6 Best Boogie Boards

Boogie board leaning on rock at the beach
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It might seem a little confusing when picking your first boogie board. When searching for a boogie board, you want a wide body and good flotation. You will also want an ankle leash, to prevent you from losing your board as well. Some bodyboarders may also want to add small fins to their boogie boarding arsenal for more speed and agility.

Bo-Toys Body Board Lightweight with EPS Core



Featuring an EPS foam core, this boogie board will float high in the water while maintaining maneuverability and allowing you to glide wherever you please. Both sides are smooth for further agility and the perfect sized leash will prevent you from losing your board. Bottom line, a solid choice for your first boogie board, or as an upgrade to your current.

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12/04/2023 02:21 am GMT

Goplus Boogie Board W/Leash



With 3 sizes to choose from, Goplus's boogie boards will take your boarding to a whole new level. Featuring a dynamic design with extra high buoyancy, allowing you to float higher on the waves. The board is very lightweight, yet durable. Its water and impact resistance helps keep your board looking fresh and new, even after years of use.

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12/05/2023 01:46 am GMT

BPS 'Storm' Bodyboard



If you're in the market for a high-quality, extra durable boogie board, this is it. The storm is lightweight and agile, making turning and rolling a breeze. It also features rear channels and a crescent tail, making this boogie board even faster! The bottom is made of a highly durable, yet slick surface for extra glide. The quality and value are both there for this board.

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12/04/2023 01:17 am GMT

GYN Legendary Pro X Bodyboard



GYN made this heat-sealed boogie board, which makes it stronger and more durable than other production methods. Made for beginners, to intermediates, these boards will give you and your friends years of enjoyment, in style! With their lightweight board and agile construction, Gyn hit the mark, all while delivering such a great bodyboard at such a low price.

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12/04/2023 02:18 am GMT

48” Squid Inflatable Bodyboard


South Bay Board Co.

South Bay is a company that offers great customer service as well as producing awesome boards, like this Squid 48". Featuring a more unique design, using air instead of foam for floatation. It still uses hard PVC outside, so you won't have to worry about damaging it ever. This board can bend in half and it will pop right back to form; it's truly an amazing product that anyone can enjoy. In addition to flexibility, it has three handles for total board control.

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12/03/2023 02:45 am GMT

South Bay Board Co. - 42" Onda Bodyboard


South Bay Board Co.

This is the perfect beginner boogie board. It's a perfect shape for just learning and will also be a great loaner board for friends as well. The board features a square nose to stop nose dives, which is a huge plus. Using high-quality closed-cell foam, South Bay makes a great board at a fantastic price point.

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12/05/2023 03:27 am GMT



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