Best Skateboard LED Lights

An excited boy playing with his skateboard at night, illuminated by bright fluorescent green LED lights attached to the underside of the skateboard, creating a stunning visual effect.
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Are you tired of ending your skateboarding sessions when the sun goes down? Do you want to add some style and flair to your board? Look no further than skateboard LED lights! Not only do they allow you to keep skating well into the night, but they also create a stunning visual effect. However, with so many options on the market, it can be challenging to choose the best ones for you. In this blog, we have done research and compiled a list of the top skateboard LED lights, along with in-depth reviews and recommendations. Upgrade your ride and illuminate your skateboarding experience today!

Stupidbright Mini Strap-on Skateboard LED Lights


Looking for a way to light up your skateboarding experience? Look no further than the Stupidbright Mini Strap-on Skateboard LED Lights! These high-quality, affordable lights are perfect for adding visibility and safety while skating. The universal mount fits skateboards and longboards of all sizes, and the three strapping sizes ensure a snug fit on almost anything. With 180-degree visibility, these lights are sure to keep you safe on all sides while skating. And with a water/shock-resistant design, you can ride worry-free knowing your lights will withstand any punishment. So grab a set of Stupidbright Mini Strap-on Skateboard LED Lights today and enjoy your next skateboarding adventure in safety and style!

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USB Rechargeable Skateboard LED Lights

NP Night Provision

These nifty little lights attach to your skateboard and make you more visible at night – perfect for those who love to shred after the sun goes down! The bright COB LED delivers a powerful 210 lumens, ensuring that you’ll be easily seen by drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists. And with the adjustable lighting angle, you can be sure that your light is pointing in the right direction. Plus, the rubber strap mount kit fits on any board truck, so they’re compatible with a variety of different setups. Recharging is easy too – just connect them to any USB port. Stay safe while skating into the night with these awesome skateboard LED lights!

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Board Blazers Skateboard LED Lights with Underglow Effects

Board Blazers

Want to add some flamboyance and energy to your skateboard or longboard experience? Look no further than Board Blazers LED lights! These easy-to-attach lights create stunning underglow effects that will make you stand out while skateboarding at night. Plus, they're perfect for adding an extra level of safety when cruising around in the dark. So whether you're a beginner just starting out or a pro looking to up your game, Board Blazers LED lights are a must-have accessory for your skateboard or longboard!

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USB Rechargeable Front and Rear Skateboard LED Lights

NP Night Provision

Looking for a cool accessory for your skateboard that will keep you safe during the day and night? Look no further than Skateboard LED Lights! These lights are USB rechargeable, water, and shock-proof, and come in a slim, lightweight design that is easy to install. With a 6-hour run-time, you'll be able to skate all day and night without worry. So don't wait any longer, pick up a set of Skateboard LED Lights today!

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USB Rechargeable Ultra Bright Waterproof Skateboard LED LIghts


Bring some excitement to your night-time skateboarding with these bright and colorful Skateboard LED lights! They're USB rechargeable, waterproof and fun to use, giving you hours of enjoyment. So strap them on and light up the night!

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Shredlights USB Rechargeable Waterproof Skateboard LED Lights


Shredlights Skateboard LED Lights are an easy and fun way to increase rider visibility and safety while skating at night. These lights are perfect for any skating situation with 6 different modes and 15 hours of battery life. They easily attach to any skateboard, longboard, or electric skateboard and can be removed just as easily for USB charging. Whether skating in the park or on the street, make sure you're visible with Shredlights.

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Underglow Longboard and Skateboard LED Lights


Introducing the Underglow Longboard and Skateboard LED Lights! Light up your ride with KLIFF's best-selling Board Lights. Enjoy the freedom to choose between 13 colors and 4 patterns to light up your ride, your way! Attract attention and compliments everywhere you go! Safety first - Front and backlights leave you vulnerable from the sides, but with KLIFF Board Lights, you'll gain visibility from all directions. Your ride will stand out - guaranteed! For even more flashiness, use the "Fade" pattern and set the speed to max! Installation is fast and easy - these lights come with 4 sets of seriously strong industrial-grade hook and loop tape. So don't wait. Add some flair to your ride with the KLIFF Underglow Longboard and Skateboard LED Lights!

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Deleven Mini Cruiser Skateboard with LED Wheel Lights for Kids


With Deleven Mini Cruiser Skateboard with LED Wheel Lights for Kids, your child can have a blast skating around in style! The bright LED wheel lights will make them stand out and the wide selection of colors means they can find the perfect board to express their unique personality. Made by professionals with high precision bearings and Deleven PowerTrucks, this skateboard is sturdy, durable, and safe - perfect for cruising around town or at the skate park. Plus, the included T-Style Skateboard Tool makes it easy to keep their board in great condition. Give the gift that makes them go WOW with this Deleven Mini Cruiser Skateboard with LED Wheel Lights for Kids!

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Merkapa Plastic Skateboard with LED Wheels for Beginners


If you're looking for a beginner skateboard that's stylish and fun, the Merkapa Plastic Skateboard is a perfect choice. Featuring LED wheels that light up while you ride, this board is sure to turn heads. The soft PU wheels and ABEC-7 bearings provide a smooth and comfortable ride, while the shock absorption and grip make it easy to master new skills. Whether you're just starting out or looking to become a local legend, the Merkapa Plastic Skateboard is the perfect option for beginners.

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Wooden Skateboards with Colorful Flashing LED Lighted Wheels for Beginners


Check out these flashy new wooden skateboards with colorful flashing LED-lighted wheels - perfect for beginners! These premium quality boards are made from 9-ply Canadian Maple wood, which is strong and durable enough to support riders up to 220lbs. They're also equipped with heavy-duty aluminum alloy trucks, making them reliable and sturdy. Plus, the PU flashing wheels are great for all kinds of tricks and cruising on different surfaces. So whether you're shredding the half-pipe or carving up the sidewalk, these boards are sure to give you a smooth ride. So what are you waiting for? Get your new skateboard with LED lights today!

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Skateboard LED Wheel Lights


In search of a cool way to light up your skating experience – Skateboard LED Wheel Lights! These colorful and dazzling lights come on automatically when the wheels are spinning, so the faster you skate, the brighter they get! Made of 78A hardness material for good durability and super grip, these lights are perfect for both outdoor and indoor skating. With high-speed rotating bearing and designed with an exclusive anti-stick compound, they offer a smooth and fast sliding experience. So don't miss out – grab a set of Skateboard LED Wheel Lights and light up your ride today!

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