Best Picnic Spots in Ohio

A picnic blanket spread out on green grass, surrounded by trees. A wicker basket, filled with sandwiches and fruit, sits in the center. A blue sky and fluffy white clouds overhead
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Ohio offers an array of picnic spots perfect for spending quality time outdoors. From the tranquil waterfalls of Cuyahoga Valley National Park to the vibrant open spaces of The Square at Union Centre, these locales set the scene for memorable picnics amidst nature’s splendor. Select your favorite spot, pack your basket, and step out into Ohio’s inviting outdoor scenery.

Hocking Hills State Park

Your visit to Hocking Hills State Park offers you an excellent array of outdoor activities, with picturesque scenery suitable for a relaxing picnic. Bask in the natural beauty as you explore its myriad of hiking trails, each leading to distinctive formations and mesmerizing waterfalls.

Ensure you pack your essentials for a memorable day out as this park provides picnic tables and necessary restrooms. Hocking Hills is not only a hiker’s haven but a perfect picnic spot to embrace Ohio’s wilderness in absolute serenity.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Your adventure in Ohio isn’t complete without a picnic in the emerald embrace of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. With gentle rivers, lush gardens, and expansive green spaces, this park beckons families and nature enthusiasts alike to savor a meal outdoors. Shaded picnic areas are abundant, ensuring your comfort as you dine amidst the serene natural backdrop.

Whether you crave a simple lunch or a full-scale barbecue, the park caters to your needs. Well-maintained shelters provide a cozy enclave for your family’s feast. Remember, while you immerse yourself in the park’s beauty, alcohol and fires outside designated barbecue grills are not permitted, preserving the tranquility and safety of this precious green space.

Mohican State Park

Nestled in the natural beauty of Ohio, Mohican State Park is your serene getaway for an outdoor picnic. With plenty of picnic tables scattered throughout, you can savor your meal amidst lush forests and gentle streams. Enjoy the tranquil sounds of nature for a relaxing day with loved ones.

For a dash of adventure, explore the park’s numerous hiking trails, which include a route to the enchanting Lyons Falls. If you prefer more entertainment, partake in activities like kayaking or horseback riding. The park’s picnic shelters are perfect for larger groups or those preferring a more secluded spot.

Alum Creek State Park

A picnic spread on a picnic table at Alum Creek State Park in Ohio

Your search for the perfect picnic spot in Ohio leads you to Alum Creek State Park, a gem offering diverse activities and scenic beauty. Here, you find shaded areas under lush trees ideal for laying down your blanket, and a well-equipped playground that ensures kids have a memorable day playing in the great outdoors.

The park offers numerous picnic shelters equipped with grills, inviting you to savor a delightful outdoor meal. The proximity to the large pond and the iconic water tower provides a peaceful backdrop for your picnic experience.

Maumee Bay State Park

A spread of food and drinks on a checkered blanket, surrounded by lush greenery and a calm lake at Maumee Bay State Park

Nestled just 10 miles from Toledo, Maumee Bay State Park offers serene picnic areas for you and your family to enjoy a relaxing day. With its lush landscapes by Lake Erie and ample play spaces for children, it’s a premier picnic spot in Ohio. Bask in nature’s beauty while dining alfresco near captivating fountains and green meadows.

During your visit, you can explore the area’s unique environmental convergence, where land meets water, creating a perfect backdrop for your family outing. Don’t forget to take a leisurely stroll towards the iconic water tower, a beacon of the park’s rich recreational offerings.

Scioto Audubon Metro Park

In the heart of Columbus, Scioto Audubon Metro Park offers a splendid mix of outdoor activities and nature’s beauty for your ideal picnic day. With Columbus’s moderate weather, it stands out as one of the best picnic spots in the state. Witness the park’s transformation from an industrial site to a thriving green space where you can immerse in bird watching or enjoy the scenic views along the Scioto River.

For the adventurous, the park boasts a 35-foot tall rock climbing wall, adding a unique twist to traditional picnic outings. Remember to bring your own harness if you’re up for a climb. Close to both the park and the main library, Scioto Grove Metro Park is another sanctuary for relaxation and recreation, enhancing your picnic experience with a riverside backdrop and extensive hiking trails.

Sharon Woods Metro Park

Your search for a serene picnic spot in Ohio is well-met by Sharon Woods Metro Park, nestled in Columbus. The park invites you with open arms, boasting lush gardens and dense forests, making it a perfect escape into nature. You’ll find plenty of picnic tables and shelters available for a relaxing day outdoors with family and friends.

Enhancing your experience at Sharon Woods, the park includes a variety of amenities like a scenic 11-acre lake and a charming playground for the younger visitors. While there, explore the Edward Thomas Nature Preserve, which enhances your outdoor adventure with its diverse wildlife and tranquil ambiance.

Glenwood Gardens

When you visit Glenwood Gardens, you’re greeted with an array of botanical beauty. Nestled within Ohio’s green spaces, this serene oasis offers an impressive collection of roses and other blooms. Follow the paved garden loop to discover vibrant flower beds and the occasional gazebo perfect for a peaceful rest.

Accented with charming sculptures, the gardens provide a picturesque outdoor experience. Your time at Glenwood Gardens is sure to be enveloped by the natural allure of its well-manicured landscapes and tranquil green spaces, making it an essential visit for anyone seeking the splendor of Ohio’s botanical offerings.

Malabar Farm State Park

Discover the charm of Malabar Farm State Park, where nature’s beauty unfolds in the rolling hills of Ohio. Embrace the outdoors with your family and revel in the bountiful options for hiking and outdoor picnics. The park is steeped in a rich farming heritage, offering a tranquil setting that’s perfect for a date or a serene solo retreat.

Your visit isn’t complete without exploring the Pleasant Valley Bridle and Hiking Trail, with its well-marked paths meandering through lush landscapes. Pause at one of the many outdoor picnic spots, some adorned with fountains, to relish in the picturesque scenery. Malabar Farm State Park is a testament to Ohio’s natural splendor, inviting you to connect with the great outdoors.

Lake Hope State Park

Nestled within the Zaleski State Forest, Lake Hope State Park is an idyllic location for your next picnic. With its rich history, the park’s 2,983 acres offer not only scenic beauty but a glimpse into Ohio’s iron production past.

Surrounded by dense forestland and steep gorges, you’ll find numerous picnic areas to enjoy a serene meal under a canopy of trees. Equipped with non-electric sites and available camper cabins, the park caters to both the spontaneous day-tripper and the avid camper planning an extended stay.

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