Spearfishing in Florida

Turquoise waters gently touching the shore off the coast of Florida. The white sandy beaches and stunning beauty draw divers from all over
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Spearfishing is a thrilling and challenging activity that has been gaining popularity in recent years. And when it comes to spearfishing destinations, Florida is undoubtedly one of the top choices for enthusiasts. With its crystal clear waters, diverse marine life, and year-round warm weather, Florida offers an ideal environment for spearfishing. But planning a spearfishing trip in Florida can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you plan your perfect spearfishing trip to Florida. From the best places to fish to the gear you’ll need and tips for success, our guide covers everything you need to know to make your trip a memorable and rewarding experience. So whether you’re a seasoned spearfisher or just starting, read on to discover the best of spearfishing in Florida!

Best Places for Spearfishing in Florida

Florida is home to a diverse range of marine habitats that offer some of the best spearfishing opportunities in the world. Here are some of the top places to fish in Florida:

  1. Destin: Known as the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village,” Destin is a popular spot for both traditional and spearfishing. The area is home to a wide variety of fish, including amberjack, grouper, and snapper.
  2. Marathon: Located in the Florida Keys, Marathon is a top destination for spearfishing enthusiasts. The warm waters are home to a diverse array of marine life, including hogfish, permit, and tarpon.
  3. Palm Beach: With its clear waters and abundant marine life, Palm Beach is a great place for spearfishing. The area is home to a variety of fish species, including snapper, grouper, and pompano.
  4. Key West: The southernmost point in the continental United States, Key West is another excellent destination for spearfishing. The area’s coral reefs are home to a wide variety of fish, including barracuda, snapper, and tuna.
  5. Pensacola: Located in the western part of the Florida Panhandle, Pensacola is known for its excellent fishing opportunities. The area is home to a variety of fish, including red snapper, amberjack, and king mackerel.

Overall, Florida offers some of the best spearfishing opportunities in the United States, with a diverse array of fish species and beautiful underwater scenery to explore.

Spearfishing Giant Grouper in Florida

Species of Fish Can You Catch While Spearfishing in Florida

Florida’s warm and clear waters are home to a wide variety of fish species, making it an excellent destination for spearfishing enthusiasts. Here are some of the most common fish species you can catch while spearfishing in Florida:

  1. Snapper: One of the most popular fish species in Florida, snapper can be found in both shallow and deep waters. The most common types of snapper found in Florida include red snapper, mangrove snapper, and yellowtail snapper.
  2. Grouper: Grouper are large, bottom-dwelling fish that are prized by many spearfishing enthusiasts. Some of the most common grouper species found in Florida include red grouper, black grouper, and gag grouper.
  3. Mahi-Mahi: Also known as dolphin fish, mahi-mahi are a popular game fish that can be caught while spearfishing in Florida. These fast-swimming fish are known for their vibrant colors and acrobatic jumps.
  4. Hogfish: Hogfish are a type of wrasse that are commonly found in the waters off the coast of Florida. These fish are known for their unique appearance and delicate, flaky flesh.
  5. Tuna: Several species of tuna can be found in Florida’s waters, including yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, and skipjack tuna. These fast-swimming fish are prized by many spearfishing enthusiasts for their delicious flesh and challenging fights.

These are just a few of the many fish species you can catch while spearfishing in Florida. Remember to always check local regulations and obtain the necessary licenses before going spearfishing in Florida.

Best Time of Day and Year for Spearfishing in Florida

The best time of day and year for spearfishing in Florida can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the species of fish you are targeting and the specific location you are fishing in.

1. Snapper

  • Best Time of Day: Early morning or late afternoon
  • Best Time of Year: Summer months (June-August)

2. Grouper

  • Best Time of Day: Early morning or late afternoon
  • Best Time of Year: Year-round, but peak season is typically January to May

3. Mahi-Mahi

  • Best Time of Day: Early morning or late afternoon
  • Best Time of Year: Spring and fall (April-June and September-November)

4. Hogfish

  • Best Time of Day: Early morning or late afternoon
  • Best Time of Year: Year-round, but peak season is typically March to July

5. Tuna

  • Best Time of Day: Early morning or late afternoon
  • Best Time of Year: Spring and fall (April-June and September-November)

It’s worth noting that these are just general guidelines, and the best time to target these fish can vary based on factors such as weather conditions and water temperature.

Spearfishing Wrecks and Reefs In The Florida Keys

Best Spearfishing Gear for Florida

Spearfishing is an exhilarating sport that requires specialized gear to ensure your safety and success. Here are some of the best spearfishing gear options for Florida:

  1. Wetsuit: Florida’s waters can be warm year-round, but a wetsuit is still recommended to protect against jellyfish stings, sunburn, and scrapes. Look for a wetsuit that is comfortable and flexible, allowing for a full range of motion while swimming and diving.
  2. Mask and Snorkel: A good mask and snorkel are essential for spearfishing, as they allow you to see underwater and stay submerged for longer periods of time. Look for a mask that fits snugly and has a wide field of vision, and a snorkel that is comfortable to use and allows for easy breathing.
  3. Fins: Fins are an important piece of spearfishing gear, as they allow you to swim more efficiently and cover greater distances underwater. Look for fins that fit well and are comfortable to wear, with a design that suits your diving style.
  4. Speargun: The speargun is the primary tool used for spearfishing, allowing you to shoot and capture fish from a distance. Look for a speargun that is powerful enough to penetrate the water and has a comfortable grip and trigger.
  5. Dive Knife: A dive knife is an essential safety tool for spearfishing, allowing you to cut yourself free from entanglements or to defend yourself against aggressive fish. Look for a dive knife that is sharp, durable, and easily accessible.
  6. Dive Float and Flag: A dive float and flag are important safety gear for spearfishing, allowing boats to see your location in the water and preventing other divers from accidentally shooting in your direction.

These are just some of the essential gear options for spearfishing in Florida. It’s important to invest in quality gear and to take the time to become familiar with your equipment before heading out into the water.

Best Local Spearfishing Resources in Florida

If you’re looking to go spearfishing in Florida, there are a variety of resources available to help you plan your trip and stay safe. Here are some of the best local spearfishing resources in Florida:

  1. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC): The FWC is responsible for regulating fishing and hunting in Florida, including spearfishing. Their website offers information on licensing and regulations, as well as updates on fishing conditions and seasons.
  2. Local Dive Shops: Many local dive shops in Florida offer spearfishing gear rental and sales, as well as guided spearfishing trips and classes. They can also provide recommendations on the best local spots for spearfishing and share tips on staying safe in the water.
  3. Online Forums and Groups: There are many online forums and social media groups dedicated to spearfishing in Florida, where you can connect with other spearfishers, ask for advice, and share tips and stories. Some popular forums include Spearboard.com and Florida Sportsman.
  4. Fishing Charters: Fishing charters can be a great option for those new to spearfishing or unfamiliar with the local waters. Many fishing charters in Florida offer spearfishing trips led by experienced guides who can take you to the best spots and help you improve your technique.
  5. Spearfishing Clubs: There are a variety of spearfishing clubs and organizations throughout Florida, such as the Florida Skin Divers Association and the Southeast Florida Spearfishing Club. These clubs offer opportunities to connect with other spearfishers, participate in tournaments and events, and learn from experienced divers.

By utilizing these local spearfishing resources in Florida, you can ensure that you have a safe and successful spearfishing experience in the Sunshine State.

Grouper and Snapper Spearfishing In The Shallows at Florida Keys

Best Spearfishing Charters in Florida

If you’re looking for the best spearfishing charters in Florida, there are many options available throughout the state. Here are some of the top choices:

  1. Key West Extreme Adventures: Key West Extreme Adventures offers a variety of spearfishing charters in the Florida Keys, including half-day and full-day trips. Their experienced guides provide all necessary equipment and take you to the best spots for spearfishing in the area.
  2. Islamorada Fishing Source: Islamorada Fishing Source is another popular spearfishing charter company in the Florida Keys. They offer customized spearfishing charters for all skill levels, with knowledgeable guides and top-of-the-line gear.
  3. Florida Keys Reel Adventures: Florida Keys Reel Adventures offers a unique spearfishing charter experience, using freediving techniques to hunt for fish in the shallow waters of the Florida Keys. Their experienced guides provide all the necessary equipment and offer personalized instruction for beginners.
  4. Deep Blue Divers: Deep Blue Divers is located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale and offers spearfishing charters to some of the best spots in the area, including reefs, wrecks, and artificial reefs. Their experienced guides provide all necessary equipment and are committed to sustainable and responsible fishing practices.
  5. Naples Spearfishing: Naples Spearfishing offers spearfishing charters in the Naples area, with experienced guides and top-of-the-line equipment. They offer half-day and full-day trips and can customize the experience based on your skill level and preferences.

These are just a few of the many great spearfishing charter options available in Florida. When selecting a charter company, be sure to read reviews and research the company’s safety record and commitment to sustainable fishing practices.

Regulations and Licenses for Spearfishing in Florida

Spearfishing in Florida is regulated by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to ensure the sustainability of fish populations and the safety of spearfishers. Here are some of the regulations and licenses you need to know about:

  1. Saltwater Fishing License: In Florida, all spearfishers need a valid saltwater fishing license to participate in spearfishing. The license can be obtained online or at various retailers throughout the state.
  2. Gear Restrictions: Certain types of gear, such as powerheads and bang sticks, are prohibited for use in spearfishing in Florida. Be sure to check the FWC website for a complete list of gear restrictions before heading out.
  3. Size and Bag Limits: Florida has size and bag limits for many species of fish, which vary depending on the species and location. The FWC website provides a complete list of size and bag limits for both recreational and commercial spearfishing.
  4. Restricted Areas: Some areas in Florida may be restricted for spearfishing due to safety concerns or to protect sensitive habitats. Be sure to check for any restricted areas before heading out.
  5. Spearfishing Tournaments: If participating in a spearfishing tournament in Florida, be sure to check with the FWC to ensure that the tournament is licensed and follows all applicable regulations.

It is important to be aware of these regulations and licenses when spearfishing in Florida to ensure that you are fishing legally and sustainably.

Spearfishing the Florida Middle Grounds

Where to Stay While Spearfishing in Florida

Florida offers a wide variety of accommodation options for spearfishers, ranging from hotels to vacation rentals. Here are some options to consider when planning your trip:

  1. Beachfront Hotels: Many hotels in Florida are located directly on the beach, offering convenient access to the water for spearfishing. Some popular options include the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa in Destin, the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, and the Ocean Key Resort & Spa in Key West.
  2. Vacation Rentals: Florida has many vacation rental options available, ranging from condos to beach houses. Vacation rentals offer more space and privacy than hotels and may be a better option for larger groups. Some popular vacation rental websites to check out include VRBO and Airbnb.
  3. Fishing Lodges: If you’re looking for a more immersive fishing experience, consider staying at a fishing lodge. Many fishing lodges in Florida offer all-inclusive packages that include accommodations, meals, and fishing charters. Some popular options include Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys and River Palm Cottages & Fish Camp in Jensen Beach.
  4. Campgrounds: For a more rustic option, consider camping at one of Florida’s many campgrounds. Many campgrounds are located near bodies of water and offer easy access to prime spearfishing spots. Some popular options include Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine and Grayton Beach State Park in Santa Rosa Beach.

These are just a few options to consider when planning your stay in Florida while spearfishing. Be sure to research and compare different options to find the best fit for your needs and budget.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Spearfishing in Florida

Spearfishing in Florida can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it requires skill and preparation to be successful. Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your spearfishing game in Florida:

  1. Know Your Species: Before heading out, do some research on the species of fish you’re targeting. Learn about their behavior, preferred habitats, and feeding patterns to increase your chances of finding and catching them.
  2. Choose the Right Gear: Selecting the right gear is essential for successful spearfishing. Be sure to choose a speargun or pole spear that is appropriate for the size and species of fish you’re targeting. Also, consider using a wetsuit, weight belt, and other necessary safety gear.
  3. Practice Proper Technique: Proper technique is essential for accurate and effective spearfishing. Practice your aim and your diving techniques to improve your chances of catching your target species.
  4. Pay Attention to the Weather and Tides: Weather and tide conditions can greatly impact your success while spearfishing. Be sure to check the weather forecast and tide charts before heading out and plan your trip accordingly.
  5. Be Respectful of the Environment: As a spearfisher, it’s important to be respectful of the environment and the fish you’re targeting. Follow all local fishing regulations, avoid overfishing, and practice responsible fishing techniques to help preserve Florida’s marine ecosystems.
  6. Learn from Experienced Spearfishers: Consider taking a spearfishing class or going on a guided spearfishing trip to learn from experienced spearfishers. They can offer valuable tips and tricks and help you improve your technique.

By following these tips and tricks, you can increase your chances of a successful spearfishing trip in Florida

Spearfishing Snappers In Florida


In conclusion, Florida offers some of the best spearfishing opportunities in the world, with its abundant marine life, diverse habitats, and ideal weather conditions. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced spearfisher, Florida has something to offer for everyone. By following the tips and tricks for successful spearfishing in Florida and being respectful of the environment, you can have an unforgettable and rewarding experience while also preserving the state’s precious marine ecosystems. So pack your gear, plan your trip, and get ready to dive into the beautiful waters of Florida for an adventure of a lifetime!

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