10 Best Kayak Paddle Holders

Are you looking for a kayak paddle holder? Owning a kayak is a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. One thing that can make kayaking easier and more enjoyable is finding kayak paddle holders. These holders keep your paddles safe and within reach, so you don’t have to worry about losing them or having them get in the way, and it will also free up your hands so that you can do other things. So if you’re in the market for a new kayak paddle holder, then read on to learn about the best ones on the market.

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YakAttack DoubleHeader with Dual RotoGrip Kayak Paddle Holders


The YakAttack DoubleHeader with Dual RotoGrip Kayak Paddle Holders is a great addition to any kayaker's gear. Included are two different track disks, designed to provide a snug fit in either the standard YakAttack GearTrac or the wider opening of the Top Loading family of GearTrac. This paddle holder can be attached to any kayak with a single point of attachment, and no drilling is required!

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Housedeco Kayak Paddle Holder



If you're searching for a basic set of kayak paddle holders, this one would do just fine. Including everything you need to install, as well as being a pair, you can install one on each side. These are the most basic paddle clips, and the most popular. It will fit most kayaks without a problem and are durable plastic. In addition to a paddle, it can also hold a net handle, for those who kayak fish or want to bring a net along.

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02/03/2023 12:11 am GMT

RAILBLAZA Track Mounted No Drill Kayak Paddle Holder



If your kayak comes with an accessory rail, or you plan on adding one, then this trailblazer track-mounted no drill kayak paddle holder would be a fantastic addition. Featuring a side offset design, which keeps your paddle to the side and out of the way. It fits most paddles and is a breeze to install. In addition to being track-mounted, you can opt for a direct-to-kayak installation also.

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02/04/2023 01:01 am GMT

YakAttack RotoGrip Track Mount No Drill Kayak Paddle Holder


Keep your kayak paddle safe and secure while you're out on the open water with the YakAttack RotoGrip track mount no drill kayak paddle holder. This holder easily installs onto your kayak's track system without any drilling, and it grips the paddle shaft securely to keep it in place. Whether you're cruising along at a leisurely pace or navigating through rapids, you can rest assured that your kayak paddle will be right where you need it.

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YakAttack PadLoc Paddle Holder



This is a hybrid kayak paddle holder; it incorporates most stock kayaks stretch bungee holders, and adds a paddle cradle. With this clever design, you get a tighter and more secure fit, but your paddle has that added bungee to make sure your paddle will not pop out by accident. Included, is mounting hardware. Fits standard-sized diameter kayak paddles.

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02/03/2023 01:15 am GMT

Brocraft Kayak Track Mount Kayak Paddle Holder Clip


Looking for a way to store your kayak paddle? Look no further than the Brocraft Kayak track mount kayak paddle holder. This clip is made of rubber and high-strength composite, and it fits most standard shafts. It's designed specifically to fit GearTrac, SlideTrax, and the common T-Track track systems. So whether you're hitting the open water or just taking a leisurely cruise around the lake, make sure your kayak paddle is always within reach with the Brocraft kayak no drill track mount kayak paddle holder clip!

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Brocraft Deck Mount Kayak Paddle Holder



When looking for a sturdy kayak paddle holder, one of the designs that seem to hold the most secure is the wheel. With Brocraft they give you multiple mounting options, for those that already have rails on their kayak, but you can also get the deck mounted screw in as well, which is what we recommend. Having the paddle secure and mounted directly to the deck makes such a strong connection, there's no room for flex, especially while in rougher water, or attempting to dismount in waves for a beach launch.

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02/04/2023 01:02 am GMT

Pelican Kayak Paddle Holder Clip


This Pelican kayak paddle holder clip is perfect for keeping your paddle safe and secure while you're not using it. It easily installs on the watercraft or on a mounting track and comes with all the mounting hardware you need. Keep your peace of mind knowing that your paddle is right where you left it, with the Pelican kayak paddle holder clip.

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Kayak Paddle Holder Bungee


This kayak paddle holder bungee is perfect for keeping your paddles safe and secure while you're on the water. The stretchy cord keeps them snugly in place, while the handy hooks make it easy to attach and detach them when you need them. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, this kayak paddle holder bungee is a must-have accessory.

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Yakclips Clip-On Kayak Paddle Holder


Yakclips Clip-On Kayak Paddle Holder is the perfect kayaking accessory! These paddle clips are easy for anyone to install and do not require any drilling or tools, so you can spend more time on the water and less time fumbling with screws and drills. Plus, you don’t have to worry about putting holes in your expensive canoe or kayak. Simply clip it on in as little as 2 seconds and enjoy the convenience and security of a snap-on no drill kayak paddle holder on your next fishing trip.

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