Best Pool Backwash Hoses

A young man with pool backwash hose and skimmer smiling happily in front of his swimming pool
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Are you looking for a new pool backwash hose? Swimming pools are great for summertime activities and getting some exercise. However, it can be hard to keep the pool clean with all of the dirt and grime that tends to accumulate. Luckily there is a solution. A backwash hose removes debris from your pool by using an automatic pump system. Pool Backwash hoses are used in conjunction with filter pumps to remove debris from swimming pools without requiring manual cleaning. They work by sucking up water through one end while expelling dirty water at high pressure through the other end, leaving the pool clean and clear. We’ve researched the best pool backwash hoses on the market today so that we could help find the best one for you!

Extra Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Backwash Hose 50 FT


Looking for a durable, extra-heavy-duty swimming pool backwash hose? Look no further than GORILLA's Backwash Hose. Made of reinforced commercial-grade PVC, this hose is designed to fit over a standard-size filter outlet and withstand even the most strenuous use. So don't go another season struggling with a weak, flimsy hose - get yourself a GORILLA Backwash Hose and enjoy easy, hassle-free backwashing all season long! 

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Heavy Duty Reinforced PVC Lay Flat Discharge and Backwash Hose for Swimming Pools 100 FT


This heavy-duty reinforced PVC lay flat discharge and swimming pool backwash hose is perfect for pool owners that are looking for something durable to go with their pump. It easily fits on 1.5" standard pool pumps and filters and is made with heavy-duty material for long-lasting use. The hose is easy to roll up for storage, resistant to kinking and twisting, and resistant to UV, oil, grease, acids, and other chemicals. Plus, it's reinforced with 3-ply polyester yarn to prevent leaks and tears.

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Black Rhino Pool Backwash Hose Extra Heavy Duty Superior Strength 100 FT

U.S. Pool Supply

This Black Rhino Pool Backwash Hose is extra heavy-duty and superior in strength, with very thick walls that make it weather, chemical, and burst resistant. It's built with high tensile strength braided polyester fiber that's circularly woven to provide extra reinforcement from bursting. U.S. Pool Supply is a trusted worldwide company that has been in business for over 45 years.

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Heavy-Duty Swimming Pool Backwash Hose 50 FT


Do you need a heavy-duty swimming pool backwash hose? If so, this 50-foot option may be just what you're looking for. Perfect for use with in-ground and above-ground pool equipment. This flexible discharge hose is weather and chemical resistant, making it ideal for all your pool needs. Plus, it rolls up flat for easy storage when not in use.

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Heavy Duty Pool Backwash Hose 50 FT


Looking for a durable and reliable pool backwash hose? Look no further than our Heavy Duty Pool Backwash Hose! This hose is made from heavy-duty vinyl and is resistant to weather and chemicals, making it perfect for regular use. It's 2in. in diameter, making it compatible with standard filter coupling. Plus, it folds flat for easy storage when rolled up.

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