Best Fishing Spots in Ohio

Lush greenery surrounds a serene lake, with a wooden pier jutting out into the water. A few fishing boats dot the surface, as the sun sets behind the distant hills
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If you’re looking to cast your line in Ohio, you’re in luck. The state boasts a variety of fishing spots that cater to anglers of all skill levels and preferences. With an assortment of lakes and rivers teeming with fish, Ohio offers some of the best fishing in the Midwest. Whether you prefer the tranquility of a quiet lake or the adventure of river fishing, there’s a spot for you.

Ohio’s fishing scene is diverse, with each location offering a unique experience. Lakes like Piedmont, well-known for its crappie and smallmouth bass, provide excellent year-round fishing with natural habitats that include rocky shorelines and fallen trees. On the other hand, if you’re close to the Columbus area, Alum Creek Lake presents opportunities to catch largemouth and smallmouth bass as well as saugeye and muskellunge. When it comes to river fishing, the mighty Ohio River flows right through the heart of the state, presenting a unique angling experience for catching catfish, bass, and sauger.

Lake Erie

When you’re angling for an exceptional fishing experience in Ohio, Lake Erie is a must-visit destination. Its vast expanse offers some of the most diverse and abundant freshwater fishing in the United States. Here’s a succinct guide to elevate your fishing journey.

Popular Fish Species:

Seasonal Highlights:

  • Walleye and perch fishing hit peak seasons in the warmer months, specifically from late spring through early fall.
  • Lake trout are best targeted in spring and fall, with prime depths ranging from 60 to 120 feet.

Top Fishing Piers:

  • Huron Pier: Also known as Nickle Plate Beach Fishing Pier, renowned for its accessibility and catches.
  • East Harbor State Park: Offers a pier where you can cast for walleye and smallmouth bass, particularly productive in the fall.

When you plan your trip to Lake Erie, consider the summer months for the most active fishing period, especially if you’re pursuing walleye and perch. Stay updated with local fishing reports to capitalize on prime fishing windows and ensure a successful outing. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, the vast waters of Lake Erie provide a fishing haven with opportunities to land a noteworthy catch.

Mosquito Lake

When you’re keen on freshwater fishing in Ohio, Mosquito Lake is a destination you should consider. This expansive water body encompasses 7,241 acres in Trumbull County and presents excellent fishing opportunities for several species.

Notable Fish Species:

  • Crappie: Renowned for their abundance, with many falling within the 10 to 12-inch range, and the chance to catch larger 14 to 16-inch specimens.
  • Largemouth Bass: Available in good numbers, providing both recreational and challenging angling experiences.

Fishing at Mosquito Lake:

  • Marina Access: The Mosquito Lake Marina is conveniently located at 1439 Wilson Sharpsville Rd, Cortland, giving you easy access to the lake.
  • License Information: Ensure you have an Ohio Fishing License before your outing.
  • Camping Adjacent: If you’re planning a prolonged stay, the adjacent camping facilities allow for a more immersive experience in the area’s natural beauty.

Guidelines to Keep in Mind:

  1. Waterfowl Protection Zone: Be aware of the northern section of the reservoir, as it’s designated for waterfowl protection and off-limits for trespassing.

Sandusky Bay

In Ohio, Sandusky Bay is a cherished location for anglers looking for a varied and abundant fishing experience. You’ll find this 41,000-acre water body to be an extension of western Lake Erie, favored especially for walleye and yellow perch fishing.

Species You Can Catch:

As for the best times to fish, you have year-round opportunities, with walleye especially abundant during their spring spawning run. Make sure you’re informed about local fishing regulations from Ottawa County to fish sustainably.

Popular Fishing Spots:

  • Shoreline Access: For shoreline fishing, you have several public areas available.
  • Boating Access: You can utilize the multiple boat launches for closer access to deeper waters.

Fishing conditions vary but remain some of the best in North America, according to seasoned anglers. Reports from March 2024 confirm productive spots near the dock and consistent catches. For specific tips and local advice, consider reaching out to chartered fishing services, such as the recommended Captain Nick of Vitamin Sea.

Remember, weather conditions affect fishing success, so monitor the forecasts to plan your trip.

Here’s what to bring for an optimal fishing day in Sandusky Bay:

  • Suitable fishing gear for your target species
  • Weather-appropriate clothing
  • A camera to capture your big catch!

Alum Creek Lake

Alum Creek Lake, situated in Central Ohio’s Delaware County, is revered for its excellent angling opportunities. Spanning approximately 3,387 acres with 46 miles of scenic shoreline, this reservoir offers an abundant diversity of fish species that anglers eagerly pursue.

Location & Access
Strategically located near major cities, Alum Creek Lake is easily accessible via State Routes such as SR 36/37 and SR 521. Interstate 71 runs parallel to the lake, making it a convenient fishing destination.

Fish Species
Here’s a table highlighting the fish you might catch:

SpeciesPopularityBest Season
MuskellungeModerateAll year

Depth & Features
The lake boasts a maximum depth near the dam of around 60 feet, while most of the lake features depths ranging from 20 to 40 feet. The lake’s diverse structure includes deep coves and areas of submerged timber, providing ideal habitats for various fish species.

Fishing Tips
For bass, target the areas with fallen timber and aquatic structure, especially during the early morning or late evening. In winter months, saugeye can often be found near the dam. Live bait can be particularly effective for bluegill during the summer.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just looking for a tranquil spot to cast a line, Alum Creek Lake beckons with its clear waters and abundant fish.

Lake Logan

Within in the picturesque Hocking County and spanning over 718-acres, Lake Logan State Park is your go-to destination for an array of fishing experiences. Surrounded by Ohio’s lush hill country, you will find both tranquility and an exciting fishing adventure.

Fishing Opportunities:

  • Bluegill: Often found near the weedy areas.
  • Crappie: Look around submerged structures and shallower waters during spring.
  • Bass: Both largemouth and saugeye species are present, prefer the deeper waters.
  • Muskie: A challenging catch, present in limited numbers but rewarding.
  • Catfish: Try your luck at nighttime for these bottom dwellers.

Noteworthy Locations within the Park:

  • Boat Ramp Sites: Several are available for easy access to various parts of the lake.
  • Dam Tailwaters: Accessible off State Route 664 for a unique fishing environment.

Boat Rentals:
Lake Logan Marina ensures that you have the necessary gear and vessels. Available rentals include:

For boat rental information, visit Lake Logan Marina or contact them at 740-380-2956.

Lake Hope

When fishing at Lake Hope, you’re engaging with a habitat known for its abundant Largemouth Bass population. If you’re aiming for the best experience, it’s advised to plan your fishing trips early in the morning or late in the evening, as these are the optimal times to catch these fish.

Here’s what you need to know about fishing in this area:

  • Location: Lake Hope is situated within the scenic Lake Hope State Park in Southeast Ohio, offering not just fishing but various recreational opportunities, including hiking and biking.
  • Picnic Areas: Should you need a break or wish to dine amidst nature, there are nine picnic areas equipped with tables and grills for your convenience.
  • Recreational Opportunities: Aside from fishing, the park offers a 600-foot swimming beach, seven hiking trails, and eight biking trails for a diverse outdoor experience.

Buckeye Lake

As an angler in Ohio, you’re likely in search of the best fishing spots. Situated just east of Columbus, Buckeye Lake is your go-to destination. Encompassing a vast area of 2,873 acres, this reservoir offers year-round fishing delights.

What to Catch:

  • Spring: The season is ripe for bass fishing.
  • Summer: Catfish are the stars, providing thrilling action.
  • Winter: Ice fishing opportunities abound, with saugeye and panfish ready for the taking.

Lake Characteristics:

  • Average Depth: ~6 feet
  • Maximum Depth: ~14 feet
  • The lakebed is relatively flat with minimal woody cover.

Stocking Information:

  • Annually stocked with fingerling saugeye and hybrid striped bass.
  • Gizzard shad serve as the primary forage species.


  • Multiple boat ramp locations offer easy access to different fishing areas.
  • Shoreline fishing is also available for those without boats.

Buckeye Lake, one of Ohio’s oldest impoundments, first constructed around 1830, is now a beacon for anglers. Despite its man-made origins as a feeder lake for the state’s canal system, it has evolved into a prime fishing hub.

Your next visit to Buckeye Lake is not just a chance to cast a line—it’s an opportunity to experience a piece of Ohio’s natural and historical tapestry. The park, once home to a bustling amusement park and dance hall, now beckons with tranquil waters and the promise of a good catch.

Grand Lake St. Marys

Recognized as a prime fishing destination, Grand Lake St. Marys offers you a generous 13,500-acre expanse with over 52 miles of inviting shoreline. Your fishing expeditions here can be both diverse and abundant, thanks to the variety of species that call this lake home.

Species You Can Catch:

  • Largemouth Bass: Sought after for their fighting spirit.
  • Bluegill: Ideal for anglers of all skill levels.
  • Crappie: Known for their school behavior, making them a rewarding catch.
  • Catfish: Offering a chance at a hearty fight.
  • Gizzard Shad: Serving as a primary forage species for predators.

For a more detailed and localized experience, consider these spots:

  • Shore Lines: Accessible for casual fishing.
  • Boat Ramps: Spread around the lake to launch your watercraft.


  • Camping Areas: Extend your stay at the designated camping sites.
  • Marinas: Kozy Marina and others provide essential services.

Rocky River

The Rocky River in Ohio presents a prime destination for anglers seeking a variety of fish, particularly steelhead trout. You’ll find that the river conditions peak when the stream flow is between 150-250 cubic feet per second (cfs), with an average run-off time of 2-3 days. Ideal steelhead fishing occurs when the flow gauge reads 300 cfs and is dropping.

Fishing Tips:

  • Stream Flow: Monitor the flow rates for optimal conditions.
  • Species: The Rocky River is known for Largemouth bass, Channel catfish, Bluegill, and steelhead trout.

Popular Catches:

  • Largemouth Bass: Notable for its abundance.
  • Channel Catfish: A challenging catch, prevalent in the area.
  • Bluegill: Often found in the quieter sections of the river.
  • Steelhead Trout: Best targeted after cold rains of late September through May.

When planning your trip, use local resources like Fishbrain to check for the latest catches and any fishing regulations. The fish activity in Rocky River is logged extensively by fellow anglers, providing insights into their successful techniques and preferred baits. Trail maps and reviews on platforms like AllTrails can also guide you to the most scenic and fruitful fishing trails in the region.

Mad River

The Mad River in Ohio provides you with an inviting fly fishing experience, especially if you’re looking to hook yourself some trout. This cold-water habitat is mainly known for Brown Trout, which are stocked by the state, but you’ll also find Rainbow Trout and Carp in these waters. For a successful outing, consider fishing in the Spring and Fall, which are peak seasons.

To access the river, there are several public areas provided. Below are the primary access points in Clark and Champaign Counties:

  • St. Paris Pike
  • Eagle City Rd.
  • Tremont City Rd.
  • County Line Rd.
  • Dallas Rd.

Additionally, you’ll find good spots off these main roads:

  • State Route 55
  • Old Troy Pike
  • State Route 36
  • Millerstown Rd.
  • State Route 29
  • Lippincott Rd.

The Pimtown Access and the Farm Market access are notably good choices. While the Mad River stretches a great length, offering diverse experiences, the section Northeast of Dayton and north of Springfield is particularly renowned for fly fishing. It is not only the fish that’ll draw you in but also the surrounding west-central terrain of Ohio, making your fishing trip scenically pleasing. Remember to check the local regulations and any updates on fish stocking schedules to ensure the best possible fishing experience.

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