Best Walleye Fishing in Pennsylvania

Fisherman with a walleye in his palm
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Journey into the heart of Pennsylvania’s fishing havens, anglers are welcomed to discover the best walleye fishing destinations within the Keystone State. From the expansive shores of Lake Erie to the tranquil waters of Tioga Lake, each location unfolds a unique chapter in the pursuit of walleye excellence. Join us as we cast our lines into the diverse landscapes, urban rivers, and hidden gems that make Pennsylvania a paradise for walleye enthusiasts. Whether you seek the thrill of trophy-sized catches, serene mountain settings, or the charm of small-town lakes, this guide unveils the top walleye fishing spots, promising unforgettable experiences against the backdrop of Pennsylvania’s natural beauty. Prepare to dive into the world of premier angling, where each location tells a story of walleye adventure waiting to be explored.

Lake Erie

Stretching along the Pennsylvania shoreline, Lake Erie stands as a premier destination for walleye fishing. Globally renowned for its abundant walleye population, this expansive lake offers anglers an unparalleled opportunity to land trophy-sized catches. From the vibrant scenes of Presque Isle Bay to the vast open waters, Lake Erie promises dynamic fishing experiences, providing challenges and excitement for anglers of all skill levels. With seasonal peaks, diverse techniques, and stunning natural beauty, Lake Erie emerges as a must-visit destination for those seeking the thrill of walleye fishing in the Keystone State.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Lake Erie:

  • World Class Walleye Destination: Lake Erie is globally recognized as a premier walleye fishing destination, offering anglers the chance to catch trophy-sized fish.
  • Fishery Diversity: Apart from walleye, Lake Erie supports a diverse fishery, providing anglers with the opportunity to target multiple species during their fishing trips.
  • Professional Charters: The lake is well-known for its experienced charter services, allowing both seasoned anglers and beginners to enjoy guided walleye fishing trips.
  • Year Round Fishing: While spring and fall are peak seasons, Lake Erie provides year-round walleye fishing opportunities, catering to anglers’ preferences in different weather conditions.
  • Culinary Delight: The walleye caught in Lake Erie is known for its delicious taste, making it a favorite among anglers who enjoy taking home fresh fish for a tasty meal.

Recommended Gear: Baitcasting Reel, Braided Line, Flashlight, Hooks, Tackle Box, Fishing Net, Rod

Pymatuning Reservoir

Bordering the landscapes of both Pennsylvania and Ohio, Pymatuning Reservoir invites anglers into a cross-border fishing paradise. As one of the largest reservoirs in the state, it delivers a unique blend of angling experiences, from the thrill of walleye catches to the diverse array of fish species that inhabit its waters. With well-executed walleye stocking programs, scenic surroundings, and family-friendly amenities, Pymatuning Reservoir captures the essence of an angler’s haven, drawing fishing enthusiasts from both sides of the state line.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Pymatuning Reservoir:

  • Cross Border Fishing Experience: Pymatuning Reservoir’s unique location on the Pennsylvania-Ohio border offers anglers a cross-border fishing experience, providing a diverse and dynamic fishing environment.
  • Walleye Stocking Programs: The reservoir benefits from walleye stocking programs, ensuring a sustainable and robust walleye population for anglers to enjoy.
  • Scenic Wildlife: Pymatuning is home to diverse wildlife, and anglers can witness the beauty of nature while fishing, adding an extra dimension to their experience.
  • Ice Fishing Opportunities: In winter, Pymatuning Reservoir offers ice fishing opportunities, allowing anglers to pursue walleye in a unique and exciting way.
  • Fishing Tournaments: The reservoir hosts fishing tournaments that attract anglers seeking both competition and camaraderie.

Recommended Gear: Flashlight, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Pliers, Fishing Net, Tackle Box, Large Reel

Allegheny River

Winding through the heart of Pennsylvania, the Allegheny River offers anglers an urban fishing adventure like no other. As it meanders through historic sites and urban landscapes, this river provides a unique backdrop for walleye fishing. With easily accessible riverbanks, a diverse fishery, and the charm of nearby towns, the Allegheny River offers a multifaceted experience, blending fishing excitement with cultural exploration and a touch of historical nostalgia.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in the Allegheny River:

  • Urban Fishing Adventure: The Allegheny River provides an urban fishing adventure, allowing anglers to enjoy walleye fishing while being in close proximity to urban amenities.
  • Historical Attractions: Fishing along the Allegheny River allows anglers to explore historical sites and attractions, adding a cultural aspect to their fishing experience.
  • Diverse Fishery: Besides walleye, the river supports a diverse fishery, giving anglers the chance to catch various species during their outings.
  • Accessible Riverbanks: The riverbanks are easily accessible, offering anglers the opportunity to fish from the shore without the need for a boat.
  • Seasonal Beauty: The changing seasons along the Allegheny River provide anglers with different scenic views and fishing challenges throughout the year.

Recommended Gear: Flashlight, Dry Bag, Rod Holder, Cooler, Fillet Knife, Sunglasses, Sunscreen 

French Creek

Flowing through picturesque landscapes, French Creek invites anglers into a tranquil escape for walleye fishing enthusiasts. This waterway, graced with serene beauty, beckons those seeking a peaceful and intimate fishing environment. With its diverse wildlife, eco-tourism opportunities, and a touch of historical significance, French Creek promises not only a rewarding walleye fishing experience but also a chance to connect with nature and appreciate the historical tapestry woven along its banks.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in French Creek:

  • Serene Fishing Environment: French Creek provides a serene and peaceful environment for walleye fishing, attracting anglers who seek tranquility in nature.
  • Eco Tourism Opportunities: Fishing along French Creek presents eco-tourism opportunities, allowing anglers to appreciate the diverse ecosystems and wildlife in the area.
  • Fly Fishing Paradise: The creek is well-suited for fly fishing enthusiasts, providing a unique and challenging experience for those who enjoy this method.
  • Conservation Efforts: French Creek benefits from conservation efforts, contributing to the preservation of the walleye population and the overall health of the waterway.
  • Wilderness Adventure: Anglers can embark on a wilderness adventure along French Creek, exploring its meandering paths and discovering hidden spots for successful walleye fishing.

Recommended Gear: First Aid Kit, Pliers, Paddle, Fishing Net, Hooks, Live Bait, Fillet Knife 

Raystown Lake

Raystown Lake is a reservoir that goes beyond being a walleye fishing destination; it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. This expansive lake boasts underwater structures that create ideal habitats for walleye, making it a haven for anglers in pursuit of both quantity and quality catches. Beyond fishing, Raystown Lake offers night fishing trips, recreational diversity, and a calendar filled with fishing events, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an adventure that extends beyond the thrill of walleye bites.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Raystown Lake:

  • Night Fishing Trips: The lake offers opportunities for night fishing excursions, allowing anglers to target walleye during their nocturnal feeding patterns.
  • Reservoir Size: Raystown Lake’s expansive size provides anglers with vast areas to explore, preventing overcrowding and offering a sense of isolation during fishing trips.
  • Accessible Shoreline Fishing: Anglers without boats can enjoy productive walleye fishing from the accessible shoreline, catering to a wide range of fishing preferences.
  • Fishing Festivals: Raystown Lake hosts fishing festivals and events, creating a festive atmosphere and bringing anglers together to celebrate their shared passion.
  • Recreational Diversity: Raystown Lake offers more than just walleye fishing. Anglers can diversify their experience by engaging in other recreational activities, including swimming, walking trails, and bird observation.

Recommended Gear: First Aid Kit, Pliers, Paddle, Fishing Net, Hooks, Live Bait, Fillet Knife 

Lake Wallenpaupack

In the heart of the Pocono Mountains, Lake Wallenpaupack offers anglers a central and easily accessible location for their walleye fishing endeavors. Boasting a charming atmosphere and family-friendly amenities, this lake caters to anglers of all ages and experience levels. Whether casting a line from the dams, enjoying the hybrid striped bass population, or participating in year-round fishing events, Lake Wallenpaupack invites anglers to indulge in a well-rounded fishing experience surrounded by scenic beauty.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Lake Wallenpaupack:

  • Central Location: Lake Wallenpaupack’s central location makes it a convenient choice for anglers from various regions, reducing travel time and making it easily accessible.
  • Fishing from the Dams: Anglers can fish from the dams, providing a unique perspective and allowing them to target walleye in areas with varying depths.
  • Hybrid Striped Bass Population: In addition to walleye, Lake Wallenpaupack is known for its hybrid striped bass population, adding diversity to the fishing experience.
  • Scenic Beauty: The lake’s scenic beauty, surrounded by the Pocono Mountains, adds to the overall enjoyment of walleye fishing outings.
  • Year Round Fishing Events: Lake Wallenpaupack hosts year-round fishing events, giving anglers the opportunity to participate in tournaments and connect with the fishing community.

Recommended Gear: Dry Bag, Fish Stringer, Pliers, Sunglasses, UV Clothing, Fishing Net, First Aid Kit 

Conneaut Lake

Tucked away in a charming small-town atmosphere, Conneaut Lake offers anglers a delightful escape for walleye fishing. With a variety of fish species to target and opportunities for ice fishing during the winter months, this lake provides year-round excitement. Alongside its scenic sunsets and local festivals, Conneaut Lake invites anglers to experience a unique blend of community spirit and natural beauty, creating a memorable backdrop for their walleye fishing adventures.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Conneaut Lake:

  • Charming Small Town Atmosphere: Conneaut Lake offers a charming small-town atmosphere, providing a relaxed and friendly environment for anglers.
  • Variety of Species: In addition to walleye, the lake supports a variety of other fish species, allowing anglers to diversify their catches during fishing trips.
  • Ice Fishing Opportunities: During winter, Conneaut Lake provides ice fishing opportunities, allowing anglers to continue pursuing walleye in a different season.
  • Scenic Sunsets: The lake is known for its picturesque sunsets, creating a beautiful backdrop for evening fishing excursions.
  • Local Festivals: Anglers can enjoy local festivals and events around Conneaut Lake, providing entertainment and a sense of community during their fishing trips.

Recommended Gear: Rod Holder, Bucket Seat, Cooler, Lip Gripper, Scale, Tackle Box, Sunglasses 

Shenango River Reservoir

Set against a landscape of wooded shores and scenic beauty, Shenango River Reservoir stands out as an angler’s haven with its versatile fishing experiences. Equipped with angler-friendly infrastructure and featuring underwater structures that attract walleye, this reservoir caters to diverse fishing techniques and preferences. Boasting a mix of fish species, natural beauty, and year-round fishing events, Shenango River Reservoir invites anglers to explore its waters and embark on an angling adventure filled with both challenge and reward.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Shenango River Reservoir:

  • Varied Fishing Techniques: Shenango River Reservoir accommodates various fishing techniques, including trolling, casting, and jigging, providing anglers with versatile walleye fishing experiences.
  • Boating Accessibility: Anglers can take advantage of boating opportunities on the reservoir, allowing them to explore different areas and find the most productive walleye hotspots.
  • Natural Beauty: The surrounding natural beauty, with wooded shores and scenic landscapes, enhances the overall fishing experience for anglers.
  • Year Round Fishing Events: Shenango River Reservoir hosts year-round fishing events, adding a competitive and social aspect to walleye fishing in the area.
  • Angler Friendly Infrastructure: Shenango River Reservoir is equipped with angler-friendly infrastructure, featuring amenities such as well-maintained boat ramps

Recommended Gear: Cooler, Fillet Knife, Sunglasses, Bucket Seat, Live Bait, Sunscreen, Fishing Gloves

Youghiogheny River Lake

Embraced by a tailwater fishery setting, Youghiogheny River Lake offers anglers a unique environment for walleye fishing. With varied dynamics and diverse fishing conditions, this lake provides a playground for anglers seeking challenges and excitement. Beyond fishing, the lake opens doors to water recreation and camping opportunities, creating a holistic experience for outdoor enthusiasts. Year-round fishing opportunities and a rich ecosystem make Youghiogheny River Lake an enticing destination for those looking to immerse themselves in both the tranquility of nature and the thrill of angling.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Youghiogheny River Lake:

  • Tailwater Fishing: Youghiogheny River Lake is a tailwater fishery, creating conditions that support healthy walleye populations and excellent fishing opportunities.
  • River Outlet Dynamics: The dynamics of the river outlet contribute to diverse fishing conditions, providing anglers with various challenges and strategies for walleye fishing
  • Water Recreation: In addition to fishing, the lake offers opportunities for water-based recreation, allowing anglers to enjoy various activities during their visit.
  • Camping Accessibility: The lake provides camping options, allowing anglers to extend their fishing trips and immerse themselves in the natural surroundings.
  • Year Round Fishing Opportunities: Youghiogheny River Lake offers year-round fishing opportunities, with each season presenting unique advantages and challenges for walleye anglers.

Recommended Gear: Flashlight, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Pliers, Fishing Net, Tackle Box, Large Reel

Tioga Lake

In the scenic Tioga County, Tioga Lake beckons anglers to a tranquil mountain setting for walleye fishing. With its serene ambiance, picnic areas, and campgrounds, this lake provides an idyllic backdrop for extended stays and leisurely fishing outings. Anglers can explore remote fishing spots, enjoy the richness of the ecosystem, and pursue trophy walleye, creating a holistic and rewarding fishing experience in the heart of Pennsylvania’s mountains.

Reasons to Walleye Fish in Tioga Lake:

  • Tranquil Mountain Setting: Tioga Lake, situated in the scenic Tioga County, provides a tranquil mountain setting for anglers seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating walleye fishing experience.
  • Picnic Areas and Campgrounds: The lake offers picnic areas and campgrounds, allowing anglers to enjoy extended stays by camping and make the most of their time in the outdoors.
  • Trophy Walleye Opportunities: Anglers have the potential to catch trophy-sized walleye in Tioga Lake, making it an exciting destination for those looking for a challenge.
  • Remote Fishing Spots: Tioga Lake’s layout provides anglers with the opportunity to explore remote fishing spots, contributing to a sense of adventure and exploration.
  • Rich Ecosystem: The lake is part of a rich ecosystem, offering a variety of aquatic life and enhancing the overall fishing experience for anglers.

Recommended Gear: Baitcasting Reel, Braided Line, Flashlight, Hooks, Tackle Box, Fishing Net, Rod

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