Rhode Island

Kayakers passing a rock outcropping in Rhode Island.

Best Kayaking in Rhode Island

Rhode Island, often referred to as the Ocean State, boasts a kayaking paradise like no other. With its diverse range of coastal and inland waterways,

The Beavertail Light lighthouse on Conanicut Island, Rhode Island viewed from the rocky coast

Best Beaches in Rhode Island

Rhode Island, the Ocean State, is renowned for its stunning coastline and beautiful beaches. From pristine sandy shores to rugged coastal landscapes, this small but

A rocky shoreline in Rhode Island on a sunny day. These small coves are great for spearfishermen to practice their shots.

Spearfishing in Rhode Island

Embark on an exciting underwater journey as we dive into the realm of spearfishing in Rhode Island. Situated along the captivating Atlantic coast, this picturesque

A fishing boat anchored in a Rhode Island bay on a sunny day.

Shark Fishing In Rhode Island

Rhode Island, also known as the Ocean State, is a prime destination for shark fishing enthusiasts. With its scenic coastline, diverse marine life, and abundance