7 Best Golf Umbrellas

With the rain falling hard, you need a golf umbrella that will keep you dry. Our list of favorites includes large oversized 54″ 62″ 68″ and even 72″ double canopy windproof UV-protected stylish umbrellas that are perfect for anyone who wants to stay dry and look good doing it. These high-quality umbrellas will keep you dry in any weather condition, whether it’s a light drizzle or heavy downpour. The strong fiberglass ribs and steel shafts make these umbrellas durable enough to last through even the toughest storms. Plus they come in tons of different colors and sizes to match your style.

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Callaway Double Canopy Golf Umbrella 68 Inch



The Callaway Double Canopy Golf Umbrella is designed to withstand heavy winds and sudden downpours, with a lightweight fiberglass shaft and UV 50+ protection. An ergonomic non-slip molded handle makes carrying easy in all sorts of weather. The automatic push button open provides instant canopy coverage that keeps you dry in a split second. Ventilation holes for wind pass-through keep the umbrella from turning inside out in high gusts, making it ideal in any situation avid golfers may face. It has a sleek Callaway logo on top as well as a gorgeous color scheme.

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Titleist Double Canopy Golf Umbrella 68 Inch



Titleist is the golf ball company with a legacy that entitles them to have some say in how you'll play your game. The new umbrella provides coverage for two people that are seeking comfort after being caught in a sudden and merciless rainstorm, or simply looking to preserve their reputation when it's really sunny out! That's all thanks to the double canopy gold umbrella and proprietary handle system which work together harmoniously to provide an unmatched level of protection from both rain and sunlight.

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Automatic Open Oversize Golf Umbrella Vented Double Canopy Windproof Fiberglass Frame 54/62/68 Inch



This automatic open oversize golf umbrella with a vented double canopy for windproof protection and a strong flexible fiberglass frame to avoid breakage is the ultimate golf umbrella. It comes in various sizes 54 inch/62 inch/68 inch and colors to suit your style. Made of water-resistant lightweight silk-derived material with UV SPF 50+ protection, this umbrella will protect you from harsh weather such as heavy winds and rain due to its windproof domes that allow for venting. The automatic open button makes it easy to quickly access your protection anywhere at any time; never settling for anything less than convenience and comfort!

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Large Golf Umbrella Windproof Double Canopy Automatic Open Fiberglass Frame 58/62/68 Inch



Your best-golfing buddy, this large umbrella will keep you stay dry and out of the wind. This oversized size golf is umbrella is easy to use. It opens automatically to 58/62/68 inches and comes in a multitude of colors. The 190T pongee fabric is lightweight and water-resistant while still offering SPF 50+ UV protection. The double canopy for added protection from wind and rain. Heavy-duty fiberglass shaft that is strong yet flexible to avoid breaking. Order one today to stay protected in style, You'll love it!

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Extra Large Oversized Golf Umbrella Double Canopy Vented Windproof Automatic Open 62/68/72 Inch



This Oversized Golf Umbrella Automatic features a 210T pongee fabric for water repellency, fiberglass to keep it sturdy and strong, and an oversized 72-inch canopy. The structure of the umbrella has two canopies so you can stay fully protected from even harsh winds and downpours! It is durable and lightweight enough not to slow you down. This ultra-large golf umbrella is perfect for playing 18 holes in tough weather conditions with minimal hassle.

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Golf Bag Umbrella for Club Protection Flex Umbrella



This golf bag umbrella is perfect to protect your clubs from the pouring rain while waiting for your turn. It has a water repellent 210T pongee fabric that will ensure that even when your golf clubs get wet, it won't rain on the inside of your bag which can lead to potential rusting of certain metals in your club heads. We love the flexible shaft can pivot at any angle so you have easy access to the club you need at any given time, and due to its telescopic shaft, it adjusts to 3 different lengths. Folds down for easy storage in the golf bag when not being used. With its ergonomic slip-proof rubberized handle this product looks great on the golf course.

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Foldable Golf Umbrella Auto Open/Close 210T Polyester Double Canopy Vented Windproof with Fiberglass Frame 54 Inch



Easy to carry, durable, and compact this foldable golf umbrella is your must-have for rainy days. This product has all the features of a typical large 54-inch golf umbrella; however, this one can be folded and is much lighter for easy and convenient transport. The vented windproof double canopy allows wind to pass through so it cannot flip or turn inside out. The premium Fiberglass and stainless steel frame system prevent rust and breaking. With its high-quality 210T Dupont fabric, foldable storage size, and ultralight fiberglass construction, this is the perfect accessory for any golfer!

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