Best Portable Disc Golf Baskets

Close up of Portable Disc Golf Basket with male in the background throwing a yellow golf disc
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A portable disc golf basket will up your game and make you the hero among your friends. If you are looking for an affordable way to get into disc golf or just want something new and exciting, look no further than a portable disc golf basket! Disk baskets made with metal are always easier to travel with. And best of all – they come at an incredible price point that makes them accessible to everyone. If that wasn’t enough, most will fold up for travel as well. It’s a great investment into a great sport that more people should play!

Dynamic Discs Scout Portable Disc Golf Basket


Dynamic Discs

Dynamic Disc's disc golf basket is foldable, making it extra easy to transport and store. Moreover, its made from high-quality materials that ensure its durability and long-term stability. And with a sturdy design, you won't have to worry about it moving or shaking in the wind. This basket's smaller size and foldable nature make this a top pick for those who live in smaller houses or those who don't want a disk basket in their yard year-round.

  • Sturdy
  • Quick setup
  • Durable
  • Tighten chain links over time as they loosen
Key Features:
  • Foldable design
  • 16 Chain
  • 55" tall
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03/06/2024 03:59 am GMT

MVP Black Hole Pro Disc Golf Basket



The MVP 24 Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket is a great option for recreational disc golf players. MVP's portable design makes it easy to set up and transport to different courses, and the durable materials allow it to withstand tough weather conditions. Furthermore, the 24-chain design also ensures accurate and consistent shots. The basket comes with a disc basket for easy storage and retrieval of discs, which is a convenient feature. Assembly may be required before use, but overall the basket is easy to put together.

  • Fast setup
  • Durable metal construction
  • Quality built
  • Can rust if left outside
Key Features:
  • 24 Chain
  • All metal construction
  • PDGA approved
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03/08/2024 04:03 am GMT

Franklin Sports Disc Golf Basket



Franklins portable disc golf basket is the perfect way to play disc golf anywhere. It’s lightweight and portable, so it can be set up in seconds and taken down just as quickly. This makes it easy to take with you on camping trips or family outings where there are plenty of places to play. Plus, its simple design means that even beginners will have no trouble setting this basket up correctly every time. And with two different chain options – steel or plastic – there’s something for everyone with this kit.

  • Whole set included with frisbee
  • Great price point
  • Quality materials
  • Can sway in the wind
Key Features:
  • Carry bag
  • 63" tall
  • PDGA approved
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03/08/2024 01:55 am GMT

Dynamic Discs Recruit Lite Disc Golf Target


Dynamic Discs

Are you exhausted from carrying your heavy disc golf basket around? If so, this lightweight and portable Dynamic Discs disc golf basket should be at the top of your list. It's designed to be ultra-lightweight, making it perfect for travel, whether you're camping, tailgating, or playing in your own backyard! The best thing about it is that it only takes one minute to set up!

  • No tools needed to assemble
  • PDGA basket specifications
  • Heavy duty
  • Inside packaging is disorganized
Key Features:
  • 24 Chain
  • 1 Minute assembly
  • All metal construction
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03/08/2024 01:54 am GMT

Remix Double Chain Basket for Disc Golf



Remix disc golf is a great choice for disc golfers who need a reliable and durable goal. Its 24-chain design provides a 360-degree catching area. Plus, its unique shape makes for a faster setup than traditional baskets. All parts are made from metal, so you can rest assured that quality won't be an issue with this product.

  • Easy assembly
  • PDGA regulated
  • On the heavier side
Key Features:
  • 24 Chain
  • 26 LBS
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03/08/2024 03:44 am GMT

24 Disc Golf Basket with 3 Discs

Crown Me

The Crown Me basket is the perfect choice for any disc golf player. It features a heavy-duty, powder-coated steel basket that's built to last and can withstand any impact without bending or warping. This basket is incredibly easy to set up and take down - with just a few simple snaps and clicks, you can have the whole thing ready in no time. Furthermore, the portability makes it great for taking on trips since it can be quickly put away when you're finished.

  • Portable
  • Easy setup
  • Solid
  • Paint can fade long term
Key Features:
  • 24 Chain
  • Included 3 frisbee
  • Galvanized chains
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Buyers Guide

If you’re in the market for a portable disc golf basket, there are several factors to consider before making your purchase. Here are some key features to look for when choosing the best portable disc golf basket:

  1. Portability: As the name suggests, portability is one of the most important features of a portable disc golf basket. Look for a basket that is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. Many models come with carrying cases or straps to make transportation even easier.
  2. Stability: A stable basket is essential for an enjoyable disc golf experience. Look for baskets that have a sturdy base and solid construction to prevent tipping or wobbling during play.
  3. Durability: A high-quality portable disc golf basket should be made from durable materials that can withstand frequent use and exposure to the elements. Look for baskets made from heavy-duty metal or PVC materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion.
  4. Basket Design: The design of the basket can also impact your disc golf game. Look for a basket with a shallow basket depth and a sturdy chain system to catch and hold the disc.
  5. Price: Portable disc golf baskets can range in price from under $100 to over $500. Consider your budget and the features you want in a basket when making your purchase.

By considering these key factors, you can choose a portable disc golf basket that will provide you with years of enjoyment on the course.

Types of Portable Disc Golf Baskets

When it comes to portable disc golf baskets, there are several different types available to choose from. Each type has its own unique features and benefits, so it’s important to consider your needs and preferences when selecting a basket. Here are some of the most common types of portable disc golf baskets:

  1. Practice Baskets: Practice baskets are designed for use at home or in a backyard setting. They are often smaller and less expensive than other types of baskets, and they are ideal for players who want to work on their putting and short-range shots.
  2. Lightweight Baskets: Lightweight baskets are perfect for players who want to take their disc golf game on the go. They are designed to be easy to carry and transport, often weighing less than 20 pounds. These baskets are ideal for players who want to practice their disc golf skills at the park, beach, or other outdoor locations.
  3. Tournament Baskets: Tournament baskets are designed to meet professional-level specifications for disc golf tournaments. They are often made from heavy-duty materials and have sturdy construction to withstand frequent use and wear and tear. These baskets are ideal for serious players who want to compete at the highest level.
  4. All-Purpose Baskets: All-purpose baskets are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, from backyard practice to competitive play. They are designed to be durable and sturdy, and they often have adjustable height settings to accommodate players of different skill levels.

By understanding the different types of portable disc golf baskets available, you can choose the one that best meets your needs and fits your budget. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, there is a portable disc golf basket that is perfect for you.

Care and Maintenance

To ensure that your portable disc golf basket lasts as long as possible and performs at its best, it’s important to take proper care of it. Here are some tips for caring for and maintaining your portable disc golf basket:

  1. Keep it Clean: After each use, wipe down your basket with a damp cloth to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants. This will help prevent rust and corrosion from developing over time.
  2. Store it Properly: When not in use, store your portable disc golf basket in a dry, indoor location. If you must store it outdoors, cover it with a waterproof tarp or other protective covers to prevent water damage.
  3. Inspect it Regularly: Regularly inspect your basket for signs of wear and tear, such as bent or broken chains or other damage. Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage and ensure the basket continues to function properly.
  4. Lubricate Moving Parts: If your basket has moving parts, such as chain links or hinge mechanisms, lubricate them regularly to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation.
  5. Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Always follow the care and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer. These guidelines may include specific instructions for cleaning, maintenance, and storage.

By taking proper care of your portable disc golf basket, you can ensure that it lasts as long as possible and performs at its best. With regular cleaning and maintenance, your basket will be ready to use whenever you’re ready to hit the course!

Pros and Cons of Portable Disc Golf Baskets

Portable disc golf baskets are a popular choice for disc golf enthusiasts who want to enjoy the game wherever they go. Here are some of the pros and cons of using a portable disc golf basket:


  1. Convenience: Portable disc golf baskets are easy to transport and set up, allowing you to play disc golf in a variety of locations.
  2. Cost-effective: Portable disc golf baskets are often less expensive than permanent baskets, making them a great option for players on a budget.
  3. Versatility: Portable disc golf baskets can be used for a variety of purposes, from practice sessions at home to competitive play at the park.
  4. Easy to store: Portable disc golf baskets can be easily stored in a small space, making them ideal for players who don’t have a lot of room for equipment.


  1. Stability: Portable disc golf baskets can be less stable than permanent baskets, especially in windy conditions.
  2. Durability: Portable disc golf baskets may not be as durable as permanent baskets, and may require more frequent maintenance and repair.
  3. Limited features: Portable disc golf baskets may not have all the features of permanent baskets, such as multiple chain layers or a basket lock.
  4. Security concerns: Portable disc golf baskets may be at risk of theft or damage if left unattended in a public location.

By weighing the pros and cons of portable disc golf baskets, you can determine whether they are the right choice for you. Consider your budget, playing preferences, and storage options when making your decision.



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