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Close up of crab beside a crab trap filled with out crabs
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There are many types of crab traps available, and the right one will be dependent on how you fish. If you’re a private boater, you’re better off with conical or square traps for easy stacking and space savings. Shore and pier anglers would use hoops and crab snares, while commercial crab fishermen use heavy-duty circle pots. Conical type pots have caught on in popularity with recreational fishermen for their sheer ease of use, and better footprint on the marine environment. Use this guide to learn about when looking for your next crab trap.

Danielson Crab Trap-24in x 24in x 13in Blue


The Danielson Crab Trap is a great option for anyone who loves fishing and catching crabs. It’s made from heavy-duty steel wire that will last for years of use. And it comes with a vinyl coating which makes it easy to clean after every use, all while preserving the steel! Plus, this trap has an effective design that will help you catch more crabs than ever before! It comes with a built-in rot-cord, should it get lost. It's legal for WA & OR use, but as always check your local regulations as they change constantly.

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Promar Heavy Duty Crab Pot with Complete Rigging


Are you a crabber who is in the market for some new crab traps? Promar traps are made from vinyl-coated steel and have 3 entrances, all while maintaining a heavy-duty design. These traps have to be tough for where they're going, getting slammed on decks, and dragged across the ocean floor is no easy task, but this Promar trap will do it with ease. One hundred feet of leaded rope with a float will ensure that your rope stays vertical to avoid tangling not only yourself but other boaters and marine life. This really is everything you need besides maybe some added weights if you're fishing waters with more current, and bait.

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KUFA Stainless steel wire crab trap (30"x10")


Do you want to catch crabs? Kufa's traps are made of stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance. The large latched top makes it easy to access the contents inside, and every joint is welded for a durable design that will last. You can use their crab trap in both saltwater and freshwater environments, so no matter where you’re fishing you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite hobby without any issues. The large latched top makes it easy to load your catch and the welds at every joint ensure the strongest hold possible. 

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Protoco Standard Crab Ring, Blue/Orange, 28 X 17-Inch


If you’re looking for a durable and reliable crab trap, look no further than Protoco. The steel frame is coated in an extremely durable blue polyethylene coating which makes them virtually indestructible. In addition, the wire mesh design allows water to flow through easily so when you pull your traps, the crabs all tumble to the bottom and cannot climb up. For hoops, a good way to prevent the trap from dragging along the bottom and not setting properly is to add 1" PVC pipe that is cut to the length of the trap, filled with sand, and then capped. Add them to the trap and zip tie them to the trap. This makes an inexpensive way to weigh down your traps and makes sure your traps don't land upside down.

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KUFA Sports Stainless Steel Frame Casting Crab Trap with 100' Rope


You can use these traps to catch blue crabs, stone crabs, and Dungeness crabs from shore! It’s easy to set up and will be ready for your first haul of delicious seafood in no time at all. Adding a few 1-ounce fishing weights with zip ties or heavy mono leader will allow you to cast this trap out farther if needed. Pick your choice of bait, add to a bait bag, and put it in the middle of the trap. Crab snaring is great fun and a way to get tasty crab right from the beach.

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Promar Folding Crab Trap, Black, 18" x 11"


Crabbing is a great way to spend time with family and friends. You can enjoy the outdoors, catch some crabs, and have fun! If you’re looking for a crab trap that will last you many years of use, then look no further than Promar. Their traps are made from durable stainless steel frames and poly netting that won’t tear or fray over time. These traps are built to withstand even the harshest ocean conditions so you can be sure they’ll work when it matters most.

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Danielson CSNR Crab Snare, Multi, Small


While it's not a trap in the traditional sense, it still catches crabs. This crab snare is crab fishing at its most basic form, Add a few ounce sinkers zip-tied to the bottom of the bait cage for more casting range. Once you have it baited and cast out, you will watch your rod tip for any movement. When you see it move, you will bring the rod back in a swift but gentle manner, tightening the snare, allowing it to wrap around the crab's claws and legs. This is extremely effective for surf casters and is perfect to also cast out, while you're waiting for your hoops to soak.

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