Best Fishing Spots in Alaska

A serene lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains, with a small wooden fishing boat anchored near the shore. A bald eagle soars overhead as a bear fishes for salmon in the nearby river
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Alaska offers some of the most spectacular and diverse fishing opportunities in the world. With over three million lakes, 12,000 rivers, and countless fish-filled streams, you will find an abundance of locations to cast a line. The cool, nutrient-rich waters of Alaska are teeming with wild fish, including salmon, trout, halibut, and arctic char, to name just a few. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or looking to plan your first Alaskan fishing adventure, the wealth of fishing spots throughout this vast state caters to various preferences and skill levels.

From the roadside accessible spots to the secluded waters only reachable by plane or boat, fishing in Alaska is a chance to immerse yourself in pristine natural beauty and potentially land a record-breaking catch. For instance, the Kenai River holds the world record for the largest King Salmon ever caught, signifying the extraordinary potential of Alaskan waters. While the popular and accessible spots like the Kenai River and Kodiak Island offer excellent opportunities for catching salmon and halibut, other locations like Bristol Bay provide a less crowded and equally rewarding experience, especially known for its sockeye salmon runs.

Kenai River

The Kenai River flows through a picturesque landscape, with lush greenery and towering mountains in the background. The crystal-clear water is teeming with fish, and the riverbanks are dotted with prime fishing spots

The Kenai River is your ideal Alaskan fishing destination, offering a diverse and bountiful fishing experience. Flowing through the Kenai Peninsula, the river is known for its accessibility and high-quality angling opportunities.

Notable Fishing Spots:

  • Big Eddy Day Use Area: Situated at river mile 17, this popular area features amenities such as toilets and picnic tables. A boat dock is available, and it is favored by guides for its convenience.
  • Moose River Confluence: Located in Sterling, near milepost 82.3 at the Isaak Walton Campground, here the Moose and Kenai rivers meet, presenting a contrast in currents and a tranquil fishing environment.
  • Jim’s Landing: Positioned between the Russian River and Skilak Lake, Jim’s Landing is renowned for trout, dolly varden, and varying salmon species, depending on the season.

Table of Common Fish Species in the Kenai River:

SpeciesBest Time to Fish
King SalmonMid-May to July
Sockeye SalmonLate June to August
Coho SalmonAugust to September
Pink SalmonJuly to August
Rainbow TroutYear-round
Dolly VardenYear-round

Your experience on the Kenai will be enhanced by local expertise and quality gear, ensuring a successful and memorable fishing trip.

Bristol Bay

Bristol Bay, located in southwestern Alaska, is renowned for its abundant salmon runs. You’ll find five species of Pacific salmon here: king (Chinook), sockeye (red), coho (silver), pink (humpback), and chum (dog). This makes it a highly sought-after destination for anglers around the world.

Best Times to Fish:
To maximize your chances of a successful catch, plan your trip between late June and early September. This is when salmon species migrate through the area’s rivers, particularly the famous sockeye salmon run in June and July.

Fishing Lodges:
Various lodges offer accommodations, with many providing guides to enhance your fishing experience. Here are a few to consider:

  • Becharof Rapids Camp
  • Alaska Trophy Adventures Lodge
  • Angler’s Alibi
  • Alaska Kingfishers
  • Bearclaw Lodge
  • River King Outfitters

Fishing Techniques:
Regardless of your preference, Bristol Bay’s clear waters provide excellent opportunities for both experienced anglers and novices alike.

Kasilof River

The Kasilof River is an exceptional location in Alaska, particularly noted for its rich salmon and trout fishing opportunities. It originates from Tustumena Lake and extends for about 18 miles before culminating in the Cook Inlet on the Kenai Peninsula.

Fishing Season and Species:

  • King Salmon: Mid-May to late July.
  • Sockeye Salmon: Late June to early August.
  • Silver Salmon: Early August to late September.
  • Trout: Year-round, with the peak in September.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Access: You can fish from the shore in designated public access areas or opt for a guided boat trip.
Trip OptionsDurationEstimated Cost
Full-Day Guided6 – 7 Days$2,500 to $3,000 per person
Shorter Trips4 – 5 Days$1,500 to $2,000 per person
Half-DayFew hours$150 to $199 per person

When planning your trip to the Kasilof River, consider timing your visit to match the running season of your preferred species. Experienced guides are available to help you navigate the waters and maximize your chances of a successful catch. Enjoy the combination of world-class fishing and the serene beauty of Alaska’s landscapes.

Kodiak Island

When planning your next fishing adventure, Kodiak Island should be high on your list. Known for its abundant and diverse marine life, the waters surrounding this island offer some of the best fishing opportunities in Alaska.

Mill Bay Beach Park is an easily accessible spot for beach fishing. You can look forward to catching silver and pink salmon from late July through September. Besides fishing, it’s also an excellent place for bird watching throughout the year.

For a more rugged setting, explore the island’s remote rivers and streams. The shallow waters here are home to large schools of silver salmon, especially in the late summer. Fly-fishing in these conditions can be a dynamic and rewarding experience, as you’ll often see fish jumping or finning close to the surface.

Charters and guided trips in the surrounding Gulf of Alaska waters allow for deep-sea fishing experiences. You can target a variety of species ranging from halibut to cod, and even the prized king salmon.

Top Targeted Fish SpeciesOptimal Fishing Season
Silver SalmonJuly – September
Pink SalmonJuly – September
HalibutMay – September
King SalmonMay – June

Remember, Kodiak Island is not just about fishing; it’s an environment where you can immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Alaska. The island is also known for its population of Kodiak brown bears and lush landscapes, making your fishing trip a true wildlife adventure.

Prince of Wales Island

Prince of Wales Island, often referred to as POW, is an angler’s sanctuary nestled in the waters of Southeast Alaska. Recognized as a premier destination, your fishing expedition here promises a blend of both saltwater and freshwater opportunities.

When you are targeting Steelhead, the optimal months are April and May. Although the runs are generally small, with fewer than 200 returning adults annually, your chances of a successful catch are significant, with some winter-run fish available.

Accommodations and Services

  • Lodging: Options range from rustic cabins to comfortable lodges.
  • Fishing Packages: Inclusive of meals and guided fishing.
  • Catch Processing: Services like filleting, vacuum sealing, and freezing are commonly offered.

Fishing Varieties

  • Saltwater: Indulge in a day at sea targeting species such as halibut or salmon.
  • Freshwater: End your day along streams abundant in Pink Salmon, the region’s largest biomass contributor.

On Your Own

  • Self-guided Fishing: For a personalized adventure, choose a day of self-guided fishing on either salt or freshwater areas.

Notable Features

  • Seclusion: The island’s small population preserves its quaint Alaskan charm.
  • Size: It is the third-largest island in the U.S., ensuring a vast terrain to explore.
  • Diversity: Along with fishing, enjoy hiking and wildlife viewing in this remote setting.

Remember to consult a local fly shop, like Mossy’s Fly Shop in Anchorage, for gear and expert advice to elevate your fishing experience on Prince of Wales Island.

Lake Creek

When you’re seeking an exceptional Alaskan fishing experience, Lake Creek is an undeniable choice. This 60-mile waterway originates at Chelatna Lake, nestled at the foot of the Alaska Range, and flows into the Yentna River. Its clear waters are renowned for their abundant runs of multiple salmon species, making it a premier destination for anglers.

Fish Species

  • King Salmon
  • Sockeye Salmon
  • Silver Salmon
  • Pink Salmon
  • Chum Salmon
  • Dolly Varden
  • Grayling
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Northern Pike (transplanted)

With its diverse fish populations, you can employ various techniques, from fly-fishing to spinning. Beginners and experienced anglers alike will find Lake Creek amenable to their skills, especially with the guidance of seasoned local guides who can navigate you to the most bountiful spots.

Lake Creek is best accessed by jet-propelled boats, with local lodges offering guided trips ensuring you reach the prime fishing banks.

Rapids and Scenery:
For those craving adventure, Lake Creek delivers with mild to challenging rapids, particularly in the sections like the Canyon run. Aside from fishing, the scenic beauty of the area is a captivating draw, with lush forests and the possibility of wildlife sightings enhancing your fishing venture.

Embrace Lake Creek’s vigorous salmon runs and serene surroundings for a truly authentic Alaskan fishing journey.

Copper River

The Copper River, flowing in southcentral Alaska, is renowned for excellent fishing opportunities, particularly for salmon. As you explore this region, you can expect to target all five salmon species: King (Chinook), Sockeye, Coho, Pink, and Chum. The King salmon, famous for its rich flavor and considerable size, is a prized catch, often averaging around 45 pounds.

Notable Fishing Spots:

  • Richardson Highway Bridge: Start your adventure at the public boat launch area, offering ample parking and facilities.
  • Lake Louise: Ideal for seeking trophy-class lake trout.
  • Paxson/Summit Lakes: Known for remarkable lake trout fishing experiences.

When fishing in the Copper River, you are encouraged to engage with local guides, as they can provide not only the appropriate gear but also invaluable local knowledge to enhance your trip. Services such as Copper River Guides offer comprehensive packages, including processing and shipping of your caught fish.

Fishing Charters & Guides:

  • Price Range: Half-day trips range from $200-$299 per person, while full-day outings span from $300-$399.
  • Target Species: Alongside salmon, you can find Rainbow Trout, Arctic Grayling, and Dolly Varden.

Remember, the conditions of the river can vary, and having a knowledgeable guide can greatly improve your fishing experience in the Copper River region. Book your fishing adventure and embrace the rugged beauty and rich waters of Alaska.

Resurrection Bay

Resurrection Bay, located on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, offers a remarkable setting for sport fishing. As you set sail from the quaint town of Seward, you’re greeted with the backdrop of Kenai Fjords National Park’s dramatic landscapes.

Popular Fish Species:

  • King Salmon
  • Silver Salmon
  • Halibut

Top Fishing Spots in Resurrection Bay:

  • Caines Head: Ideal for salmon.
  • Pony Cove: Known for silver salmon.
  • Thumb Cove: Provides a variety of species including salmon.

Halibut Fishing: The pursuit of halibut is best at depths between 250-300 feet. Specific spots like Rugged Island offer prime fishing grounds, particularly at Mary’s Bay and the nearby shelf.

Salmon Fishing: King salmon are prevalent throughout the bay. For the best results, use a fish finder to adjust your trolling depth between May and August when the daily bag limit is two, with no size restrictions.

Fishing Techniques:

  • Trolling: Effective for salmon, adjusting depths with the use of a fish finder.
  • Bottom Fishing: Recommended for halibut.

Baits and Tackle:

  • Salmon: Herring and salmon roe are effective baits.
  • Halibut: Jigs and circle hooks with baitfish or squid prove successful.

Ensure you’re equipped with the necessary gear and familiarize yourself with local regulations. Advance planning and respect for the environment will enhance your fishing experience in Resurrection Bay.

Russian River

The Russian River in Alaska is a premier destination for anglers seeking the thrill of river fishing. With its clear waters and abundant salmon runs, you’re in for an exceptional fishing experience.

Salmon Runs:
You can expect two significant runs of Sockeye Salmon here. The first arrives early in the summer, with escapement numbers ranging from 22,000 to 42,000 fish. By mid-July, prepare for the second, larger run, averaging around 72,000 salmon.

Best Times to Visit:

  • Early Run: June – Early July
  • Second Run: Mid-July – Early August
  • Peak Time for Silver Salmon: Late July – September

Access Points:

  • Kenai Peninsula: The river is conveniently located in Cooper Landing, providing easy access for a rewarding fishing day.


In Sitka, Alaska, you’ll find a fishing haven with abundant opportunities throughout the year. Sitka is uniquely positioned on Baranof Island, just off the coast near Juneau, and its waters are teeming with rich marine life.

Prime Fishing Time

SpeciesIdeal Time Frame
SalmonMay – September
HalibutMay – mid-September
LingcodJuly – August
RockfishJune – October

For salmon fishing, aim for the peak season between July and August. Your primary techniques include:

  • Trolling: Dragging lures or bait through the water via boat.
  • Mooching: Dropping bait down into the water without active manipulation.

Access and Supplies

Sitka is accessible by the Alaska Marine Highway system, commuter airlines, and daily jet service. For supplies and local insights, contact the Sitka Convention and Visitors Bureau or visit local outfitters.

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