Best Shore Fishing in Oregon

Oregon coastline with waves, at sunset.
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Oregon’s diverse marine environments offer some of the finest shore fishing in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you cast a line from the rugged jetties, tranquil bays, or expansive beaches, you’re likely to encounter an array of species including rockfish, lingcod, greenling, cabezon, and the ever-popular surfperch. These fish are within reach year-round, providing you with ample opportunity to engage with Oregon’s marine life. As you explore the Oregon coast, consider spots like Tillamook Bay where the convergence of river and ocean creates fertile fishing grounds. Prepare to experience the rewarding challenge and scenic backdrops that make shore fishing in Oregon a must-do activity for anglers of all skill levels.

Nehalem Bay State Park

Sunset over Nehalem Bay State Park, surrounded by calm waters, and by lush greenery and a serene atmosphere

When visiting Nehalem Bay State Park, you’ll find prime spots for shore fishing that cater to anglers of various experience levels. Situated north of Nehalem off Highway 101, the park provides access to diverse marine life. You can target species like coho salmon, which are present in the bay and tidewater areas. Occasionally, depending on the season, sea-run cutthroat trout are available in the Nehalem River. For an optimal experience, focus your fishing efforts on the areas around Fishery Point and the state park boat ramp where the bay’s waters foster a thriving habitat. Remember to check local regulations before casting your line, ensuring sustainability and a responsible fishing practice.

Depoe Bay

Famed as the world’s smallest bay, Depoe Bay is a hub for avid anglers like you searching for a memorable shore fishing experience. The bay offers you access to various fish species, notably rockfish, and it’s located just moments away from fruitful nearshore and deepwater fishing zones. When you cast your line here, be prepared for the possibility of catching lingcod or cabezon, along with prolific black rockfish and perch. The convenience of fishing close to shore coupled with the high chance of a successful catch makes Depoe Bay a favored spot on the Oregon coast.

Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area

Waves crash against rugged cliffs at Cape Kiwanda, as fishermen cast their lines into the churning sea. Gulls circle overhead, and the setting sun casts a warm glow over the dramatic coastline

At Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, you’ll find a robust selection of shore fishing opportunities. The sandstone headland that prominently features at the cape provides a unique experience of fishing directly into the Pacific Ocean. Despite Oregon’s varying fishing laws, Cape Kiwanda offers calm surf conditions favorable for dory boat fishing, making it a local favorite for anglers. Your fishing trip can include sights of the Pacific City dory boat fleet, known for their high-speed beach landings. Ensure to stay updated on fishing regulations to maximize your experience at this scenic fishing locale.

Port Orford

The rugged Oregon coastline with rocky cliffs and crashing waves, on a sunny day.

When you explore Port Orford, you discover diverse and bountiful shore fishing opportunities. Garrison Lake, located right in the heart of town, offers you excellent trout and bass fishing throughout fall, winter, and spring. To ensure a great experience, visit the 12th Street boat ramp for best access. Additionally, the ocean waters near Port Orford teem with fish. With a reliable charter, you can venture into the sea for a chance at catching salmon or halibut. The unique setting of Port Orford provides fishing enthusiasts like you with a picturesque environment. Whether you choose to cast your line in fresh water or salt water, the quiet and rugged scenery of this coastal gem adds to an already rewarding fishing experience.

Coos Bay

The sun sets over the calm waters of Coos Bay, with a rocky shore and a few boats in the distance

Coos Bay, Oregon’s largest bay, is renowned for its fruitful fishing opportunities that you can access from the shore. Fall chinook salmon is a highlighted catch here, with the season peaking in September and October. Additionally, you can aim for plentiful rockfish and perch, enhancing your coastal fishing experience. For family-friendly fishing, an excellent spot is the kid-only pond at the Millicoma Interpretive Center, stocked periodically with hatchery trout. To access the pond, ensure to check if the gates are open by calling ahead. Besides these, the bay’s reputation extends to some of Oregon’s best crabbing and clamming opportunities.

Winchester Bay

Located on the Central Oregon Coast, your fishing experience in Winchester Bay is distinguished by its reputation as one of the premier Salmon fishing destinations in the west. You’ll find that the mouth of the Umpqua River, which feeds into Winchester Bay, provides an abundant mix of Salmon and Steelhead, particularly favorable during fishing season.

  • Target Species:
    • Salmon (notably in early season)
    • Steelhead

To enhance your fishing journey, consider local charters which are attuned to the most productive spots and weather conditions. Remember, a valid Oregon angler’s license is necessary for fishing, and additional tags might be required for specific species like Salmon or Halibut. If your preferences lean towards crabbing or shellfish, a shellfish license will be essential.

Cannon Beach

When you visit Cannon Beach, prepare for an enticing surf fishing experience. Surfperch is the primary catch here, thriving in the tumultuous nearshore waters. Equip yourself with long rods to cast past the breakers, and use sand shrimp or sandworms for bait to increase your chances of a successful catch. Remember that the best fishing often follows the high tide, so synchronize your excursion accordingly to optimize your shore fishing adventure at Cannon Beach.


In Brookings, Oregon, you find a blend of accessible and fruitful shore fishing spots suitable for anglers of all levels. The Port of Brookings is renowned for year-round fishing, offering opportunities to catch species like King Salmon. Utilize local fishing charters for an optimized experience, where all bait and tackle are provided for you. Fishing from the Brookings Harbor Pier, you can enjoy the convenience of a small pier set up for your angling adventure. Cast your line over rocks that attract various fish, making this a popular choice among shore fishers.

Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site

The sun sets over Yaquina Bay, casting a warm glow on the calm waters. Fishing lines are cast from the rocky shore, as seagulls soar overhead. The silhouette of a lighthouse stands tall in the distance

Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site offers you a range of shore fishing opportunities. Ideally situated in Newport, the site provides access to Yaquina Bay, widely recognized for its excellent fishing prospects. You can target various species like perch, greenling, flounder, and rockfish. There’s year-round fishing available; however, it’s essential to be cautious of the weather and tides. For your convenience, there are fishing and crabbing piers, including a cleaning station on the south side of the bay. Summer travelers keep the adjoining city of Newport lively and the bay’s tidal flats are perfect for sand shrimping. If you’re looking to extend your stay, the nearby South Beach State Park offers convenient camping options.

Lincoln City

In Lincoln City, you can find a variety of shore fishing opportunities that cater to differing skill levels and preferences. Yaquina Bay is renowned for its all-year fishing, where you might catch perch, greenling, flounder, and rockfish. Lingcod often becomes a welcome bycatch, especially in late winter and early spring. Keep an eye on the weather and surf conditions; safety should be your priority.

On the beaches, surf perch fishing is popular but be aware of the no-fishing zones like the Cascade Head Marine Reserve starting from NW 30th Street northwards. Siletz Bay is also a favorable spot to relax and cast your line, and if you’re interested in other fishing activities, crabbing at Brighton Marina might add variety to your fishing experience in Lincoln City.

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