5 Best Crawdad Traps

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Whether it’s for recreational or commercial purposes, the key to success is having reliable and effective crawdad traps. To make sure you’re getting the biggest haul possible, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best crawdad traps on the market today so you can take your catch from good to great! Sturdy construction and clever designs make these traps an essential addition for catching crawdads and minnows. So read on for more information about each option and start adding more crayfish to your cooler!

2 Pack Collapsible Crawdad Traps



The ieasky crawdad trap will help you to catch crawdads as well as a variety of baitfish without the hassle. Furthermore, the trap is made with durable material and designed so your intended target can easily slip through the front or back openings for maximum catch efficiency! It's great for camping, fishing, or that special day out with friends on the water. Lastly, it comes in packs of 2 traps that attach to each other as well as convenient zipper openings for easy entry to your catch.

  • Quite durable
  • Lightweight thanks to its nylon design
  • Easy to throw
  • Bait pouch attachment is a little weak
Key Features:
  • 2 Pack
  • Can be linked together
  • Made of nylon
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06/07/2023 02:28 am GMT

Collapsible Crawdad Trap



Drasry's trap is a convenient and effective tool that will help you catch crawdads easily in lakes, rivers, or ponds. What's nice is the easy open design, allowing you to retrieve crayfish effortlessly. The trap features a 0.16-inch steel wire mesh for durability and longevity, so you don't have to worry about rust. Furthermore, the trap also comes with two 32-foot ropes, 1 bait bag, and 1 waterproof carrying bag.

  • Comes with everything but bait
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Most likely will need to use zip ties in strategic spots over time to maintain integrity
Key Features:
  • 23.6in x 11.8in
  • Collapsible
  • Steel wire
  • 32 Feet of rope and bait bag
  • Carry bag
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06/06/2023 02:08 am GMT

Crawdad Trap



On the hunt for an ultra-high quality, durable crayfish trap? Check out Frabill's two-piece crawdad trap with a design that simplifies baiting and catch removal. Furthermore, the torpedo shape works in stronger currents or calm waters which is a bonus many would often not even think of. This specially designed crawdad trap includes a spring clip for tight closure, With an easy attachment point at the clip, it makes attaching rope and linking traps together a breeze.

  • Clip makes attachment to rope a breeze
  • High quality vinyl dipped steel
  • Fairly lightweight
  • Once the bait is gone it's fairly easy for crayfish to escape this trap
Key Features:
  • Torpedo shape design for strong currents
  • Vinyl dipped steel
  • 10" x 9.75" x 9"
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06/06/2023 02:41 am GMT

Portable Folding Mesh Trap



Goture's portable folding mesh trap is a must-have for any fisherman! With its 360° and double-decker design, this trap can easily capture crawfish, as well as smelt, crabs, lobsters, minnows, and shrimp. It also features a large zipper design that makes taking out your catch straightforward and fast. This lightweight and portable trap comes with steel wire supports that fold in when you press the button device - making it easy to store when not in use! You'll have no excuses to leave home with Goture's crawdad and minnow trap because it offers top-notch quality at an affordable price.

  • Affordable
  • Can catch quite a lot of crawdads at a time
  • Anyone can toss it
  • Check often as entrance holes are quite large and allow a spot for escape
Key Features:
  • Portable
  • Folding
  • Steel wire frame for strength
  • Mesh for lightweight factor
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06/06/2023 02:34 am GMT

Crawfish Trap Foldable 2 Pack



The Pudong crawdad trap that comes in a handy 2 pack is not only durable but also a high-quality trap that uses 8 solid steel bar brackets to keep the net robust. This trap has a special zipper design and you can easily bait it and remove fish, crab, lobster, and crawfish from the 93 * 93cm large fishing net featuring 8 holes. The product comes with 2 nylon ropes of 18 feet each for tying up the finished trap!

  • Lightweight mesh
  • Comes with rope
  • Easy toss
  • With so many openings it's difficult to retain crayfish as they will leave after the bait is gone
Key Features:
  • 2 Pack
  • Zippered design for easy removal and baiting
  • 8 entrances
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06/05/2023 02:09 am GMT



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