Spearfishing in New York

New York city skyline with an Orange setting sun in the background. These water are teeming with stripers that spearfisherman hunt.
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Embark on an exhilarating underwater adventure as we dive into the world of spearfishing in New York. With its diverse coastline, bustling waters, and abundance of marine life, New York offers an exciting playground for spearfishing enthusiasts. Whether you’re drawn to the captivating depths of Montauk, the scenic waters of Long Island, or the vibrant coastal landscapes of Fire Island, New York’s diverse aquatic ecosystems provide endless opportunities to test your skills and reel in impressive catches. Join us as we explore the captivating realm of spearfishing in New York, uncovering the best spots, essential tips and tricks, regulations, and local resources to make your experience unforgettable.

Best Places for Spearfishing in New York

When it comes to spearfishing in New York, there are several fantastic locations that offer exciting opportunities. Here are some of the best places for spearfishing in New York:

  1. Montauk: Located at the eastern tip of Long Island, Montauk is renowned for its diverse marine life and excellent spearfishing spots. The area is known for its abundant striped bass, fluke, black sea bass, and other species.
  2. Fire Island Inlet: Situated between Fire Island and Jones Beach Island, Fire Island Inlet is a prime location for spearfishing. The inlet is known for its strong currents and attracts a variety of fish, including striped bass, bluefish, fluke, and porgies.
  3. Shinnecock Inlet: Located near Southampton on Long Island, Shinnecock Inlet offers great spearfishing opportunities. This inlet is known for its impressive striped bass population, as well as fluke, blackfish, and other species.
  4. Block Island: Although technically part of Rhode Island, Block Island is easily accessible from New York and offers exceptional spearfishing. The island is surrounded by productive waters and is home to a wide range of fish species, including striped bass, fluke, cod, and more.
  5. The Rockaways: Situated on the southern shore of Queens, the Rockaways provide accessible and convenient spearfishing opportunities for New York City residents. Here, you can target striped bass, bluefish, fluke, and other local species.

With its diverse marine life and numerous prime locations, New York offers some of the best spearfishing experiences on the East Coast.

Striped Bass Spearfishing New York

Species of Fish You Can Catch While Spearfishing in New York

While spearfishing in New York, you can encounter a variety of fish species, making it an exciting destination for underwater hunters. Some of the fish you can catch while spearfishing in New York include:

  1. Striped Bass: Known for their powerful fights and delicious taste, striped bass are highly sought after by spearfishers in New York. They are known to inhabit coastal waters and provide thrilling spearfishing opportunities.
  2. Fluke (Summer Flounder): Fluke is a flatfish species that can be found in New York waters during the summer months. They are known for their distinctive flat shape and are a popular target for spearfishers due to their abundance and flavorful meat.
  3. Bluefish: Bluefish are known for their aggressive behavior and strong fighting ability. These predatory fish can be found in New York’s coastal waters and offer an exhilarating challenge for spearfishers.
  4. Black Sea Bass: Black sea bass is another prized catch for spearfishers in New York. They are known for their tasty white meat and can be found around wrecks, reefs, and other underwater structures.
  5. Porgies (Scup): Porgies, also known as scup, are a common fish species in New York waters. They are often found in schools near structures like jetties and rock formations, providing spearfishers with ample opportunities to target them.
  6. Tautog (Blackfish): Tautog, or blackfish, are known for their powerful jaws and tenacious fighting ability. They can be found near rocky areas and wrecks and offer an exciting challenge for spearfishers.

Whether you’re targeting striped bass, fluke, bluefish, or other species, spearfishing in New York promises thrilling encounters and the opportunity to bring home a delicious catch.

Best Time of Day and Year for Spearfishing in New York

The best time of day and year for spearfishing in New York can vary depending on various factors such as tides, water temperature, and fish migration patterns. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

Time of Day:

  1. Early Morning: Many spearfishers find that early morning, especially during sunrise, can be an optimal time for spearfishing in New York. During this time, fish are often more active and feeding, providing better opportunities for successful catches.
  2. Late Afternoon/Evening: Another favorable time for spearfishing is during the late afternoon and evening hours. As the day progresses, fish may become more active again, making it a productive time to be in the water.


  1. Spring: Springtime in New York brings the return of various fish species, including striped bass, fluke, and porgies. As water temperatures rise, these fish become more active and begin their seasonal migrations, offering excellent spearfishing opportunities.
  2. Summer: Summer months are generally a prime time for spearfishing in New York. The waters are warmer, attracting a wider range of fish species, including bluefish, black sea bass, and tautog. Many spearfishers enjoy the abundance of marine life and the clear visibility during this season.

It’s important to note that weather conditions, tides, and local fishing regulations should also be considered when planning your spearfishing trips in New York. Stay informed about the latest fishing forecasts and consult with local experts or experienced spearfishers for the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the best time to go.

Spearfishing Long Island, New York

Best Spearfishing Gear for New York

When it comes to spearfishing in New York, having the right gear is essential for a successful and enjoyable experience. Here are some of the best spearfishing gear items to consider:

  1. Speargun: A reliable and accurate speargun is the primary tool for spearfishing. Choose a speargun suitable for the size of fish you’ll be targeting in New York’s waters. Consider features such as length, power, and maneuverability to match your skill level and diving conditions.
  2. Wetsuit: New York’s waters can be cold, so investing in a high-quality wetsuit is crucial for comfort and protection. Opt for a wetsuit with appropriate thickness and insulation to suit the season and water temperature. Consider a wetsuit with a reinforced chest pad for loading your speargun.
  3. Mask and Snorkel: A well-fitting mask and snorkel set is essential for clear underwater vision and efficient breathing. Look for a mask with a low volume and a comfortable fit, while the snorkel should have a purge valve and a snorkel keeper to secure it in place.
  4. Fins: Good-quality fins provide propulsion and maneuverability in the water. Choose freediving or spearfishing fins that are comfortable, lightweight, and efficient in maximizing your swimming power while minimizing leg fatigue.
  5. Weight Belt and Weights: Achieving proper buoyancy control is crucial for spearfishing. A weight belt, along with the appropriate weights, helps you descend and maintain a comfortable depth. Consider using a quick-release buckle for safety and easy adjustment.
  6. Dive Knife: A dive knife is a handy tool for safety and practical purposes. Choose a sturdy, corrosion-resistant knife with a sheath that can be easily attached to your weight belt or leg for quick access.
  7. Dive Float and Flag: In certain areas, it may be required to use a dive float and flag to indicate your presence in the water. This promotes safety and alerts other water users to your activity. Ensure the dive float is visible and easily transportable.
  8. Dive Watch or Computer: Monitoring your dive time and depth is crucial for safety. Consider using a dive watch or a dedicated dive computer that provides accurate information, including dive duration, depth, and surface intervals.

Equipped with the right spearfishing gear, you’ll be prepared to explore the underwater world of New York and make the most of your spearfishing treks.

Best Local Spearfishing Resources in New York

When it comes to spearfishing in New York, having access to local resources can greatly enhance your experience and knowledge. Here are some of the best local spearfishing resources in New York:

  1. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC): The DEC website provides valuable information on fishing regulations, licensing requirements, and updates on fishing seasons and restrictions. It’s an essential resource to stay informed and comply with the rules and regulations of spearfishing in New York.
  2. Local Dive Shops: Dive shops in coastal areas of New York can be excellent sources of information for spearfishing. They often have knowledgeable staff who can provide guidance on local spearfishing spots, current conditions, and recommended gear. They may also offer spearfishing equipment for purchase or rent.
  3. Online Spearfishing Communities and Forums: Engaging with online communities and forums dedicated to spearfishing can connect you with experienced spearfishers in New York. These platforms allow you to ask questions, seek advice, and share experiences with fellow enthusiasts who have firsthand knowledge of the local waters.
  4. Local Spearfishing Clubs and Associations: Joining a local spearfishing club or association can provide valuable networking opportunities and access to a community of experienced spearfishers. These groups often organize group dives, share information about prime spearfishing locations, and host educational events.
  5. Experienced Local Spearfishers: Building connections with experienced spearfishers in your area can be an invaluable resource. They can offer insights into specific New York spearfishing locations, techniques, and local fish behavior. Connecting with local spearfishing enthusiasts can provide practical tips and guidance for a successful spearfishing experience.

By utilizing these local spearfishing resources in New York, you can enhance your knowledge, stay updated on regulations, discover new spots, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for spearfishing in the state.

Spearfishing Montauk New York

Best Spearfishing Charters in New York

Spearfishing charters are an excellent option for those who want to explore New York’s waters and experience spearfishing with the guidance of experienced professionals. Here are some of the best spearfishing charters in New York:

  1. Spear-it Charters: Based in Montauk, Spear-it Charters is a popular choice for those looking for a high-quality spearfishing experience. They offer half-day and full-day charters, as well as customized trips that cater to your specific preferences. The charter provides all the necessary spearfishing gear, and the experienced crew will take you to prime spearfishing locations.
  2. New York Spearfishing Guide Service: Located in Long Island, New York Spearfishing Guide Service offers guided spearfishing trips for individuals and groups. They provide a variety of spearfishing packages, including one-on-one training, customized trips, and group packages. The experienced guides will take you to some of the best spearfishing locations in the area and provide all the necessary equipment and safety gear.
  3. Aqua Pursuits: Based in Brooklyn, Aqua Pursuits offers spearfishing charters in the waters surrounding New York City. They provide all necessary spearfishing equipment, including wetsuits, fins, masks, and spear guns, and take you to some of the best spearfishing spots in the area. The experienced crew can also provide coaching and guidance to help you improve your spearfishing skills.
  4. Lady Mitchell Fishing Charters: Located in Freeport, Lady Mitchell Fishing Charters offers a range of fishing charters, including spearfishing trips. They provide all the necessary gear and take you to prime spearfishing locations in the area. The experienced crew can also provide coaching and guidance to help you improve your spearfishing skills.
  5. Aqua Addicts: Based in Long Island, Aqua Addicts offers spearfishing charters for individuals and groups. They provide all necessary spearfishing gear, including spearguns, wetsuits, and masks, and take you to some of the best spearfishing locations in the area. The experienced crew can also provide coaching and guidance to help you improve your spearfishing skills.

Choosing one of these spearfishing charters in New York can ensure a safe, fun, and successful spearfishing experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced spearfisher, these charters provide access to prime spearfishing locations, knowledgeable guides, and high-quality equipment.

Regulations and Licenses for Spearfishing in New York

Before engaging in spearfishing activities in New York, it’s important to be familiar with the regulations and licensing requirements to ensure legal and responsible fishing practices. Here are some key regulations and licensing information for spearfishing in New York:

  1. Fishing License: In New York, anyone 16 years and older is required to have a valid fishing license to engage in spearfishing. The license can be obtained online through the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) website or in person at a local license-issuing agent. Fees for fishing licenses vary depending on the type of license and the duration of validity.
  2. Seasons and Bag Limits: Spearfishing seasons and bag limits vary depending on the species of fish. It’s important to check the NYSDEC website for the latest regulations and limits before engaging in spearfishing activities.
  3. Gear Restrictions: Certain gear restrictions apply when spearfishing in New York. It’s important to check the NYSDEC website for the latest gear restrictions before engaging in spearfishing activities.
  4. Protected Species: Certain species of fish are protected in New York, and it’s illegal to take or possess them. It’s important to check the NYSDEC website for a list of protected species before engaging in spearfishing activities.
  5. Spearfishing in Marine Protected Areas (MPAs): There are several MPAs in New York, and some have restrictions on spearfishing activities. It’s important to check the NYSDEC website for information on MPAs and their regulations before engaging in spearfishing activities.
  6. Reporting Requirements: Spearfishers are required to report certain fish catches to the NYSDEC. It’s important to check the NYSDEC website for information on reporting requirements.
  7. Safety Requirements: Spearfishing can be a dangerous activity, and it’s important to take appropriate safety precautions. It’s recommended to always dive with a partner, use a dive flag, wear appropriate gear, and be aware of your surroundings.

By following these regulations and licensing requirements, spearfishers can ensure safe and responsible fishing practices while enjoying the abundant marine life in the waters of New York.

Long Island Spearfishing

Where to Stay While Spearfishing in New York

When planning your spearfishing trip in New York, it’s essential to consider accommodations that provide convenience and proximity to the best spearfishing locations. Here are some options for where to stay while spearfishing in New York:

  1. Montauk: If you’re spearfishing in Montauk, consider staying in one of the local hotels, motels, or vacation rentals in the area. Montauk offers a range of accommodations, including beachfront resorts, cozy bed and breakfasts, and vacation homes. Staying in Montauk puts you in close proximity to excellent spearfishing spots and allows for easy access to the water.
  2. Long Island: Long Island offers a variety of towns and cities with accommodation options suitable for spearfishers. Places like Southampton, East Hampton, and Riverhead have hotels, inns, and vacation rentals available. Look for accommodations that are near the coast or have easy access to the water to maximize your spearfishing opportunities.
  3. Fire Island: If you’re planning to spearfish around Fire Island, consider staying in one of the communities along the island, such as Ocean Beach or Cherry Grove. Fire Island offers a unique coastal experience with a range of accommodations, including hotels, cottages, and vacation rentals, allowing you to enjoy spearfishing while immersing yourself in the island’s natural beauty.
  4. New York City: If you’re looking to combine spearfishing with vibrant city life, consider staying in New York City. While spearfishing locations may require travel outside the city, staying in NYC provides a wide range of accommodations, including hotels, apartments, and guesthouses. You can enjoy spearfishing during the day and explore the city’s attractions and nightlife in the evenings.
  5. Block Island: Although technically part of Rhode Island, Block Island is easily accessible from New York and offers excellent spearfishing opportunities. Consider staying in one of the island’s hotels, inns, or vacation rentals to fully immerse yourself in the island’s charm and enjoy spearfishing in the surrounding waters.

When choosing accommodations, consider factors such as proximity to spearfishing spots, amenities, and your budget. Research and book in advance to secure your preferred accommodation and ensure a comfortable and convenient stay while spearfishing in New York.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Spearfishing in New York

Spearfishing in New York can be an exciting and rewarding adventure. To enhance your chances of successful spearfishing in New York, consider the following tips and tricks:

  1. Research Local Regulations: Familiarize yourself with the specific regulations and restrictions for spearfishing in New York. Stay updated on seasons, bag limits, gear restrictions, and protected species to ensure compliance with the law.
  2. Plan According to Season and Weather: Different fish species are more abundant during specific seasons in New York. Research the seasonal patterns and target species accordingly. Additionally, pay attention to weather conditions, as factors like water temperature, visibility, and currents can affect fish behavior and spearfishing success.
  3. Scout Potential Dive Sites: Before diving into the water, gather information about potential dive sites. Look for areas with rocky structures, kelp beds, or underwater structures that attract fish. Online resources, local dive shops, and experienced spearfishers can provide valuable insights into prime spearfishing locations in New York.
  4. Observe Fish Behavior: Spend time observing fish behavior in the area you plan to spearfish. Notice feeding patterns, preferred habitats, and typical swimming paths. This understanding can help you position yourself strategically and increase your chances of a successful catch.
  5. Practice Stealth and Patience: Spearfishing requires stealth and patience. Move quietly in the water, avoid sudden movements, and control your breathing to minimize disturbance. Patience is key—wait for the right moment to make your move and aim for an accurate shot.
  6. Learn Proper Shot Placement: Aim for the critical areas of the fish to ensure a successful and humane capture. Research and practice proper shot placement techniques specific to the fish species you’re targeting. This helps minimize injury and increases the chances of a clean and effective shot.
  7. Improve Freediving Skills: Spearfishing often involves freediving to reach the desired depths. Improve your freediving skills by practicing breath-holding techniques, equalization, and relaxation exercises. Building your endurance and comfort underwater will enhance your spearfishing capabilities.
  8. Maintain Safety Precautions: Prioritize safety while spearfishing in New York. Always dive with a buddy, use a dive flag to indicate your presence, and be aware of your surroundings. Carry necessary safety equipment, such as a dive knife and signaling devices, and stay updated on weather conditions and potential hazards.
  9. Seek Local Knowledge: Engage with local spearfishing communities, join clubs, and connect with experienced spearfishers in New York. Their knowledge and insights can provide valuable tips and tricks specific to the region, including favorite techniques, gear recommendations, and hidden gems for spearfishing.

By applying these tips and tricks, you can increase your chances of a successful spearfishing experience in the diverse waters of New York. Always prioritize safety, adhere to regulations, and practice ethical and sustainable fishing practices while enjoying your spearfishing adventures.

Long Island Spearfishing Day


Spearfishing in New York offers a thrilling and rewarding experience for fishing enthusiasts. By following the regulations, obtaining the necessary licenses, and staying informed about local restrictions, you can engage in legal and responsible spearfishing practices. Researching the best spearfishing spots, understanding fish behavior, and honing your skills through practice will contribute to your success in catching fish underwater. Remember to prioritize safety, respect the environment, and practice sustainable fishing methods to preserve the marine ecosystem for future generations. Whether you’re exploring the coastal areas of Montauk, Long Island, Fire Island, or even venturing out from New York City to nearby locations, the waters of New York provide ample opportunities for memorable spearfishing adventures. So, prepare your gear, plan your dives, and get ready to immerse yourself in the underwater world of spearfishing in New York.

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