Best Pier Fishing in Hawaii

Concrete pier in Oahu, Hawaii.
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Hawaii boasts some of the most scenic and productive pier fishing spots in the world. As an angler, you’ll find a diverse range of fishing locations from the bustling harbors of Honolulu to the serene coasts of the Big Island. Each spot offers a unique experience with the chance to catch a variety of fish, including bonefish, trevally, and other coveted species. Whether you’re casting off the Kaka’ako Waterfront Park with the Honolulu cityscape in view, or you’re on the lookout for the big catch at Kona’s famous charter fishing hub, Hawaii’s piers provide access to the deep blue without the need for a boat.

Haleiwa Beach Park Pier

At Haleiwa Beach Park Pier, you are treated to the quintessential Hawaiian fishing experience. This spot is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere and local charm, providing an authentic slice of island life for anglers.

Location and Accessibility:
Haleiwa Beach Park Pier is accessible from Waialua Bay on the North Shore of Oahu. It’s a spot frequented by both local and visiting anglers, keen to cast their lines amidst scenic views.

Common Catches:

  • Goatfish
  • Papio (Young Trevally)
  • Barracuda
  • Giant Sea Bass

Bait and Fishing Techniques:
Local anglers often use live bait to increase their chances of a good catch. This approach is effective for the diverse range of species found in the area. When fishing from Haleiwa Pier, you’ll be joining a community of seasoned fishers; don’t hesitate to ask for tips or share your own.

The pier offers basic amenities, and its proximity to Haleiwa town means you have quick access to fishing supplies, food, and other necessities.

When you cast your line here, embrace the peaceful surroundings as you wait for your catch. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Haleiwa Beach Park Pier calls for a simple yet satisfying fishing experience.

Waianae Harbor Pier

  • Location: North of Kaneilio Point, Oahu
  • Distance from Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor: 10 miles northwest
  • Activities Available: Sportfishing charters, dolphin excursions

The harbor itself is more modest in size compared to other fishing spots on the island, giving you a less crowded, more intimate fishing experience. You’re likely to reel in a variety of species, and the pier is particularly known for sportfishing.

Common Catches:

  • Snapper
  • Trevally
  • Barracuda

You should also note that the Waianae Harbor Pier becomes a vantage point for other forms of nature watching. During the right season, it’s not unusual to spot whales in the distance, adding to the unique experience of your fishing excursion.

Best Time to Visit:
For fishing – early morning or late afternoon. For whale watching – between November and May.


  • Parking
  • Boat services
  • Restrooms

Whether you’re looking forward to a leisurely day of fishing or hoping to catch sight of Hawaii’s marine wildlife, Waianae Harbor offers a serene setting against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.

Hilo Bayfront Fishing Pier

When you visit Hilo Bayfront on the Big Island, you’re stepping into a favorite spot for shore anglers. The rocky terrain at this park provides you with opportunities to land an array of fish species.

Fish Species You Can Catch:

  • Bonefish
  • Trevally

What You Need:

  • Fishing License: Ensure you have a valid Hawaii fishing license.
  • Tackle: A medium-heavy rod paired with a spinning or baitcasting reel.
  • Bait: Live bait like shrimp tends to be effective, as well as lures imitating local prey.

Fishing Tips:

  • Timing: Fish tend to bite more during tide changes, so plan your visit accordingly.
  • Technique: Cast near structures where fish are likely to hide.

The Hilo Bayfront Fishing Pier is not just a fishing locale; it’s a place where you can soak in the scenic views and enjoy the tranquil pace of island life.

Kawela Bay Pier

If you’re looking for a serene pier fishing experience in Hawaii, Kawela Bay is a hidden gem on Oahu’s North Shore. Fishing from the pier at Kawela Bay offers you a chance to enjoy calm, crystal-clear waters that are especially inviting for anglers.

  • Location: Kawela Bay is situated near Turtle Bay Resort, lending it a private atmosphere as it’s less crowded than other fishing spots.
  • Fish Species: You can expect to catch a variety of fish including trevally, goatfish, and the occasional barracuda.

Advice for a Better Experience:

  • Timing: Morning and late afternoon are ideal times for fishing to avoid the midday sun.
  • Equipment: It’s recommended that you bring light to medium tackle. Live bait tends to work well, aligning with local fishing techniques.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Always check for the latest local regulations and fishing limits to ensure a responsible fishing trip.
  • Understand that certain areas near the pier may be protected, requiring you to avoid fishing in those zones.

Access and Amenities:
The pier is accessible by following trails from the Turtle Bay Resort or by a short walk along the beach from the nearest parking spot. While Kawela Bay doesn’t boast extensive amenities, its natural beauty makes up for it, providing you with a tranquil fishing setting surrounded by lush greenery. Minimal facilities mean it’s advisable to come prepared with what you need for the day.

Kapaa Fishing Pier

Kapaa Fishing Pier offers you a quintessential Hawaiian pier fishing experience on the island of Kauai. As you cast your line, you are surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the island, with sweeping ocean views that add to the serenity of your fishing experience.

Location and Accessibility:

  • Area: Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii
  • Accessibility: Open to the public, no entrance fees


  • Restrooms: Yes
  • Picnic Areas: Available in vicinity

When you’re fishing at Kapaa Pier, you can expect a relaxed atmosphere with the potential for catching a variety of fish. Although the types of fish you might encounter can change with the seasons and water conditions, the area is known for species such as:

Common Fish Species:

  • Trevally
  • Mahi Mahi

To ensure a successful outing, it’s advisable to bring the appropriate gear. Also, consider local fishing reports or ask fellow anglers on the pier for tips on what’s biting. Remember, respecting local regulations and catch limits contributes to the sustainability of Hawaii’s vibrant marine life.

Your experience at Kapaa Fishing Pier can be more than just fishing—take a moment to enjoy the surrounding vistas or engage with the community of local fishermen. This spot serves as a perfect blend of recreational activity and cultural immersion in the heart of Kauai.

Lahaina Harbor

When visiting Lahaina Harbor in Maui, you’re tapping into a potent fishing location with a storied history. This legendary spot offers you more than just scenic views; it’s a vibrant fishing ground brimming with diverse fish species.

Morning hours tend to be the prime time for fishing here, as the early calm gives you a higher chance of a rewarding catch. You can mainly find a variety of fish such as mahi-mahi, tuna, and marlin which are abundant around this area.

For convenience, take note of the following while planning your fishing venture here:

  • Best Time to Fish: Early morning and late afternoon
  • Fish Species:
    • Bluefin trevally
    • Ulua (Giant trevally)
    • Papio (Trevally)
    • Snapper (such as red snapper)
    • Barracuda
    • Bonefish

You’ll find that Lahaina Harbor offers not only shore fishing opportunities but also serves as a popular departure point for fishing charters, catering to both novices and seasoned anglers.

Given its rich history and fruitful waters, Lahaina Harbor is the perfect place to dangle your line and possibly return with more than just a fish tale.

Hanalei Pier

When you visit Kauai, the Hanalei Pier offers a renowned fishing experience. Situated on the island’s north shore, it is steeped in history, having been built in 1892. Known for its serene environment and scenic backdrop, the pier has become an iconic spot for both local and visiting anglers.

Your fishing journey at Hanalei Pier is complemented by the beauty of its surroundings. Enclosed by mountains and fronted by the expansive Hanalei Bay, fishing here is an activity that is as relaxing as it is fruitful. You can target a variety of fish species, particularly during the summer months when species such as bigeye scad come into the bay. Anglers also frequent these waters for a chance to catch ulua, amberjack, and oama.

What to Expect:

  • Facilities: The pier is accompanied by amenities that cater to your fishing needs, including nearby rentals for kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkel gear.
  • Atmosphere: It’s known for its laid-back vibe, making it a welcoming spot for both novice and experienced fishers.
  • Access: Easily accessible, with the charm of Hanalei town just steps away.

For a unique fishing experience, make sure to visit during the early morning or late afternoon for the best bites and to absorb the vibrant, painterly skies.

Maalaea Harbor

Maalaea Harbor is a central hub for fishing enthusiasts visiting Maui. Located conveniently between Kahului Airport and the Lahaina/Ka’anapali resort areas, this harbor provides a diverse array of ocean adventures.

Getting There:
If you’re coming from Central Maui, Maalaea Harbor is approximately a 10-minute drive away. When driving from Paia, a 20-minute trip via Highway 36 (Hana Highway) and HI-380, followed by Highway 30 (Honoapiilani Highway), will get you to your destination.

Fishing Opportunities:
Maalaea Harbor offers various fishing expeditions such as:

  • Bottom Fishing: Ideal for those who prefer calmer waters. It targets fish closer to the seafloor, like snapper and wrasse.
  • Sportfishing: For a more adventurous experience, sportfishing trips can range from half-day to full-day trips, seeking larger pelagic fish.
  • Charters: Private charters are available for a more tailored experience, including options for whale watching and sunset cruises.

Amenities and Contacts:

ServiceContact Information
Harbor Office(808) 243-5818
DLNR Maui Office(808) 243-5824

Maalaea Harbor is not just a fishing destination; it’s a starting point for exploring marine life around Maui. Snorkeling trips can take you to places like Molokini Crater, where you might encounter turtles and dolphins. With its strategic location and range of services, Maalaea Harbor is a convenient spot for pier fishing and beyond.

Kailua Pier

Kailua Pier is a prime fishing location in the heart of Kailua-Kona on the Island of Hawaii. Not only is it accessible, but it also offers a variety of fish species to entice both novice and experienced anglers.

75-5660 Palani Rd, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740-3612

Popular Fish Species:

  • Pelagic fish: such as Mahi Mahi
  • Reef fish: including Parrotfish and Triggerfish

Fishing Tips:

  • Visit during dawn or dusk for optimal fishing conditions.
  • Use live bait to increase your chances of a catch.
  • Ensure to follow local fishing regulations to support sustainability.


  • Nearby bait and tackle shops
  • Restaurants within walking distance
  • Public restrooms and parking

When fishing at Kailua Pier, you get more than just the excitement of the catch; you are surrounded by breathtaking views and the vibrant atmosphere of Kailua-Kona. Moreover, if you’re interested in expanding your adventure, various charters and cruises depart from Kailua Pier, offering a deeper exploration of Hawaii’s marine life.

Ke’e Beach Pier

When you visit Ke’e Beach Pier, prepare for an exceptional pier fishing experience. The pier itself may not stand out for its fishing popularity, as Ke’e Beach is known more for its serene beauty and clear snorkeling waters. However, you can find fishing opportunities in the vicinity, especially if you explore the North Shore of Kauai.

Location: Ke’e Beach is located at the end of the road on the North Shore of Kauai, marking the beginning of the famous Nāpali Coast trail.

Fishing Experience:

  • Expect a more tranquil fishing environment, as Ke’e Beach doesn’t have a typical bustling pier atmosphere.
  • Parking Permits: Note that you need a parking permit. Plan this part of your trip in advance.

What You Might Catch:

  • The region is not known for a specific fish population associated with pier fishing, and snorkeling tends to be the primary aquatic activity.
  • You might encounter common Hawaiian fish species if you venture into appropriate fishing spots along the coast.

Before You Go:

  • Check local guidelines for fishing regulations to ensure you comply with any size or catch limits.
  • Be respectful of the area’s cultural significance and environmental sensitivity.

Remember, your experience at Ke’e Beach Pier could be as much about enjoying the surrounding nature and scenic views as it is about the fishing itself. Carry your gear, respect the natural habitat, and embrace the peaceful atmosphere of Kauai’s North Shore.

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