempts you with its expansive sand beaches ideal for sunbathing and volleyball matches. The gentle lapping of the waves provides a serene soundtrack to your outdoor escape.

The park offers more than just a beach; it is well-equipped to host your next picnic with available picnic shelters and fire pits for a quintessential Seattle gathering. Whether you’re toasting marshmallows as dusk falls or indulging in a seaside feast, Golden Gardens ensures a memorable experience at one of Seattle’s most beloved coastal spots.

Alki Beach Park

At Alki Beach Park, you’ll find one of Seattle’s most loved sandy beaches stretching along the edge of Puget Sound. This waterfront haven is perfect for an array of activities, offering majestic views and a vibrant atmosphere.

Prepare for a day of fun with volleyball courts at your disposal and a promenade that welcomes joggers and strollers alike. Managed by Seattle Parks, the welcoming expanse of Alki Beach Park serves as your go-to urban getaway.

Lincoln Park

Your visit to Lincoln Park in West Seattle is guaranteed to be a delightful experience. With its verdant trails and expansive waterfront, the park offers a serene setting for a picnic or a leisurely stroll. You can easily find tranquility here while walking the 4.6 miles of paths, or by spending time at one of the park’s picturesque picnic shelters.

Near the Fauntleroy Ferry Dock, the park’s unique location provides you with stunning views of Puget Sound. During warm days, bring your little ones to cool off at the wading pool, adding to the perfect family-friendly atmosphere. Your adventure here will be both refreshing and memorable.

Magnuson Park

At Warren G. Magnuson Park, your options for leisure are abundant. You can embrace the picnic-perfect lawns for a family gathering or an afternoon snack in the open air. Kids and kids-at-heart will find joy in the variety of playgrounds that dot the area, offering endless fun.

Seeking an active endeavor? Take on Kite Hill and let your kites soar against the backdrop of Seattle’s sky. Meanwhile, the park’s well-maintained wetlands provide a serene retreat to nature lovers. Whether it’s flying a kite or simply reveling in the outdoors, Magnuson Park invites you to enjoy its many charms.

Volunteer Park

Nestled in the bustling Capitol Hill, Volunteer Park offers a tranquil urban oasis for your leisure. Here, you’re greeted by the lush expanses of the botanical gardens, a true sensory delight.

Climb the historic Water Tower for panoramic views or explore the Conservatory to admire exotic plants. Volunteer Park is your serene escape in the heart of the city.

Green Lake Park

Nestled in the urban heart of Seattle, Green Lake Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and families. You can unwind by the lush swimming beach or engage in a variety of water activities, such as paddle boarding. The park’s expanse is a perfect backdrop for picnicking, offering a wealth of scenic spots to choose from.

For recreation, you’re invited to explore the 2.8-mile trail that encircles the lake, ideal for jogging, walking, or cycling. If you have kids, they’ll be thrilled with the playground facilities, ensuring fun for all ages. Remember to pack your picnic basket, your swimsuit, or your running shoes to make the most of your day in this verdant urban retreat.

Seward Park

Seward Park is a verdant oasis within Seattle, offering more than just a typical picnic experience. Its 300 acres are a blend of forestland and open grassy areas, providing a tranquil retreat from city life. You can find a peaceful spot on the grass or settle in at one of the picnic tables after your leisurely 2.4-mile bike ride around the loop trail.

Encompassing a unique blend of nature and amenities, Seward Park features an ample shoreline and swimming beach ideal for a summer day’s relaxation. As you savor your picnic, enjoy the amphitheater’s cultural events or explore the native plant garden to enhance your outdoor adventure.

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