6 Best Fishing Backpacks

The best fishing backpack is one that holds up to the weather as well as the environment you’re fishing in. When selecting which one to buy, you also have to think about how much gear you have, what you will be fishing for, and how much you would be willing to carry. Today’s backpacks are essentially wearable tackle boxes but with triple the space. Locating the best tackle backpack can be a daunting process, but don’t fret, just keep reading!

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Rodeel Backpack with 4 Tackle Boxes



If you're looking for an absolute beast of a fishing backpack that can hold all your tackle while being able to wear comfortably all day long, read on. Rodell made this with durable polyester water phobic material, knowing anglers often hike through rough wet terrain to get to the best fishing spots. In fact, everything down to the zippers is quality. In regards to its storability, it was designed to be able to carry two rods on the side, with the ability to lock rods securely with a bungee rope. You have the ability to adjust tackle storage needs with a divider inside the bag, you can set it up to what's best suited for you. The included 4 tackle trays really add even more value to this great fishing backpack because a lot of brands do not include them.

  • Priced competitively
  • 4 trays gives plenty of space for multiple species without feeling cramped
  • Included water bottle holder and sunglass case
  • You need a external sunglass case as the inside of this one is quite rough
Key Features:
  • 4 tray front compartment
  • included trays
  • Plier holder, water bottle holder
  • 2 rod tie down straps
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02/04/2023 01:26 am GMT

KastKing Fishing Backpack



KastKing carries a variety of products, all being quality. Starting off, this backpack is light, water-resistant, and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Offering a fleece-lined pocket for your sunglasses and a bungee strap rod holder for 2 rods, on the side of the backpack. This backpack has enough space in the main compartment for four 3600 tackle boxes, which is enough storage for even the most addicted angler. In regards to innovation, they included different ways to set up your backpack, with the ability to add or remove a false bottom so you can stack gear on top of your tackle trays, which further increases storage capacity, using every inch. Going the extra mile with usability and wearability, adding tons of space in often unused spots, and adding mesh backing to the backpack for all-day comfort while carrying. This is a winner in our book.

  • Fleece lined sunglass holder
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Plenty of space
  • Sunglass case is lined but a little on the small size
Key Features:
  • 25 L
  • Made of 420D ripstop
  • Water resistant
  • 4 3600 tackle boxes
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02/04/2023 01:16 am GMT

Wild River Backpack


Wild River

All we can say about this one is wow! You can tell this company actually fishes because they thought about things that only anglers will know and care about. With the built-in flashlight, you're now able to view your backpack's contents, even at night! A built-in plier holder will stop you from losing yet another pair, and we're sure you will love the retractable lanyard for clippers. When we say it has everything, we mean it. You also get a sunglass holding pocket, in addition to all the other main pockets, that will allow you to pack it full of every lure you own, with space to spare. With the lower holding 4 trays, as well as additional main pockets for spools, and spare reels, you simply won't need another fishing backpack for life.

  • The light makes fishing in the dark a breeze
  • Also has a rain cover to protect your bag
  • Will not fit 3700 style tackle trays
Key Features:
  • Led light so you can see in the dark
  • Storage for 4 3600 tackle boxes
  • Removable plier holder
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02/03/2023 01:50 am GMT

Plano E-Series Tackle Backpack



Coming straight from the kings of tackle organization is the Plano E-series. While being basic and minimalistic, it still has the ability to hold three 3600 tackle trays, with a divider allowing you to store items on top. With side mesh pockets for a water bottle or alternatively more fishing gear. This would make a great fishing backpack for any angler. With Plano, you don't have to worry about quality, as the tackle box maker has it down to a science. One of the best fishing backpacks on our list for the minimalistic fisherman.

  • This bag is the perfect size for most day trips, not so big that its difficult to find tackle
  • Wish there was reinforced stitching but otherwise fine
Key Features:
  • Fits 3 3600 style trays
  • Side mesh pocket
  • Lightweight
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02/03/2023 01:01 am GMT

Piscifun Fishing Backpack



Want a minimal fishing backpack? Check out Piscifun's lightweight pack with just enough space for what you need, all while maintaining mobility, as a lot of fishermen travel long distances on foot covering water. If that's your case, then you should take a look at this one. With the ability to wear it four different ways, there's bound to be one style of wearing for you. It includes 3 main compartments, as well as 3 external zipper pockets for small items like keys. You're sure to love its durable, lightweight nature, all with the ability to hold every single one of your favorite lures.

  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • Frees up both arms to cast more efficiently
  • Needs a bigger water bottle holder
Key Features:
  • 3 main compartments
  • Cross body design
  • Water resistant
  • Plastic buckle design
  • Adjustable strap
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02/03/2023 01:01 am GMT

AUMTISC Fishing Pack



Coming with a lot of features we haven't seen at all in other bags is the plastic zipper sleeves, which bass and steelhead fishermen will love. Every compartment or zipper pocket is wide and roomy, making it easy to find what you need quickly! It has more than enough room for your gear and a sweatshirt as well. Included is a waterproof cover, to completely keep your inside gear bone dry, which wintertime and rainy climate anglers will adore. When looking for the best fishing backpack, you need to make sure you're going to have the space for your personal amount of gear, and we feel confident this will appeal to 98% of anglers. A solid choice you cannot go wrong with.

  • Comfortable on the shoulders
  • Roomy enough for 4 3600 tackle trays
  • The most basic backpack design
Key Features:
  • Rain cover
  • Reinforced handle
  • Zipper bag
  • Plastic mesh bag
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02/04/2023 01:20 am GMT



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