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Striped bass being released.
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Delve into the dynamic realm of striper fishing, where the pursuit of the elusive striped bass takes on the essence of an artful adventure. At the heart of this angling experience lies the crucial selection of lures—enticing creations crafted to captivate the striped bass lurking beneath the water’s surface. In this guide, we’ll immerse ourselves in the world of the finest striper lures, unraveling the distinctive features and techniques that distinguish them. Whether you’re a seasoned angler refining your strategy or a newcomer eager to create ripples in striper territory, we’ll help you uncover the secrets behind the most effective lures for this exhilarating pursuit.

Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper Topwater Fishing Lure


Cotton Cordell

This company is the original producer of topwater lures targeted at striped bass. The pencil popper produced has taken numerous trophies for anglers around the country. One of the most popular colors is the classic red & white. Using this color combination you can be confident about what you're fishing, and land more fish in the process.

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Casting Spoons Silver Color with Treble Hook 3oz 6 Pieces



While these are not the original Krocodile spoons, they're similar and offer great value. These spoons will work in almost any scenario, and in any body of water fishing for striped bass. Famously used on both the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines. This lure mimics baitfish and the prism tape that reflects sunlight conveys that convincingly. Equipped with a single treble hook you will have a great chance of hooking up on a big striper.

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Pencil Popper Saltwater and Freshwater,8pcs

Sunday Pro

The pencil popper is a classic lure to throw all day long. The splashing action is enticing to hungry striped bass. Its life-like action is controlled by how fast you jerk the rod and what angle. Being able to control that allows you to put your bait in the strike zone and leave it if necessary, allowing your bait to sink a foot or so. You will have to experiment using a variety of techniques depending on the day.

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TRUSCEND Topwater Fishing Lures



Topwater plopper lures are designed to be easy to use and cast, so they can get into the right spot quickly and retrieve at your own pace. They also have a unique design that makes them look like real food while having a propeller that spins, chopping up the water.

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Dr. Fish Saltwater Fishing Lures Kit 5in- 6- Pack


Dr. Fish

Expertly crafted, this combo set allows you the option to order 6 different methods to fish all at an affordable price tag. The color is an excellent baitfish pattern, sure to entice any large striper. The methods used for fishing these lures will include, topwater, jerk bait, popper, shallow and deep diving, jointed bait, as well as lipless bait. With just this set of striper lures, you will be ready to tackle any striped bass grounds.

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Heddon Super Spook Topwater Fishing Lure for Saltwater and Freshwater



Super Spooks are one of the most successful lures for striped bass. With this lure, you will be casting and retrieving using the "walk the dog" pattern of retrieval. Long pauses often trigger responses from lethargic or uncooperative fish. Arguably the most popular color selection is "Bone" but all spooks are productive. Having a variety of colors to use as the day progresses is ideal. Having a large collection of super spooks isn't unheard of, due to how efficient this lure is.

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Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Fishing Lure



Their long-standing of great craftsmanship shines through on this lure. The x-rap excells in a saltwater environment either cast or trolled. Allow a few moments to pass before retrieval and short pauses to entice more fish. This is an excellent lure that is a must-have for your tackle box when out chasing striped bass.

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Big Hammer Swimbait, Pacific Chovy, 3-Inch , Christmas Tree

Big Hammer

The Big Hammer has earned a special spot among swimbait lovers' hearts. An absolute pleasure to fish and the quality and color of these lures are unmatched in the swimbait world. Fished using a jigging method or trolled, as well as spot casting will produce fish of quality size, due to this unique tail paddle and color pattern.

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Harmony Fishing Company Chatterbait Kit - Z-Man 3/8oz



Having everything you need to start fishing a chatter bait, this kit will arm you to be successful right off the bait, Featuring a z-man body and tail, you can rest easy assuring your swimbaits will live up to a hungry striped bass's takedown. White is a good lure color combo to fish for striped bass. This is a tremendous value at an even better price!

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Cotton Cordell Super Spot Lipless Crankbait Fishing Lure


Cotton Cordell

This pioneer of many lures created a masterpiece with this lure. Not only terrific for striped bass but other bass species as well as musky. With a tantalizing action that will entice fish to bite, Fish it close to reed beds and structure for best effect. A must-have lure to complete any avid striper angler.

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