Best Pier Fishing in Naples

Clear blue water near a pier in Naple Florida.
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Naples, with its tranquil Gulf waters and abundant marine life, offers some of the best pier fishing experiences in Florida. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a casual fisherman, the piers in Naples provide an accessible and rewarding fishing opportunity. One of the gems of the region is the Naples Pier, a historic landmark and fishing haven that allows you to cast your line in the hopes of catching Snook, Grouper, and a variety of other saltwater species.

Naples Pier

When you visit Naples, Naples Pier is a prime spot for those keen on fishing. This iconic location extends a considerable 1,000 feet over the Gulf of Mexico, providing ample space for you to cast your line. It’s not just the length, but the width of the pier that’s inviting, being 11.5 feet wide, offering you plenty of room to maneuver.

Fishing Guidelines:

  • Best Time: March to October for species like Snook.
  • Target Species: Look out for Snook, Grouper, and a variety of saltwater species.
  • Bait and Tackle: You can purchase or rent gear nearby if you didn’t bring your own.

Access and Amenities:

  • Open to the public with no fishing license required when fishing from the pier.
  • Equipped with restroom facilities and a concession stand for comfort and convenience.

During your visit, you’ll find that the Pier has a storied history. It was originally constructed in 1888 and has since been rebuilt three times after hurricane damage, transforming into a beloved landmark for both locals and tourists.

As you plan your fishing trip at Naples Pier, it’s wise to abide by local regulations to ensure you’re fishing responsibly. The diverse marine life makes any effort worth it, as the chances of a good catch are high throughout the warmer seasons, especially as the water temperatures rise.

Handy Tips:

  • Arrive early for the best spots.
  • Be mindful of the pier’s rules and the other anglers.
  • Release catches carefully if you’re practicing catch and release.

The combination of the pier’s historical charm and rich marine life offers you a memorable fishing experience in Naples, Florida.

Naples City Dock

Your fishing experience in Naples isn’t complete without a visit to the Naples City Dock. Located at 880 12th Avenue South, Naples, Florida, this well-regarded destination provides you with more than just a fishing pier; it’s a peek into the maritime lifestyle. You can contact the City of Naples Dockmaster’s Office at (239) 213-3070 if you need information or assistance.

The dock features ample space for you to set up and cast a line into Naples Bay. It’s well-maintained, ensuring a pleasant fishing experience. Here’s a quick look at what to expect:

  • Accessibility: Easily reachable, with sufficient amenities for an enjoyable fishing excursion.
  • Species: Home to a variety of fish, including Snook, Redfish, and Sheepshead, which are particularly fun and tasty catches.

While fishing, you can also enjoy the view of yachts parked in the marina, adding to the serene atmosphere at Cocohatchee River Park.

Cocohatchee River Park is your gateway to some of the finest pier fishing Naples has to offer. Situated on Vanderbilt Drive, it’s nestled between 111th Avenue and Bonita Beach Road. Here, you can immerse yourself in a 7-acre property that opens up to memorable fishing experiences.

  • Address: 397 Dockside Drive, Naples, FL 34110
  • Contact: 239.514.3752

Amenities at Cocohatchee River Park:

  • Fishing areas perfect for angling enthusiasts
  • Public restrooms for convenience
  • Pavilions available for events and gatherings
  • Park for family-friendly activities

At Cocohatchee River Park, you can appreciate the tranquil waters while casting your line. The park’s structure allows for smooth access to the Gulf of Mexico through Wiggins Pass, where the Gulf’s bounty awaits your fishing prowess.

Your adventure wouldn’t be complete without the availability of a diverse range of species. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice to the thrill of the catch, this spot is tailored for you. The park is designed not only for leisurely fishing but also ensures that families can enjoy the surrounding natural beauty and facilities.

To maximize your fishing venture:

  • Plan your visit during an outgoing tide, particularly at the north end for a better chance to catch Snook.
  • Bring your gear, as the park’s fishing areas are ready for your use.

Remember, the park provides more capacity than other local spots, ensuring a place for you even on busy days. Whether you seek the solitude of early morning fishing or the leisure of a sunny afternoon by the water, Cocohatchee River Park is your ideal destination.

Gordon Pass

Fishing Tips:

  • Early morning or late afternoon are typically the best times to fish here to catch a variety of species when they are most active.
  • You’ll want to bring live bait such as shrimp or mullet to increase your chances of a successful outing.
  • Be attentive to the tides as they can greatly affect fish movement and feeding patterns.


  • Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Trout

Gordon Pass is accessible through the southern end of Naples where you can find spots along the shore or venture into small docks. If you plan to fish along the jetties, note that a bit of walking may be required, but your effort could pay off with the abundant fish that gather here.

5th Avenue South Pier

When visiting Naples, the Naples Pier at the end of 12th Avenue South offers an authentic pier fishing experience. As a fusion of local culture and natural beauty, the pier extends a thousand feet into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a place where you can blend relaxation with the thrill of sport fishing.

Accessibility & Amenities

  • Free Access: You don’t need a fishing license to cast a line here.
  • Parking: There are metered parking spaces nearby. Expect to pay for parking unless you find a rare free spot.


  • Common catches include Snook, Redfish, and Tarpon.
  • Depending on the season and time of day, Trout and a variety of other species might bite.

Tips for a Successful Visit

  • Arrive Early: To secure a good spot, aim to get there in the early morning.
  • Equipment: Bring your own gear—rods, bait, and tackle—or rent them from local vendors.

Local Atmosphere

  • The pier is a unique blend of Naples’ past and present. It has stood the test of time and hurricanes, symbolizing the city’s resilience and charm.
  • Surrounded by the heart of Old Naples, you’ll find the area bustling with activity and opportunities to explore nearby shops and restaurants after a rewarding day of fishing.

Remember, 5th Avenue South is more than shopping and dining—it’s also your gateway to some of the best pier fishing in Southwest Florida.

Tin City Pier

Naples, Florida is renowned for its pier fishing opportunities, and Tin City Pier provides a unique coastal experience. Located in the historic district, you get access not just to fishing but to a quaint shopping and dining atmosphere close by.

What You Can Catch:

  • Snook
  • Redfish
  • Tarpon
  • Trout

Gear Tips:

  • A medium-heavy rod will serve you well.
  • Opt for live bait like shrimp or small fish to attract a good catch.

Amenities at Tin City Pier:

  • Bait shops: Purchase your bait and tackle onsite.
  • Dining: Grab a bite to eat after fishing from local seafood eateries.
  • Shopping: Peruse an array of shops selling souvenirs and artisanal goods.
  • Boat tour: Consider taking a scenic boat tour to explore more of Naples’ waters.

Fishing License Information:
You must have a Florida fishing license to fish at the pier. Check local regulations for the latest updates on licensing requirements.

Remember, the surrounding Tin City area is a bustling hub with plenty to do, so you can enjoy a full day of activities. If you catch a keeper, many restaurants nearby offer cook-your-catch services, making for a memorable dining experience with your fresh catch as the star of the meal.

Wiggins Pass

If you visit Wiggins Pass, you’ll find a serene fishing location that offers you the chance to reel in various species without the need for a boat. The Pass is conveniently accessible by foot from Delnor-Wiggins State Park or Barefoot Beach.

  • Species You Might Catch:
    • Snook
    • Redfish
    • Tarpon

Wiggins Pass is noted for its calm waters and natural beauty, making it perfect for a tranquil day of fishing. Your experience at Wiggins Pass is complemented by the scenic backdrop and the potential for wildlife observation, including frequent sightings of dolphins and stingrays.

Tips for Fishing at Wiggins Pass:

  • Arrive early to find the best spots.
  • Observe the tides as they can influence fish activity.
  • Be prepared with the appropriate bait and tackle for the species you are aiming to catch.

Vanderbilt Beach Pier

When visiting Vanderbilt Beach Pier, you’re engaging with a prime location for fishing enthusiasts. Situated in the upscale area of Vanderbilt Beach, the pier provides you with a picturesque setting for a day of fishing.

Vanderbilt Beach
North Naples, Florida

Fishing Opportunities:

  • Species: Expect to hook into a mix of species including Spanish mackerel, pompano, and, if luck favors you, the occasional snook.

  • Method: You can try your hand at both live baiting and artificial lures. Local bait shops will offer a variety of options catering to the fish present in these waters.

Vanderbilt Beach Pier boasts modern amenities to ensure your fishing trip is comfortable. Restrooms and foot showers are conveniently located near parking areas.

Tips for Your Visit:

  • Timing: Early morning or late afternoon are ideal for fishing. These hours coincide with high fish activity

  • Equipment: Bring along a medium to heavy action rod. Depending on the season, larger fish may be present.

Remember, your experience at Vanderbilt Beach Pier is what you make of it. Arrive prepared, respect the local wildlife, and you may just have one of the best fishing outings in Naples.

Clam Pass Park

When you’re in Naples, Florida, Clam Pass Park is a noteworthy spot for pier fishing. The Park is situated in a densely populated area of Collier County and affords you access to a stunning beach. You’ll find the entrance to the park just south of the Naples Grande Beach Resort.

Fishing Experience:

  • Accessibility: Easy access via 171 public parking spaces.
  • Habitat: A 35-acre preserve offering robust coastal ecosystems that provide a haven for various fish species.
  • Beach Quality: Pristine sandy beaches extending into the Gulf of Mexico.

When casting your line here, the allure extends beyond the sport itself. Clam Pass Park offers an environment where both wildlife and aquatic life thrive.

What You Can Expect:

  • Surf Fishing: Ideal along the shores of Clam Pass, given the park’s natural layout.
  • Species: Predominantly anglers catch local fish varieties that are accustomed to the shallower waters near the coast.


  • Facilities: The park is equipped with amenities that make your fishing outing both convenient and comfortable.
  • Family Friendly: It is also a suitable location for family trips where fishing is just one of the many activities to enjoy.

Keep in mind that certain times of the year might bring more crowds, so plan your fishing excursions accordingly. Remember to follow any posted rules and regulations to maintain the pristine conditions that make Clam Pass Park an excellent place for fishing and nature appreciation.

Jolley Bridge Fishing Pier

While Jolley Bridge itself doesn’t have a fishing pier anymore, anglers can still enjoy fishing directly from the sandy areas beside it. This spot on Marco Island offers you a chance to catch a variety of fish, particularly if you’re aiming for species like snook.

Access and Species:

  • Access: Shoreline by the bridge
  • Target species: Snook, among others

Remember to bring your fishing gear as there are no rental facilities nearby. Gear up with live bait for better chances of a good catch. Local shops on Marco Island will be able to supply you with what you need.

Regulations to Keep in Mind:

  • License: A Florida fishing license is required unless exempt.
  • Regulations: Adhere to state fishing regulations regarding size and bag limits.

Despite the lack of a specialized structure, Jolley Bridge remains a favored spot for shore-based anglers due to its access to a variety of fish and beautiful views of the surrounding waterways.

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