7 Popular Life Jackets for Kids

Looking for the best life jacket for kids? As a parent, you want to ensure that your kids are safe. One way to do this is by investing in the best life jackets for children! It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for kids PFDs, kids inflatable life jackets, or something else, the following models will all work great. The breathable mesh material makes you feel more cool and breathable, quickly adjustable belt, adjustable straps. Made with reflective strips for increased visibility of the child on water. This blog post provides an overview of popular brands and styles to help you make the best decision.

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Oceans7 US Coast Guard Approved Youth Life Jacket



The USCG Approved Youth Life Jacket is a quality life jacket perfects for anyone on the beach this summer. It comes in many sizes and has been approved by the US Coast Guard, guaranteeing its durability and safety features. The Oceans7 USCG Approved Youth Life Jacket will protect your child as they cannonball into the water or make their first kayak expedition!

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STEARNS Life Jacket for Kids 50-90 lbs. US Coast Guard Approved



This US Coast Guard approved life jacket protects children in or near the water. The Stearns Youth Classic Series Life Vest features an open-sided design for extra breathability and more freedom while swimming, boating, tubing, or just playing around in the water. This durable life vest is specifically designed to fit kids 50 - 90 lbs., is made of nylon with PE flotation foam tubes included inside for safety against sinking, with 3 adjustable buckles for added security. Your child deserves everything they need - including proper protection! Keep your little one safe on the water today by ordering this top-of-the-line lifesaver!

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STEARNS Classic US Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket for Kids 30-50 lbs.



US Coast Guard approved and designed for children up to 50 pounds, the Stearns Child Classic Series life vest is specially fitted for young ones on their boat or beach day with their family. Whether they're boating, tubing, or skiing in the water, this durable nylon shell will help your child stay afloat while out having fun. It's not only coast guard approved but has 3 adjustable buckles to get a secure fit sizewise - even adjusting at the leg strap! With 3 buckle closures, it's perfect if your child fluctuates weight, giving you one that fits them best before they end up getting old enough to be out on their own adventures. So save yourself from worrying about the safety of your little one when playing sports on the open water

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SportsStuff Child Life Jacket 30-50 Pounds USCG Approved Type III



The SportsStuff Life Jacket Fits children 30-50 pounds is strong and reliable just like your kids! Made with tough, professional-grade materials, the life jacket guarantees to stay in place during plane rides or daily trips on the boat. The three sturdy belts provide peace of mind for parents while their little ones are getting tired from too much fun in the sun. Plus it's USCG Approved Type III so you know when they're wearing this hot safety gear there are no worries about them drowning!

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Hardcore Water Sports Life Jacket Vests for Kids USCG Approved


Hardcore Water Sports Life

This rugged yet trustworthy vest protects little ones from everything from swimming to tubing. With the USCG certification, you know your kids are safe and comfortable on any water sports outing. The soft padding means they will want to wear their vest all over the shoreline (even if they aren't feeling like doing what you've planned), while the VMP guarantees a perfect fit every time!

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Stohlquist Kids PFD Life Jacket 50-90 lbs Coast Guard Approved



No kid should be left behind. Whether a boater or a paddler, the Stohlquist Kids PFD Coast Guard approved Life Jacket fits snugly and securely on little swimmers from 50-90 lbs so they can enjoy being active around the water. The sculpted foam sections help keep this economy life jacket comfortable as it has larger armholes to give more flexibility for movement. The adjustable straps create a better fit with less ride up, and chest straps reduce bulkiness under your child's arms by sitting flat against their chest without overlapping into their armpits like traditional designs can do. Kid's PFDs offer safety and comfort for all kids who love the water!

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MoKo Life Jackets for Kids



MoKo Life Jackets for Kids is designed to help first-time swimmers feel confident in the water. This life jacket features adjustable straps and easy entry with a secure zipper, so it's perfect for the comfort of your little one. As she paddles around the pool, swims in the lake, or walks down to play by the shoreline, this life vest will allow freedom of movement, so she can enjoy endless hours of recreation. The MoKo Life Jacket for Kids also comes in various bright colors and fun styles that are both rugged and waterproof!

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