Best Hunting in Wyoming

A majestic elk stands on the edge of a forest, with snow-capped mountains in the background and a clear, blue sky above
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Wyoming offers a diverse range of game species and scenic landscapes, making it a prime destination for hunters seeking a memorable experience. The state’s expansive wilderness areas are rich with wildlife, situated in the heart of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, often referred to as the “Serengeti of North America” due to its extensive wildlife and natural beauty. As you explore Wyoming’s hunting grounds, you’ll find yourself amidst a thriving ecosystem where elk, mule deer, and bighorn sheep roam.

Jackson Hole

Rugged mountains, casting a warm glow over the sprawling valleys and dense forests of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wildlife roam freely, creating a picturesque hunting scene

When you’re exploring the best hunting destinations in Wyoming, Jackson Hole stands out as a premier location. Nestled in the state’s rugged terrain, this region offers you a vast array of big game hunting opportunities, often guided by seasoned professionals.

  • Elk Hunting: Sought after for their majestic antlers and challenging pursuit, elk are a popular quarry in Jackson Hole. Engaging in an elk hunting expedition here can be both thrilling and rewarding, with guides that ensure a responsible and ethical hunt.
  • Moose Hunting: The area also presents the chance for moose hunting, where you can track the largest species in the deer family through the aspen and pine-scented wilderness.
  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep: For a truly unique experience, consider pursuing the elusive Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Their habitats in steep, rocky locales promise a hunt that’s as challenging as it is picturesque.

Wilderness Areas: You’ll traverse expansive wilderness areas, like those near the Triangle X Ranch, which are directly south of Yellowstone National Park. These terrains are especially conducive to a successful big game hunt, giving you a sense of solitude and immersion in nature.

Experienced Guides: It’s crucial to embark on your hunting journey with a guide who knows the Jackson Hole region intimately. They not only enhance your chances of a successful hunt but also ensure that you adhere to local regulations and respect conservation efforts.

You’ll discover that Jackson Hole offers a world-class hunting experience with a diverse range of game animals in one of America’s most awe-inspiring settings. With the right guidance, you can witness Wyoming’s wilderness and wildlife at its most unspoiled.


A hunter in Wyoming's Cody Boudler Basin tracks elk and mule deer

In the northwest part of Wyoming you’ll find Cody, a gateway to an exceptional hunting adventure. Cody is renowned for its proximity to the rugged wilderness areas, offering a diverse array of game and scenic beauty.

Boulder Basin near Cody is particularly notable, presenting opportunities to engage in hunting amidst wilderness that promises both challenge and reward. You can imagine tracking bighorn sheep amidst the dramatic landscape that this region boasts.

If you’re considering an outfitted hunt, the town is home to several reputable outfitters. Experienced guides can help you navigate the terrain and offer local knowledge to enhance your hunting experience. Here’s what you can generally expect from a hunting trip in Cody:

  • Target Species: Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Bears
  • Hunting Base: Facilities range from full-service lodges to remote spike camps.
  • Terrain: Expect a mix of mountainous regions and open fields.

When planning your expedition, choose an outfitter with a proven track record like Lost Creek Outfitters or Boulder Basin Outfitters, both of which are known for quality service and extensive experience.

Obtaining licenses for your hunt is mandatory and nonresidents must be aware of the need for a conservation license and applicable fees for their chosen game. Familiarize yourself with specific regulations and deadlines to ensure a smooth trip. Cody can be your starting point to unparalleled hunting adventures in the heart of Wyoming’s majestic wilderness.


Casper hunts in Wyoming's vast plains, stalking a herd of deer at dawn. The sun rises, casting long shadows over the grassy landscape

In Casper, Wyoming, pronghorn and mule deer hunting opportunities are abundant, with access to both public lands and private properties. When you’re planning your hunting trip to this region, Casper is known for quality antelope hunting, thanks to the high population of pronghorn antelope.

You’ll want to pay close attention to draw odds for hunting permits, which can vary year-to-year. Securing access to private lands can enhance your chances, as it often provides less pressured hunting environments. Through partnerships, companies like Infinite Outdoors grant hunter access to vast tracts of land.Hunting Outfitters in Casper:

Hunting Outfitters in Casper:

  • Infinite Outdoors: Opportunities over 150 private properties.
  • Riverbend Hunting and Shooting Preserve: Offers guided and unguided hunts.
  • Pronghorn Ranch: Known for its significant acreage and experienced management.

To optimize your hunting experience, you should consider the following:

  • Seasons and Tags: Check Wyoming Game and Fish Department for season dates and tag availability.
  • Land Access: Reach out to outfitters early to secure your spot on private lands.
  • Equipment: Invest in quality gear suited for the rugged terrain and variable weather.

In summary, Casper is an excellent destination for hunters seeking those prized game animals Wyoming is famous for. Advance preparation will be key to securing permits and access, guaranteeing a memorable hunt.


Laramie's vast, rugged landscape with snow-capped mountains, dense forests, and a winding river

When hunting in Laramie, you’ll find a diverse range of game and breathtaking landscapes. Your hunting experience can include encounters with pronghorn antelope, moose, and other wildlife. Laramie is nestled between the Snowy and Laramie Ranges, offering some of the best hunting grounds in Wyoming.

Available Game

  • Pronghorn Antelope: Known for their speed and agility.
  • Moose: The largest of the deer family, providing a challenging hunt.
  • Elk: Majestic creatures with impressive antlers.
  • Mule Deer: Widely sought after for their size and trophy potential.

Hunting Resources

Guides and Outfitters: For the best hunting experience, consider hiring a local guide, such as those found at Trophy Room Outfitters. Guides can provide invaluable local knowledge and enhance your chance of a successful hunt.

Public Lands: If you prefer to venture on your own, public lands like the nearby Bighorn National Forest offer vast areas to explore. Ensure you’re familiar with the specific hunting regulations for these areas.


Before you set out, make sure you’re fully equipped. Here’s a quick checklist:

  • Hunting license and tags
  • Appropriate clothing for the season
  • Hunting gear and safety equipment

Remember, every successful hunt in Laramie starts with thorough preparation and respect for the local wildlife and habitat. Happy hunting!


Sheridan Best hunts in Wyoming, surrounded by rugged mountains and vast open plains

When you set your sights on hunting in Wyoming, Sheridan presents itself as a premier destination for outdoors enthusiasts. Managed under the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, the region boasts a healthy population of game including whitetail deer—making it an ideal location for both bow and rifle hunting seasons.

Hunting Licenses & Regulations:
To hunt in Sheridan, you’re required to obtain the appropriate licenses. Non-residents need to be especially diligent in applying for licenses since availability can be limited. Ensure to check the success rates of the hunts through the department to gauge your odds. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Non-Resident Licenses: Mandatory and often obtained through a draw.
  • Success Rates: Vary by species and area; locally available data will inform your planning.
  • Regulations: Strictly enforced; keep updated through Game and Fish regulations.

Lands and Opportunities:
With access to over 250,000 acres of private lands in Regions C and Y, your hunting grounds sprawl across diverse habitats. Guided hunts improve your chances for a successful harvest and offer local expertise.

  • Private Lands: Your chance for less-pressured animals.
  • Guided Hunts: Benefit from local knowledge and skill.

While hunting in Sheridan, you’re encouraged to operate with respect for conservation efforts which safeguard this ecosystem for years to come. Enjoy the bountiful hunting opportunities and the natural splendor that Sheridan has to offer.


A majestic moose stands in a serene Wyoming forest, surrounded by tall trees and a clear stream. The sun sets in the background, casting a warm glow over the landscape

When you set your sights on Gillette, Wyoming, you’re looking at a premium destination for hunters seeking big game adventures. The region is known for its abundance of wildlife, including the sought-after pronghorn, an icon of the American West.

If your interest lies in private land hunting, you’re in luck. Gillette offers exclusive access to expansive ranches such as Rawhide Creek Ranch where you can pursue a range of species such as elk and mule deer. These private lands manage herds for high success rates, increasing your chances for a memorable hunt.

In terms of game diversity, consider Daly Ranch Outfitters, which spans over 100,000 acres and has been in operation for multiple generations. This terrain caters especially to pronghorn and mule deer hunts.

What You Can Expect

  • Diverse Species: Pronghorn and mule deer are abundant, and bighorn sheep can also be chased.
  • Private Land Access: Secure permits for reputable outfitters to hunt without overcrowding.
  • Experienced Guides: Local outfitters with knowledge of the area lead you to the best spots.

Your Gillette experience signals a big game hunt that’s both diverse and unique, set against the backdrop of Wyoming’s rugged landscapes. Opt for a guided expedition to maximize your trip’s potential and take advantage of the expertise that comes from seasoned professionals who know these lands by heart.

Rock Springs

When you’re planning your hunting trip in Wyoming, consider Rock Springs as a noteworthy destination. Located in Sweetwater County, this region offers a diverse range of game in its high desert plains, rolling hills, and robust rock formations.

Hunting Tags & Quotas:
Your success in Rock Springs begins with obtaining the right tags. You’ll find that both resident and non-resident tags are available, but many are limited quota, meaning there’s a cap on the number of tags issued each year. It’s crucial to apply for tags early, keeping in mind the annual deadlines.

Western Wyoming Big Game Hunts:
Rock Springs is an ideal point of departure for big game hunts, especially if you’re aiming for elk, pronghorn antelope, or mule deer.

  • Elk: Enjoy the challenge and reward of hunting in expansive territories that demand a keen eye.
  • Pronghorn Antelope: Known for their abundance in these parts, offers a unique experience for hunters.
  • Mule Deer: Navigate the terrain wisely, and you might just encounter this coveted species.

Remember, while hunting in the area, respect the animal populations by adhering to the established rules and seasons.

A short drive northwest from Rock Springs will bring you to Farson, a small community known for its access to some of the state’s premier hunting grounds. This location is especially pertinent for hunters seeking solitude and a rugged backdrop for their pursuit.

In preparation for your hunting excursion, always check the latest updates from Wyoming Game and Fish Department for season dates and any changes in regulations. Prepare your gear, plan your strategy, and set out for a memorable hunt in Sweetwater County’s Rock Springs.


Cheyenne hunts in Wyoming's rugged terrain

When you’re seeking an exemplary hunting experience in Wyoming, Cheyenne stands out as a prime location, particularly for big game. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department sets specific season dates for various species, ensuring sustainable hunting practices.

Antelope Hunting:
In the region around Cheyenne, you stand a good chance of encountering antelope. The areas accessible for antelope hunting boast a wealth of trophy-quality game. For the best results, plan your hunt in line with the regulated season dates.

Elk Hunting:
Elk enthusiasts will find much to admire around Cheyenne. The best locations offer plentiful opportunities for elk, with archery seasons typically opening earlier than rifle seasons, giving you a chance to embrace the challenging yet rewarding bow hunt.

Season Dates:

  • Antelope Archery: Opens mid-August.
  • Elk Archery: Opens early September.
  • Check with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for the most current dates.

In Cheyenne, embrace the open landscapes and make use of the guidance available from local outfitters. You can find experienced guides who are well-versed in the ideal spots for both archery and rifle hunting.

Remember, securing the proper licenses is mandatory. You can purchase them through the Wyoming Game and Fish Department or trusted online platforms, such as the Cross C Ranch, which offer direct links to the buying process. By planning your hunt around Cheyenne, you’ll meet the frontier spirit of Wyoming head-on, immersed in the challenge and beauty of the wilderness.


A vast, rugged landscape in Riverton, Wyoming, with rolling hills, dense forests, and a winding river, perfect for hunting

When your sights are set on hunting in Wyoming, Riverton offers a diverse range of opportunities that cater to avid hunters. Nestled between majestic mountain ranges, Riverton is a gateway to some of the state’s most coveted game.

Hunt Area 170 – Riverview, for one, is a prominent destination where you can pursue a variety of wildlife. This area is accessible, defined by boundaries starting where Wyoming Highway 789 intersects the Big Wind River. Embrace the thrill of stalking through the terrain in search of your prized catch.

  • Key Species in Riverton:
    • Mountain Lions
    • Black Bear

Public Land is abundant and provides you with the wide-open spaces necessary for a fair chase. Make sure you’re familiar with the local regulations and have the proper permits; successful hunting here hinges on respect for the rules.

Riverton’s Hunting Seasons:

Mountain LionsRefer to WGFD regs
Black BearRefer to WGFD regs

Your choice of prey and season dictates the type of hunting experience you’ll have. For more information about hunt areas and to plan your trip, check with resources like Wyoming’s Hunt Area 170 – Riverview.

Whether you’re seeking the stealth required for mountain lion tracking or the patience for bear hunting, Riverton offers you the complexity and challenge that hunters crave.

Remember to prioritize safety, ethics, and sustainability while enjoying Riverton’s rich hunting grounds. Happy hunting!

Green River

The Green River region stands out as a premier destination for wildlife enthusiasts and hunters. Your adventure for various game species can lead you to this Wyoming treasure.

When you consider hunting in the Green River region, you’re presented with opportunities for several species, including:

  • Mountain Lions: You have the chance to pursue these predators during the designated open seasons, using your choice of legal firearms or archery equipment. For detailed guides on hunting mountain lions and specific season dates, refer to Hunting in Wyoming: 12 Great Public Hunting Lands.
  • Pronghorns: These animals are known for their high numbers and corresponding hunter success rates. Given that the environment here has fostered modest population growths, despite occasional harsh winters, setting your sights on pronghorns is a sound choice. For insights into antelope populations and hunting forecasts, peruse the Green River Region 2020 Hunting Forecast.

Additional options in this region include:

  • Elk
  • Bighorn Sheep
  • Mule Deer

These species roam throughout the varied landscapes, from basin bottoms to mountain woodlands. Mule Deer hunters often take interest in the challenging yet potentially rewarding hunts near the Green River Lakes area, as detailed in Guy’s TOP 5 Picks for Wyoming Mule Deer 2022.

Your access to the extensive public lands in Green River ensures a diverse hunting experience. Each hunting area, such as Hunt Area 141 – Green River, comes with distinct physical features and game availability. Be sure to respect the local wildlife regulations and embrace the natural beauty that accompanies your hunting journey in Wyoming’s Green River region.

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