Best Walleye Fishing in Wisconsin

Large walleye with a lure hanging from its mouth
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Setting out on a walleye fishing adventure in Wisconsin unveils a captivating journey into some of the Midwest’s premier angling destinations. With a diverse array of lakes, rivers, and flowages, Wisconsin has solidified its reputation as a haven for walleye enthusiasts. Here, anglers can embrace both the thrill of the catch and the serene beauty of unspoiled natural landscapes. From the vast waters of Lake Winnebago to the meandering courses of the Mississippi River, each location presents a unique blend of challenges and rewards, catering to anglers of all skill levels. Embark on an angling experience that goes beyond the catch, weaving a tapestry of memories against the backdrop of Wisconsin’s unparalleled walleye fishing.

Lake Winnebago

Situated prominently in the heart of Wisconsin, Lake Winnebago stands as a premier destination for walleye fishing enthusiasts. With its vast expanse and a thriving walleye population, this lake offers anglers an exciting and diverse fishing experience. Whether you’re in search of trophy-sized catches, family-friendly shore fishing, or year-round angling opportunities, Lake Winnebago has it all. The lake’s vibrant community events and tournaments contribute to its status as a must-visit location for those seeking the thrill of walleye fishing in Wisconsin.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Lake Winnebago:

  • Abundant Population: Lake Winnebago is known for its healthy walleye population, providing anglers with ample opportunities to catch these prized fish.
  • Variety of Sizes: Anglers can find walleye of various sizes in Lake Winnebago, catering to both those seeking a trophy catch and those looking for a good meal.
  • Accessible Shore Fishing: The lake’s size and structure offer opportunities for both boat and shore fishing, making it accessible to a wide range of anglers.
  • Year Round Fishing: Lake Winnebago offers year-round walleye fishing opportunities, with different seasons providing unique challenges and rewards.
  • Community Events: The lake hosts various fishing tournaments and events, creating a vibrant angling community and adding to the overall fishing experience.

Recommended Gear: Baitcasting Reel, Braided Line, Flashlight, Hooks, Tackle Box, Fishing Net, Rod

Green Bay

Along Wisconsin’s eastern shoreline, the Bay of Green Bay emerges as a world-class haven for walleye fishing aficionados. Boasting exceptional walleye fisheries, Green Bay provides anglers with an unparalleled angling adventure. The bay’s expansive waters, rich in walleye, offer opportunities for both seasoned anglers and those new to the sport. With professional guides, diverse fish species, and the backdrop of stunning sunsets, Green Bay stands out as a top destination in the realm of Wisconsin walleye fishing.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Green Bay:

  • Angler’s Paradise: Green Bay is considered an angler’s paradise, with its expansive waters providing ample space for fishing enthusiasts to explore and enjoy.
  • Prime Spawning Grounds: The Bay of Green Bay serves as prime spawning grounds for walleye, attracting these fish in abundance during key periods, providing exciting opportunities for anglers.
  • Multi Species Destination: In addition to walleye, Green Bay is home to various other fish species, creating a diverse and engaging fishing experience for anglers with different interests.
  • Professional Guides: The area is known for experienced fishing guides who are familiar with the bay’s nuances, offering valuable insights and increasing the likelihood of a successful fishing outing.
  • Tournaments and Events: Green Bay hosts various walleye fishing tournaments and events, drawing anglers from around the region and contributing to the vibrant fishing community in the area.

Recommended Gear: Flashlight, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Pliers, Fishing Net, Tackle Box, Large Reel

Lake Wisconsin

In the shadow of Wisconsin’s iconic Dells, Lake Wisconsin beckons anglers to its shores with the promise of excellent walleye fishing against a backdrop of scenic beauty. This lake, known for its unique charm and abundant walleye population, offers a perfect blend of fishing excitement and natural serenity. Whether you prefer casting from the shore, exploring the lake’s various access points, or navigating its waters by boat, Lake Wisconsin is a versatile destination that caters to anglers of all preferences. With consistent walleye catches and nearby amenities, it’s a place where fishing enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the thrill of the chase while surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Lake Wisconsin:

  • Scenic Beauty: Nestled near the Wisconsin Dells, Lake Wisconsin offers anglers the chance to fish in a picturesque setting, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Family Friendly: The lake provides a family-friendly atmosphere, making it an excellent destination for anglers looking to share their passion with loved ones.
  • Consistent Fishing: Lake Wisconsin consistently produces good walleye catches, making it a reliable choice for anglers seeking a successful day on the water.
  • Accessible Launch Points: Multiple boat ramps and access points make it convenient for anglers to launch their boats and explore different areas of the lake.
  • Nearby Amenities: Proximity to amenities and services in the Wisconsin Dells area ensures that anglers have access to conveniences and entertainment after a day of fishing.

Recommended Gear: Flashlight, Dry Bag, Rod Holder, Cooler, Fillet Knife, Sunglasses, Sunscreen 

Mississippi River

Flowing through the heart of the Midwest, the Mississippi River stands as an angler’s paradise, offering a dynamic and diverse walleye fishing experience. From its shallow backwaters to deeper channels, this mighty river provides a range of habitats that attract walleye in abundance. Anglers seeking trophy-sized catches are drawn to the challenge presented by the Mississippi River’s currents and structure. As you fish along its banks, you not only engage in the pursuit of walleye but also immerse yourself in the rich natural beauty and historical significance that this iconic river holds.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in the Mississippi River:

  • Diverse Habitat: The Mississippi River offers a diverse range of habitats, from shallow backwaters to deeper channels, providing various opportunities for walleye fishing.
  • Trophy Potential: The river is known for producing trophy-sized walleye, attracting anglers seeking the thrill of landing a large and impressive catch.
  • Scenic River Cruises: Fishing on the Mississippi River allows anglers to enjoy scenic river cruises while pursuing walleye, adding an extra dimension to the overall experience.
  • Cultural Attractions: The riverbanks are often dotted with cultural attractions and historic sites, offering anglers a chance to explore the region’s rich history between fishing outings.
  • Year Round Fishing: The Mississippi River provides year-round walleye fishing opportunities, with each season presenting its own set of challenges and rewards.

Recommended Gear: First Aid Kit, Pliers, Paddle, Fishing Net, Hooks, Live Bait, Fillet Knife 

Castle Rock Lake

Wisconsin’s Castle Rock Lake, surrounded by vast woodlands, is a tranquil expanse that promises not only excellent walleye fishing but also a peaceful escape into nature. The lake’s expansive waters hide submerged humps, points, and drop-offs, creating a diverse underwater landscape that challenges and excites anglers. Castle Rock Lake is an ideal destination for those seeking a serene environment, consistent walleye catches, and the opportunity to employ various fishing techniques. Whether you’re angling for the thrill of a trophy catch or simply enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings, Castle Rock Lake provides a well-rounded fishing experience.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Castle Rock Lake:

  • Serene Environment: Castle Rock Lake, surrounded by scenic woodlands, offers anglers a peaceful and serene environment to enjoy their fishing experience.
  • Abundance of Structure: The lake’s diverse structure, including submerged humps, points, and drop-offs, provides numerous opportunities to locate and catch walleye.
  • Great Recreational Opportunities: In addition to walleye fishing, Castle Rock Lake provides opportunities for other recreational activities, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway.
  • Family Friendly Fishing: The lake is suitable for anglers of all skill levels, including families with children, making it an inclusive destination for a fishing trip.
  • Consistent Catches: Castle Rock Lake is known for its consistent walleye catches, making it a reliable choice for anglers seeking a fulfilling day on the water.

Recommended Gear: First Aid Kit, Pliers, Paddle, Fishing Net, Hooks, Live Bait, Fillet Knife 

Wisconsin River

The Wisconsin River, winding its way through the heart of the state, offers anglers a diverse canvas for walleye fishing. With sections boasting varied structures and accessible shore fishing spots, the river caters to a broad spectrum of fishing preferences. From the challenging currents around dams to the deeper holes that harbor trophy-sized walleye, the Wisconsin River presents a range of angling opportunities. As you cast your line into its waters, you not only engage in a pursuit of walleye but also connect with the natural beauty that characterizes this iconic river.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in the Wisconsin River:

  • Diverse Fishing Opportunities: The Wisconsin River offers a range of fishing opportunities, and its various sections cater to anglers with different preferences, including those targeting walleye.
  • Accessible Shore Fishing: Many stretches of the Wisconsin River are accessible for shore fishing, providing options for anglers without boats to enjoy walleye fishing.
  • Seasonal Variations: The river’s flow and structure present seasonal variations, offering anglers the chance to adapt their techniques and enjoy walleye fishing throughout the year.
  • Chance for Trophy Fish: Some sections of the Wisconsin River are known for producing trophy-sized walleye, attracting anglers looking for a challenging and rewarding fishing experience.
  • Natural Scenery: Anglers can enjoy the natural beauty of the Wisconsin River, with stretches that flow through scenic landscapes, enhancing the overall fishing adventure.

Recommended Gear: Dry Bag, Fish Stringer, Pliers, Sunglasses, UV Clothing, Fishing Net, First Aid Kit 

Chippewa Flowage

Amidst the untouched wilderness of Sawyer County, the Chippewa Flowage stands as a sanctuary for walleye anglers seeking a truly immersive fishing experience. This expansive flowage, enveloped by lush forests and tranquil waters, is renowned for its large walleye population. Anglers are drawn to the Chippewa Flowage not only for the promise of consistent walleye catches but also for the diverse fishing techniques that can be employed in its varied underwater terrain. Whether you’re a seasoned angler in pursuit of trophy fish or a family looking to bond over a shared love of fishing, the Chippewa Flowage offers a harmonious blend of nature and angling.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Chippewa Flowage:

  • Undisturbed Wilderness: The Chippewa Flowage, surrounded by lush forests and undeveloped shorelines, provides anglers with a tranquil and immersive wilderness fishing experience.
  • Large Walleye Population: Known for its large walleye population, the Chippewa Flowage offers consistent opportunities for anglers to catch a variety of walleye sizes.
  • Diverse Fishing Techniques: The flowage’s varied structure, including submerged islands and submerged timber, allows anglers to employ diverse fishing techniques, adding to the excitement of the fishing trip.
  • Quality Accommodations: The area around Chippewa Flowage offers quality accommodations, making it convenient for anglers to stay and enjoy an extended fishing vacation.
  • Wildlife Viewing: Apart from walleye fishing, anglers may also encounter various birds, enhancing the overall outdoor experience on the Chippewa Flowage.

Recommended Gear: Rod Holder, Bucket Seat, Cooler, Lip Gripper, Scale, Tackle Box, Sunglasses 

Lake Petenwell

As one of Wisconsin’s largest inland lakes, Lake Petenwell captivates anglers with its expansive fishing grounds and the promise of consistent walleye bites. Nestled in a picturesque setting, the lake provides a versatile environment for anglers seeking both thrilling fishing adventures and serene natural beauty. With its size allowing for year-round fishing and a range of recreational activities beyond angling, Lake Petenwell is a destination that caters to diverse preferences. Whether you’re navigating its waters in search of walleye or simply enjoying the scenic shorelines, Lake Petenwell is a multifaceted haven for fishing enthusiasts.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Lake Petenwell:

  • Expansive Fishing Grounds: Lake Petenwell, one of Wisconsin’s largest inland lakes, provides anglers with an expansive area to explore and fish for walleye.
  • Consistent Bites: The lake is known for consistent walleye bites, making it a reliable destination for anglers looking for action-packed days on the water.
  • Year Round Fishing: With its size and depth, Lake Petenwell allows for year-round walleye fishing, offering different challenges and opportunities in each season.
  • Scenic Shorelines: Anglers can enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake’s shoreline, which includes both natural landscapes and areas with nearby amenities for added convenience.
  • Recreational Opportunities: Lake Petenwell’s size also allows for a range of recreational activities beyond fishing, making it suitable for anglers looking for a versatile outdoor experience.

Recommended Gear: Cooler, Fillet Knife, Sunglasses, Bucket Seat, Live Bait, Sunscreen, Fishing Gloves

St. Croix River

The St. Croix River, meandering along the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, invites walleye anglers into a picturesque setting where the thrill of the catch is complemented by the river’s natural beauty. Characterized by clean and clear waters, the St. Croix River offers anglers excellent visibility while pursuing walleye. Accessible launch points along the river make it convenient for anglers to explore different stretches known for walleye activity. Whether you’re navigating its currents, appreciating the historical sites along the riverbanks, or savoring the challenge of dynamic angling, the St. Croix River stands as an enticing destination for those seeking a well-rounded walleye fishing experience.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in the St. Croix River:

  • Picturesque Setting: The St. Croix River, forming part of the Wisconsin-Minnesota border, offers a picturesque setting for walleye fishing, with its wooded bluffs and scenic vistas.
  • Clean and Clear Waters: The river is known for its clean and clear waters, providing anglers with excellent visibility while fishing, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Accessible Launch Points: Multiple access points along the river make it convenient for anglers to launch their boats and explore different stretches known for walleye activity.
  • Angling Challenges: The St. Croix River presents various angling challenges, including currents and structure, making it appealing to anglers seeking a more dynamic fishing experience.
  • Historical Sites: The riverbanks are dotted with historical sites, offering anglers the opportunity to combine their love of fishing with exploring the region’s cultural heritage.

Recommended Gear: Flashlight, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Pliers, Fishing Net, Tackle Box, Large Reel

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