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An outdoor campsite scene featuring a compact and easy-to-carry camping table with a stove and cookware placed on top. A portable pop up dome tent can be seen in the background of the campsite.
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Are you looking for a new camping table? Here is our list of the best lightweight, portable and easy-to-use tables on the market today.  Many have high-quality aluminum or plastic designs that won’t rust or corrode in wet weather so you can use them all year long. They’re lightweight, easy to carry and set up. Whether you’re camping in your backyard or out in the wilderness, these tables will be perfect for all of your outdoor activities. It’s never been this easy to enjoy nature without sacrificing comfort or convenience along the way.

Height Adjustable Plastic Foldable Camping Table 48"x24"



Are you looking for a portable camping table that can be easily transported and used in any number of different scenarios? Look no further! the Lifetime height-adjustable table is perfect for camping, boating, tailgating, feeding the family of four at home. It quickly adjusts to your height and folds up easily for transporting. A sturdy and strong camping table, with a built-in carrying handle, so you can easily carry it wherever your camp life takes you!

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03/06/2024 01:02 am GMT

Portable Lightweight Aluminum Folding Camping Side Table



There’s no better way to set the mood while camping or backpacking than with a modern camping table that doesn't weigh you down. Made up of sturdy and lightweight aluminum and can be folded into the included carry bag. Whether you're at a campsite or in your backyard, this light, durable table has a waterproof aluminum surface that's easy to wipe clean and weather resistant - perfect for everything from dinner parties to card games.

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Lightweight Aluminum Folding Kitchen Camping Table and Cook Station


GCI Outdoor

This lightweight and foldable camping table is a great addition to any camp or home. The heat-resistant aluminum countertop and doubles as a cook station supporting up to 48 lbs. and provides enough space for any size stove. There are hooks for utensils, stem glass holders so you can hang wine glasses off of them too! With 4 fold-out side tables included in this kit, there isn’t a need for extra tables - just throw all your food prep tools and recipes onto one table and have everything you need within reach!

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Portable Lightweight Aluminum Folding Camp Table w/Carry Bag


This portable lightweight aluminum folding camp table is a must-have for the outdoorsy person. Whether you're walking to a favorite camping spot, enjoying a morning fishing adventure, or just setting up in your backyard to cook some s'mores around the fire pit with friends, this table will prove super helpful. The collapsible design makes it easy to assemble and take apart. When not needed so you can fold and store it in its own convenient carrying bag.

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Lightweight Portable Plastic Outdoor Folding Side Camping Table Weatherproof and Rust Resistant



Looking for a heavy-duty camping table that requires no maintenance and is easy to store? With this weatherproof, foldable side table, you'll never have a hard time enjoying a picnic with your family on those warm summer days! Collapsing flat to save space when not in use, this table assembles easily and quickly—and will last for years without splintering or rotting. Uniquely designed for you to have a sturdy surface wherever you go!

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Folding Camping Table Portable Adjustable Height Aluminum Frame with Fiberboard Top


The foldable adjustable aluminum camping table is perfect for bringing out the cook in you! Whether it’s a backyard bbq or tailgate party, this easy-to-carry lightweight portable folding table is just what the doctor ordered. The convenient carry handle saves your precious fishing poles from being broken and accommodates 70lbs of weight. With 1 minute setup time, you will be able to enjoy cooking with ease on this stable sturdy height adjustable height aluminum frame camp table.

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Portable Folding Camping Table Ultralight Aluminum with Storage Bag


Rock Cloud 

Enjoy your camping trips with our durable folding table. This lightweight camping table is highly portable, made of an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy that won't rust or corrode, and can easily go wherever you need it to go. It increases storage space by using a clever design of the adjustable storage bag that attaches snugly to the frame yet allows enough room for anything. What good is it to carry around a bulky folding camp table when you could bring this one? Setup couldn’t be easier—no tools required, even if your hands are full carrying gear, food, or drink!

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03/07/2024 02:03 am GMT

Outdoor Folding Portable Aluminum Picnic Camping Table Adjustable Height



This outdoor folding aluminum camping table with adjustable height is made to provide a sturdy, compact, and lightweight tabletop that can be set up in seconds. The aluminum legs allow the height of the picnic table to be adjusted 4 centimeters for uneven ground. With its strengths and stability comparable with many indoor kitchen tables, this is one of the most popular camping accessories available. The included carry bag makes the table extra compact to take on adventures for camping, hiking, or picnicking!

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Folding Aluminum Camping Grill Table Folds Down to Only 6 Inches



This folding aluminum camping grill table is the perfect size for you to take along with your camping essentials. No more awkwardly balancing an open pack of charcoal on top of a wobbly too-low table, or making do whipping up meals in the dirt. You'll have plenty of room for grilling utensils and other cooking gear, while additional hooks hold paper towels on the side. The lightweight aluminum tabletop folds down to 6-inches allowing it to be stored anywhere-- even in one of our handy carrying cases!

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Portable Lightweight Aluminum Folding Camping Table Adjustable Height



This Portable Lightweight Aluminum Folding Camping Table is made of high quality, durable material and it can be your perfect partner for your next outdoor cookout. Weighing only 7.4lbs, it’s easy to carry around and store in an included carry handle! A durable iron mesh top with a thicker aluminum alloy frame means this table will be sturdy enough for any grilling needs while beautifully complementing any patio setting. With its easy-to-operate frame and lightweight frame; you'll barely know it's there until it's time for food!

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