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If you are looking for a hat with neck flap that will protect your head, face, ears, and neck from the harmful rays of the sun then these are the perfect options for you. When you are outdoors, you will be exposed to the sun and its harmful UV rays. A hat with neck flap is one way that you can protect yourself from the sun’s rays without having to wear sunscreen on your face or neck. A lightweight hat with a neck flap is perfect for wearing on any outdoor adventure because it will keep your head cool while still protecting your neck from burning under direct sunlight. You can also choose from a variety of colors and styles to find one that matches your personal style!

Boonie Hat With Neck Flap and Face Covering for Men or Women


This sun hat with removable neck flap and face covering is perfect for protecting your face and neck from harmful rays. The built-in sweatband will keep the hat in place during windy days while the two-side mesh vent helps to keep you cool and comfortable. Built with water-repellent polyester material, this hat can be worn outdoors without worry even when it gets dusty or if there are mosquitoes around! The foldable design also ensures that you'll always have protection with you when it's needed most. There is a wide variety of colors to choose from for both men and women.

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Baseball Style Sun Hat with Neck Flap and Face Mask UPF 50+ for Men or Women


Don't let the summer sun keep you inside. The UPF 50+ sun hat with removable neck flap and face mask will protect you from UV rays so that there's no need to stop enjoying your activities or turn back now on your outdoor adventures. With a mesh breathable face mask and neck flap, your skin will keep cool while protecting you from harmful UV rays. It also features a windproof strap that is perfect for keeping it in place on those breezy days.

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Wide Brim Safari Hat With Neck Flap UPF 50+ Sun Protection Hats for Women and Men


You'll be stylish and protect your face with the wide brim safari hat with neck flap. Keep your head cool because this hat has mesh side vents for maximum airflow. Stay safe from UV rays because it provides UPF 50+ sun protection. It's made of 100% premium nylon, lightweight, waterproof, quick-dry fabric that can survive all types of weather conditions. The perfect hat for all your outdoor activities. Comes in an array of colors for men or women.

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Wide Brim Sun Hat with Neck Flap and Face Mask UV Protection Ponytail Hole for Women


Go ahead and take this sun hat with neck flap and face mask on all of your summer adventures! Not only is the neck and face mask removable but this sun hat is offers and foldable lightweight design for easy convenient carry. With its UPF 50+ rating, this wide brim sun hat is perfect for staying safe in the heat and protecting your face from harmful UV rays. A ponytail hole right in the back makes this wide brim stylish sun hat perfect for girls with long hair. Not only is it functional but also available in a range of colors to suit every personality!

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Safari Sun Hat With Neck Flap UPF 50+ Kids Boys or Girls

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The kid-sized safari sun hat with neck flap is a classic for keeping your child's head and face safe from the hot sun. This wide brim hat offers UPF 50+ UV protection for the Sun harmful rays, while the lightweight mesh vents provide cooling airflow. It also features an adjustable drawcord for easy sizing and a detachable chin strap and neck flap to ensure comfort all day long.

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Mesh Sun Hat With Neck Flap Wide Brim UPF50+ for Men or Women

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Are you looking for a new hat with a neck flap to wear while outdoors? This wide brim hat with neck flap and UPF50+ UV protection is an excellent value without sacrificing comfort or style. It’s lightweight and breathable mesh, so it won’t weigh you down as you enjoy your favorite activities. Plus it comes with an adjustable chin strap, moisture-wicking sweatband, and stow-away neck flap. It comes in many different colors so there is one that fits your style perfectly.

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Safari Hat With Neck Flap for Men or Women

Sun Cube

This safari hat with neck flap is a must-have for anyone who loves to be outside but doesn't want their head and neck exposed to the harmful UV rays. This wide brim hat offers UPF 50+ protection and features an adjustable chin strap, moister-wicking sweatband with moisture repellent fabric that protects your skin from excess perspiration. Take along this lightweight hat on any adventure you go on - it folds up compactly and stows anywhere!

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Wide Brim Sun Hat With Neck Flap and Face Mask


This hat with neck flap and face mask shields you from the sun's intense rays. With 360° protection, this wide-brimmed hat offers a breathable design with ventilation where you need it most. With detachable flaps and an adjustable chin strap, it is adjusted to fit a wide variety of needs and levels of comfort. The fabric is lightweight but sturdy against tough conditions - water-resistant nylon ensures that this hat is tough enough for any adventure.

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Wide Brim Sun Hats with Neck Flap UV Protection Mesh for Men or Women


Dress up your head in style with this casual sun hat with neck flap. The mesh side panels allow ventilation, so you can keep cool, even on the hottest days! Designed to fit most men and women comfortably, this versatile wide-brimmed hat will be your go-to go-anywhere accessory, fully protected against UV rays with UPF 50+. It's lightweight and packable for any adventure you're headed on.

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Boonie Sun Hat With Neck Flap UV Protection Mesh for Men or Women


This boonie sun hat with neck flap is the perfect accessory for a day spent outdoors. With UPF 50 protection an elastic drawcord for the perfect fit, this sun hat has everything you need. It uses lightweight material with vented mesh on the sides to help keep you cool all day long. A moisture-wicking headband is provided for extra comfort too! One size fits most adults - men or women.

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