Best Striped Bass Fishing in Rhode Island

Large striped bass leaping out of the waters off Rhode Island.
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Rhode Island, the Ocean State, may be the smallest in the United States, but it boasts some of the most impressive striped bass fishing spots along its coast. Its size belies the variety and richness of the fishing grounds, attracting both novice and experienced anglers pursuing the coveted striped bass. The state’s geographic location and diverse coastal habitats create prime conditions for striped bass, especially during their twice-annual migrations. For a successful striped bass fishing adventure, timing is key. You’ll want to plan your outings around these migration periods when the bass are actively moving through Rhode Island’s waters. The rocky and boulder-filled shores are particularly fruitful areas where large schools of striped bass are known to pass by.

Block Island

The sun sets over the calm waters of Block Island, as a lone fishing boat sits anchored near the shoreline. The silhouette of the island's iconic lighthouse stands tall against the colorful sky

Block Island, known for its exceptional striped bass fishing, is a prime destination for anglers seeking these popular game fish. The area’s waters are rich with stripers, especially during their migrations in the spring and fall. Here, you can find large schools of bass moving through, making it an ideal spot for both novice and experienced fishermen.

Fishing Tactics:

  • Focus on areas with boulders and rocky structures where stripers often feed.
  • Employ a mix of surfcasting or light tackle for an engaging experience.
  • Consider the use of live bait or lures that imitate local prey fish.

When to Visit:

  • Best times: June, July, and from mid-September to late October when stripers are abundant.
  • Aim for early morning or late evening hours for peak striped bass activity.

Licenses and Regulations:

  • Acquire a Rhode Island saltwater fishing license online; exemption applies if fishing on a charter boat or holding a license from a neighboring state.
  • Always check for the latest regulations to ensure compliance with size and bag limits.

Charter Services:
Several charter services on Block Island can guide you to the best striper spots, with expert local captains well-acquainted with the habits of these fish.

Fishing Highlights:

  • Block Island holds the state record for striped bass, underscoring its reputation.
  • While targeting stripers, you may also encounter other species such as tuna and bluefish.

Remember, every fishing trip offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and possibly land a memorable catch. Block Island’s storied waters await your pursuit of the celebrated striped bass.

Narragansett Bay

Narragansett Bay is a prime location for striped bass fishing in Rhode Island, especially during the spring months when the bass run peaks. As you navigate the waters, be aware of the changing seasons, which significantly influence striper behavior.

Spring Striper Run: May marks a thrilling time for anglers as striped bass migrate northward through the bay. Your chances of a productive outing increase as these bass chase schools of baitfish such as menhaden and squid.

Key Fishing Areas:

  • East Passage: Situated between the picturesque Popasquash Point and Prudence Island, this area is known for its healthy striped bass population.
  • Providence: The upper reaches of the bay near Providence also yield fruitful catches given the estuarine environment where stripers often feed.

Bait and Tactics:

  • Live Bait: Eel and menhaden prove to be irresistible to stripers. Use these for a more authentic lure.
  • Artificials: If you prefer casting, consider utilizing lures that mimic local baitfish.


  • Boating: Venture out by boat to reach deeper waters and abundant rip areas with significant drop-offs — prime spots for bass.
  • Shore Fishing: For those who prefer staying on land, the shoreline near East Greenwich and Warwick offers rewarding opportunities.

Tackle Shop Resource:

  • Visit The Saltwater Edge in Middletown for expert advice, tackle, and up-to-date fishing reports.

Remember to check local regulations regarding fishing seasons, size, and bag limits to ensure a responsible and enjoyable fishing experience.

Watch Hill

Watch Hill in Rhode Island is a prime destination for striped bass fishing, especially revered for the autumn season when the bass migration peaks. On the southern coast of New England, with a mix of sand beaches and rock cover, Watch Hill offers a diverse habitat that’s ideal for bass to feed.

Key Areas:

  • Watch Hill Lighthouse: Known for excellent casting spots.
  • Beaches: Sandy shores perfect for surfcasting.
  • Breachways: Places like Weekapaug Breachway, where salt ponds meet the ocean.

Fishing Conditions:

  • Tides: Focus on high tide, as striped bass often come in closer to shore to feed.
  • Weather: Conditions tend to be more favorable during the fall months, especially in October when the bass run is at its height.


  • Pay attention to the presence of baitfish; casting into frenzied feeding can yield impressive results.
  • Utilize a variety of lures and live bait depending on water clarity and bass behavior.

When planning your trip to Watch Hill, remember that the early signs of striped bass begin in May, but by October, you’re at the peak of the migration. Local anglers recommend this time frame as the best opportunity to land a substantial catch. Check local tide charts and weather updates to ensure the most productive outing.

Misquamicut Beach

Misquamicut Beach, with its long stretch of sandy shoreline, is a prime spot for striped bass fishing in Rhode Island. The beach’s accessible location makes it a popular choice for anglers of all levels of experience.

When to Visit:

  • Spring Migration: An ideal time to cast your line as the bass move north.
  • Fall Run: Striped bass are plentiful as they make their southward journey.

Tides and Timing:
Focus your efforts during high tide and the first few hours after, as this is when the striped bass tend to feed closer to shore.

Fishing Techniques:

  • Surfcasting: Use heavy tackle with artificials lures like poppers and soft plastics for a successful catch.
  • Live Eel Rigging: A trusted method for catching larger bass during night fishing sessions.

Local Regulations:
Stay informed about the current bag limits and minimum size requirements, which are crucial for the sustainable management of the striped bass population.

By aligning your fishing times with the striper migration and adhering to local guidelines, you’re set for a potentially fruitful experience at Misquamicut Beach. Remember, safety first: always stay aware of your surroundings and local weather conditions while enjoying your fishing adventure.

Conimicut Point Park

Conimicut Point Park as fishermen cast lines into the sparkling waters, hoping to reel in the best striped bass in Rhode Island

When you’re targeting striped bass in Rhode Island, Conimicut Point Park is a destination you should certainly consider. This park is known for its picturesque views and, more importantly for anglers, its access to prime fishing spots.

Location: Conimicut Point Park is situated in Warwick, Rhode Island, at the convergence of the Providence River and Narragansett Bay. Its unique location provides you with fertile fishing grounds due to the mix of fresh and saltwater.


  • Shore Fishing: You can cast your line directly from the shore.
  • Boat Fishing: There’s a boat launch if you prefer to take to the waters.

Best Times:

  • Tide Influence: The first half of the dropping tide is typically the most productive time to fish here.
  • Season: The striped bass season peaks in spring and fall, aligning with their migratory patterns.

Techniques and Bait:

  • Local anglers often use artificial lures resembling local baitfish.
  • Swim Shads: Mullet swim shads are a popular choice among anglers looking to imitate the movement of live fish.

Keep in mind that regulations can change, so always verify the current rules before you head out. It’s your responsibility to fish sustainably and within the law, ensuring that future generations can also enjoy the sport.

Brenton Point State Park

At Brenton Point State Park, you can enjoy some of the finest striped bass fishing Rhode Island has to offer. Situated at the tip of Aquidneck Island, this park provides access to the robust marine life of the Atlantic for both shore and boat anglers.

Fishing from the Shore:
Your experience at Brenton Point could be fruitful as it’s known for shore fishing opportunities that put you in direct contact with striped bass and bluefish. The area’s geography offers a range of shoreline structures, which these species frequent during their migrations.

Boat Fishing:
If you prefer casting from a vessel, kayaks are a popular way to navigate the waters around the park. The local currents can be strong, offering a challenge, but potentially rewarding with larger fish.

Best Times for Striped Bass:

  • Spring: May and June
  • Fall: October and November

During these migrations, the striped bass are plentiful and anglers are likely to have more success.

Know Before You GoDetails
Angling MethodsShore fishing, kayak fishing, casting
Targeted SpeciesStriped bass, bluefish
State Record ConsiderationsA record-sized striped bass weighed 70 pounds; while you may not catch a record-breaker, impressive sizes are possible.

Ensure to check the latest regulations regarding striped bass fishing. Rhode Island regulates this activity to preserve the sustainability of fish populations.

Remember, while Block Island is renowned for its fishing spots, Brenton Point offers its own unique experience without the need for a ferry trip, making it a convenient and competitive option for your Rhode Island fishing adventure.

Bristol Harbor

Bristol Harbor, casting a golden glow on the calm waters. A lone fishing boat bobs in the distance, its occupants eagerly casting their lines in search of the prized striped bass

Bristol Harbor, located in Rhode Island, is a prime destination for striped bass fishing, particularly during the spring migration. With its accessible waters and local amenities, it offers a great balance of convenience and opportunity for both first-time anglers and seasoned fishers.

Best Times to Fish:

  • Spring Migration: Experience excellent striper fishing as bass move through the coastal waters.
  • Early Morning or Late Evening: Low light conditions often result in more active bass.

Tactics for Success:

  • Local Baits: Utilize baits such as Menhaden to attract bass.
  • Structure Fishing: Focus on areas with rocks or docks where bass tend to hunt.

Getting Equipped:

  • Fishing Gear: Pack your favorite rod, reel, and line capable of handling the potential size of bass in these waters.
  • Tackle Shop: Visit local shops for tackle, bait, and insider tips.

Access Points:

  • Popasquash Point
  • Bear Point Prudence Island

Weekapaug Breachway

Weekapaug Breachway is highly regarded for striped bass fishing in Rhode Island. Situated between Quonochontaug Pond and the Atlantic Ocean, it provides robust opportunities for anglers.

Here are some key points to consider when fishing in this location:

  • Tide Timing: You should aim to fish during the dropping tide, which is the most favorable for catching stripers.
  • Bait: Common bait options include squid, sandworms, clams, and more. They’re effective in attracting the targeted species.
  • Gear: Simplicity serves well at Weekapaug Breachway, no need for overly complicated equipment.

Regulation Reminders:

  • Size limits of the fish
  • Catch limits
  • Specific fishing timelines

It is wise to review these regulations as of the latest notice, given on February 25, 2024, particularly for striped bass.

Fishing Technique:
While there are several approaches to fishing this location, using swimbaits like Berkley Flatback Shads can be successful. Rigging these with a jig, such as a 3/4oz to 1oz Kalins Bullet Jig, is a popular method for striped bass.

In summary, Weekapaug Breachway stands out as a premier spot for striped bass fishing in Rhode Island. It’s essential to consider tide patterns, bait choice, and adherence to local regulations when planning your trip to this hotspot.

East Greenwich Bay

Fishing boats scattered across the bay.

East Greenwich Bay serves as a prime location for striped bass fishing in Rhode Island. Located within the larger Narragansett Bay, it offers sheltered waters with noteworthy fishing areas.

Prime Locations

  • Greenwich Cove: Easily accessible with significant bass traffic.
  • Apponaug Cove: Renowned for its occasional large catches.

Fishing Techniques

  • Live Lining: Use live bait like menhaden to provoke the bass.
  • Casting: Topwater lures are effective during dawn and dusk.
  • Jigging: Work the water column with weighted lures.

Your tackle box should include a variety of lures, with soft plastics and swimming plugs being effective in these waters. Bear in mind the tidal movements, with the dropping tide offering some of the best action for stripers, particularly near the Outflow of the East Greenwich wastewater treatment plant and the shallows surrounding Chepiwanoxet Island.

Your fishing experience here can be enhanced by combining patience, attention to tides, and proper gear. With a bit of knowledge and the right timing, East Greenwich Bay offers rewarding opportunities for the avid striped bass angler.

Pawtuxet River

When targeting striped bass in the Pawtuxet River, you’ll find yourself in a prime Rhode Island fishing location. This 12.3-mile river, with a watershed spanning 231.6 square miles, offers ample opportunities for anglers.

Season & Bait:

  • Spring is a vibrant season here, especially when menhaden runs attract bass.
  • Utilize live bait such as menhaden or try artificial lures mimicking local forage.

Fishing Tips:

  • Focus on areas near the river’s dams where bass often congregate.
  • Early morning or late evening hours may increase your chances of success due to lower light conditions that are preferred by striped bass.

Local Insight:
Consulting with local resources is recommended. They can provide real-time advice on:

  • Current conditions
  • Best fishing spots along the river
  • Changes in fish patterns

Remember that successful fishing on the Pawtuxet River requires respect for the local habitat and adherence to state fishing regulations. Enjoy the pursuit of striped bass in this notable Rhode Island fishing destination.

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