Best Pier Fishing in Panama City Beach

Panama city beach pier on a bright sunny day.
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Near the pristine shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Panama City Beach stands as a beacon for anglers seeking the thrill of pier fishing. With its warm waters, abundant marine life, and scenic vistas, this coastal paradise offers some of the best pier fishing experiences in the Southeast. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice enthusiast, the piers of Panama City Beach beckon with promises of unforgettable catches and memories that will last a lifetime. From sunrise to sunset, the rhythmic sounds of waves crashing against the wooden planks provide the perfect backdrop for casting lines and reeling in the big one.

Russell-Fields Pier

When you visit Panama City Beach, the Russell-Fields City Pier is a landmark you won’t want to miss. As one of the longest piers on the Gulf of Mexico, it extends over 1,500 feet into the sparkling waters, presenting you with an unparalleled view. Conveniently located at 16201 Front Beach Road, it lies directly across from the renowned Pier Park.

Features of Russell-Fields Pier:

  • Fishing: Whether you’re an amateur or an avid angler, the pier provides excellent fishing opportunities. Available for a modest daily fee, you can pursue a variety of fish throughout the seasons, such as Cobia, King Mackerel, Pompano, and Flounder.

    • Daily Fishing License: $7.00
  • Spectator Access: If fishing isn’t on your agenda, you can still enjoy the pier’s offerings. Walk the length of the pier to soak in breathtaking views and observe local wildlife.

    • Spectator Fee: $4.00

The pier is open year-round, ensuring that no matter when you decide to drop by, you’ll be able to experience its beauty and the activities it offers. While you’re there, take advantage of the benches placed along the pier to rest, or simply enjoy people-watching.

Adjacent to the variety of shops and restaurants at Pier Park, your trip to the Russell-Fields Pier can easily blend into a full day of enjoyment, capturing both the natural allure of the beachfront and the convenience of nearby amenities.

M.B. Miller County Pier

M.B. Miller County Pier is one of Panama City Beach’s prime fishing spots. Stretching out into the Gulf of Mexico, it offers anglers ample opportunity to reel in various fish species in a picturesque setting.

17001 Panama City Beach Pkwy,
Panama City Beach, FL 32413


  • Phone: 850-233-5070
  • Toll-Free: Not provided in results

Open 24/7, offering you flexibility for early morning visits or moonlit strolls.


  • Spectator Daily Pass: $3.00
  • Fishing Daily License: $6.00

This pier is an excellent spot for both amateur and experienced anglers. The waters around the pier are teeming with marine life, making your fishing endeavor likely to be successful. To assist your fishing experience, daily fishing licenses are available.

You’ll be pleasantly rewarded with panoramic views of the ocean and the horizon. It’s a prime location for catching a sunrise or sunset, and if you’re lucky, you may even spot dolphins playing in the waves below.

Available and free, ensuring easy access to the pier.

Remember to bring your camera because, besides the aquatic life, the M.B. Miller County Pier is a scenic spot that’s perfect for photography enthusiasts or if you simply want to capture memories of your trip.

As you plan your visit, keep in mind that pier conditions and availability can be subject to weather and seasonal changes.

Panama City Beach City Pier

The Russell-Fields City Pier, located at 16201 Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach, Florida, stands as a prominent fixture for both locals and visitors. As one of the longest piers on the Gulf of Mexico, stretching over 1,500 feet, it allows you to experience panoramic views of the Gulf’s emerald waters.

Your exploration of the pier offers a myriad of activities:

  • Fishing: A favorite pastime at the pier, you don’t need a Florida fishing license to cast a line here.
  • Sightseeing: Spot dolphins, sea turtles, and diverse bird species.
  • Photography: Capture stunning sunsets and the open waters that frame the horizon.

At the pier, you have the unique opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views and engage with the marine environment up close. Whether you aim to spend a leisurely day fishing or simply want to take in the sun-drenched landscape, the pier promises a memorable experience.

Remember these details for your visit:

  • Location: Across from Pier Park’s main entrance.
  • Contact: Phone – (850) 233-5080.

Adjacent to the pier, you’ll find Pier Park, an expansive shopping and entertainment complex, amplifying your day with additional options for dining and leisure.

County Pier at Pier Park

When you visit Panama City Beach, the M.B. Miller County Pier offers you a unique blend of fishing opportunities and scenic views. This pier, which extends 1,500 feet into the calming waters of the Gulf of Mexico, is not just a fishing destination but also a prime spot for leisurely strolls and taking in the horizon.

Entry Fees:

  • Pier Walk: $3.00 (daily fee)
  • Fishing License: $6.00 (daily)

You have the chance to catch a variety of seasonal fish, such as Cobia, King Mackerel, and Pompano. The pier remains open throughout the year providing you access no matter when you decide to visit.

Fishing at the County Pier:

  • Expect: A wide range of fish species.
  • Seasonal Catches: Includes Redfish, Flounder, and more.
  • Facility: Open all year, fishing license available for purchase.

For those who prefer to observe, the County Pier serves as a vantage point offering breathtaking views, especially during sunrise or sunset. For a small fee, you can immerse yourself in the vastness of the Gulf of Mexico.

If you’re not into fishing, the pier’s proximity to Pier Park, a premier shopping and entertainment center, allows you to indulge in retail therapy or enjoy fine dining with picturesque sea views in the background.

St. Andrews State Park Fishing Pier

When you visit Panama City Beach, the St. Andrews State Park Fishing Pier presents a rewarding opportunity for anglers and sightseers alike. Your experience at this pier, which is immersed in the natural beauty of the Gulf of Mexico, offers a serene escape.

Fishing: If you’re keen on fishing, you’re in for a treat. The pier is outfitted with amenities to support your fishing adventures. Expect to catch various species including Spanish mackerel, redfish, and flounder. Remember to check for any licensing requirements or park fishing regulations.

Amenities: The Russell-Fields Pier, another name for the St. Andrews Pier, is equipped with convenience features such as:

  • Bait and tackle shop
  • Cleaning stations
  • Restrooms

Scenery: For those of you who wish to indulge in the views without casting a line, the pier offers panoramic scenery. The sunsets here are particularly stunning, with the horizon painting a vibrant tableau of colors as day transitions to night.

Accessibility: The park and pier are generally open daily, but it’s prudent to verify current operational hours and any area closures due to maintenance, especially if you plan to visit the “T” portion of the pier.

Panama City Marina

Key Features of Panama City Marina:

  • Benches: for your relaxation while observing the marina or waiting for your excursion.
  • Boat Launch Ramp: provides you with easy access to the water for your vessel.
  • Slip Rental: a service for docking your boat securely.

The marina anticipates your needs with a Calendar feature where you can check availability for the dates of your choice, ensuring your plans are set without hassle. On a typical day, like Saturday, April 13, 2024, the marina begins services early, often around 7 am, offering ample time for fishermen and boating enthusiasts to start their day.

Furthermore, if you are interested in fishing or simply enjoying a day on the water, the Panama City Marina can serve as your starting point. It is a hub for individuals seeking to capture the essence of Panama City’s maritime culture.

Shell Island Jetty

When you visit Shell Island, a pristine barrier island off the coast of Panama City Beach, one must-see attraction is the Shell Island Jetty. Located within St. Andrews State Park, this formation of rocks extends into the Gulf of Mexico, offering a serene spot for various activities.

What You Can Do at the Jetty

  • Snorkeling: The clear waters around the jetty are ideal for snorkeling. You might encounter diverse marine life including tropical fish, sea turtles, and perhaps even dolphins.
  • Fishing: The jetty provides an excellent fishing location. Expect to catch species like flounder, Spanish mackerel, and redfish.


10 foot Medium Action Rod, Large 5000-6000 Sized Reel, Braided Line

Access and Amenities

To access the jetty, you will take a short 15-minute ferry ride from Panama City Beach. Rentals for snorkeling and scuba equipment are conveniently available at the pier store. Remember, the jetty and the surrounding areas are part of a state park, which means they are protected, and it’s essential to respect local wildlife and regulations while enjoying your activities.

During your visit, you should be mindful of the changing tides and currents that can affect safety, especially when snorkeling or swimming near the jetty. Always check local conditions before heading out.

The Shell Island Jetty not only appeals to those seeking a tranquil escape to nature but also to adventurous souls looking for an engaging day in the water. It stands as a testament to the natural beauty that Panama City Beach offers just a short distance from the bustling beachfront.

Pineapple Willy’s Pier

When you visit Panama City Beach, Pineapple Willy’s is a notable destination, offering not just a meal, but an experience. This establishment, situated directly on the white sands of the famous Florida beach, is more than just a seafood restaurant—it’s a slice of local history.

Address: 9875 S Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach, FL 32408-4218
Contact: +1 850-235-0928

Operating Hours:

  • Open: 11:00 AM
  • Close: 10:00 PM

Originally opening its doors in 1936, the pier retains a vintage charm. The beachfront location ensures you’re dining with an unrivaled view of the Gulf of Mexico stretching out before you. Here are the highlights:

  • Mahi BLT: A unique twist on a classic sandwich.
  • Island Nachos: A savory appetizer favorite.
  • World Famous BBQ Ribs: A bucket of Pineapple Willy’s signature dish.

Your dining experience is enhanced by an outdoor seating area on the pier itself, giving you front-row seats to breathtaking sunsets. Staff members are known for being attentive and friendly, which complements the casual, laid-back atmosphere.

Pineapple Willy’s Pier is synonymous with a relaxed dining experience where you can enjoy the cool sea breeze and panoramic views, making it a memorable part of your Panama City Beach visit.

Majestic Beach Resort Pier

At the Majestic Beach Resort in Panama City Beach, you have the opportunity to experience one of the area’s prime spots for relaxation and entertainment: the Majestic Beach Resort Pier. The pier extends from the resort into the blue waters, offering stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico.

The pier is easily accessible from the resort, allowing you to stroll along the waterfront or take in a sunset without any hassle.


  • Benches for seating
  • Fishing spots
  • Views for photography enthusiasts
  • Nearby rental services for water sports

Staying at the Majestic Beach Resort ensures you can enjoy the convenience of this amenity, with its close proximity to your accommodation. The pier serves as a hub of leisure activities – from casual walks after a dinner to capturing memories against the backdrop of Panama City Beach’s beautiful shoreline.

For those interested in fishing, the pier provides an excellent spot to cast a line. Make sure to check any licensing requirements before your visit. Additionally, your stay is complemented by a variety of water sports available for rent nearby, should you wish to venture beyond the pier into the water.

Long Beach Resort Pier

When you visit Panama City Beach, the Long Beach Resort offers a picturesque setting. This centrally located resort places you in the heart of the area’s attractions, with a pier that provides not only stunning views but also a gateway to many water activities.

Location & Accessibility:
Your experience at Long Beach Resort is accentuated by its commendable location, with proximity to shopping centers and dining venues. Accessibility is convenient, and you can easily venture out to nearby hotspots such as Pier Park or St Andrews State Park.

What to Expect:
At Long Beach Resort Pier, you can immerse yourself in the scenic emerald waters and white sandy beaches. The pier itself becomes a vantage point for breathtaking waterfront views. Whether you’re seeking a quiet stroll or a spot to witness the sunrise, this is your serene escape.

  • Activities:
    • Fishing opportunities
    • Beachcombing
    • Sunset gazing
    • Wildlife observation

You’ll find the necessary amenities to enhance your visit. Comfortable seating areas and navigable pathways ensure a pleasant and safe pier experience.

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