Couple riding horseback on a prairie in Montana

Best Horseback Riding Trails in Montana

Montana’s vast and untamed landscapes are a haven for horseback riding enthusiasts, offering an unparalleled connection with nature. From the iconic Glacier National Park to

Outboard motor boat pulling a tuber on a lake in Montana.

Best Boating in Montana

For those seeking the best boating experiences amidst the pristine landscapes of Montana, look no further. Montana is a treasure trove of natural beauty, and

Kayaker floating in one of Montana's many lakes, inside a blue kayak.

Best Kayaking in Montana

Montana, often referred to as the “Treasure State,” is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, and kayaking here is nothing short of spectacular. With its rugged

Woman relaxing in canvas tipi on glamping trip in Glacier National Park, Montana

Best Glamping in Montana

Indulge in the ultimate blend of rugged wilderness and upscale comfort as we delve into the realm of Montana’s finest glamping destinations. If your idea

Hiker wearing backpack in Glacier National Park, Montana

Best Backpacking in Montana

Exploring the rugged wilderness, immersing ourselves in nature’s splendor, and embarking on epic adventures – this is what backpacking in Montana is all about. The

Beautiful humming bird against a Montana blue sky

Best Bird Watching in Montana

Embark on an awe-inspiring avian adventure as we delve into the diverse landscapes and magnificent wildlife of Montana, a birdwatching paradise nestled in the heart

A majestic Montana mountain towering above a serene lake in the foreground.

Best Fishing Lakes in Montana

Indulge in the angler’s ultimate delight as we unveil the crown jewels of Montana’s fishing landscape. Brace yourself for an immersive experience in nature’s aquatic