Best Hunting in Montana

Lush green forest, snow-capped mountains, and a crystal-clear river winding through the landscape. Wildlife roam freely, including deer, elk, and bears
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Montana offers a rich tapestry of wildlife and varied landscapes, setting the stage for some of the most exceptional hunting experiences in the United States. With a diverse range of species including elk, mule deer, and black bear, the state caters to both novice and seasoned hunters. Your pursuit may lead you to the expansive public lands, where the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains meet, or to private lands that offer more managed hunting expeditions. The Big Sky country’s hunting season is carefully regulated, ensuring sustainable wildlife populations and fair chase.

Big Sky

When you set foot in Big Sky Country, you’re stepping into a hunter’s paradise, a place of broad horizons and sprawling natural habitats. Montana’s vast wilderness is home to a rich variety of game animals, offering you an unparalleled hunting experience.

Animals You Can Hunt:

  • Deer (mule and white-tailed)
  • Elk
  • Antelope
  • Mountain lions
  • Bears (black and grizzly)
  • Wolves
  • Bighorn sheep

Hunting seasons in Big Sky vary, generally peaking in the fall, with specific dates and regulations tailored to each species. For instance, you can track down mule deer bucks or white-tailed deer during the general season from late October through late November.

For Your Consideration:

  • All hunters must have valid permits and follow Montana’s game laws.
  • It’s recommended to check with local authorities for any specific restrictions or changes in hunting seasons.

Terrain in Big Sky ranges from dense forests and alpine meadows to river bottoms and rolling hills, so prepare for diverse conditions. And if you’re keen on guided hunts, contact local outfitters who can provide expert knowledge on both the terrain and the game.

Remember, always practice responsible hunting — respect the land, the wildlife, and local regulations to preserve the pristine nature of Montana’s Big Sky for generations to come.


Lush forest with towering mountains, a flowing river, and abundant wildlife in Missoula, Montana

When you’re targeting big game in Montana, Missoula stands out as a premium destination. Your pursuit for deer and elk is destined to thrive amidst Missoula’s scenic landscape, where the region’s topography mixes rugged wilderness with accessible hunting grounds.

Hunting opportunities in this western part of Montana are diverse:

  • Deer: White-tailed and mule deer are prevalent.
  • Elk: Significant populations offer rewarding hunts.

For bird enthusiasts, Missoula doesn’t disappoint with a variety of game birds available. Your experience is complemented by the striking views of the terrain, elevating the hunting escapade beyond the catch.

The legalities are simple to follow:

  • Rifle hunting starts 4.5 miles up the mountain west or road #365 in the west zone.
  • Bow hunting is permissible in both east and west zones.

Remember, safety and regulations are paramount. You must not hunt within 150 yards of occupied areas or developed recreation sites to ensure the safety of others and to comply with local laws.

Here’s a quick summary of regulations to consider for a responsible hunt:

Rifle Hunting ZoneBegins 4.5 miles up from road #365
Bow Hunting ZonesAllowed in both east and west zones
Proximity RestrictionsNo hunting within 150 yards of any occupied area

To further understand the nuances of hunting in Missoula, delving into Montana guided big game hunting provides you with ample insights and opportunities for guided trips. This knowledge will prepare you for a successful and enjoyable hunt in the glorious Missoula region.


When you set your sights on hunting in Montana, Bozeman stands out as a prime location for a variety of game. This area is a haven for hunting enthusiasts looking to experience the rugged beauty of Montana’s wilderness.

Seasons and Game:

  • Upland Bird: Grouse, partridge, and turkey seasons begin in the early fall.
  • Big-Game Archery: Popular targets such as elk and deer have seasons starting shortly after.

Bozeman is well-positioned for elk hunting, a celebrated tradition in Montana known for its challenging and rewarding nature. For details on the basics of hunting elk near Bozeman, consider the tips and information found at Outside Bozeman and Bozeman CVB.

Areas to Explore:

  • The nearby Bridger Mountain Range is highlighted at Elk Ridge Outfitters, which offers guided hunts for a variety of fauna, including antelope and mountain goats.

As you prepare for your hunting trip, you should familiarize yourself with Montana’s hunting regulations. You can find comprehensive information about the 2024 hunting seasons, regulations, and licensing requirements at Step Outside.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter looking to refine your skills or a newcomer eager to learn, Bozeman’s rich hunting culture and abundant wildlife make it an exceptional destination. Remember to prioritize safety and respect for both the sport and the environment.


The sun sets over the rugged Montana landscape as a group of wildlife roam freely, showcasing the best hunting in Billings

When you’re exploring the best hunting opportunities in Montana, Billings offers you a gateway to some spectacular options. Your experience is enriched by the region’s diverse wildlife and the varied terrain that promises both challenge and adventure.

Where to Hunt:

  • Deer Hunting: Billings is a starting point for deer hunting, with areas around the city providing tree stands, a method known to be highly effective. For more specialized experiences, you might consider guidance from Step Outside which provides useful insights into local hunting spots.
  • Private Ranch Hunting: Seek an immersive experience at Flatwillow Creek Outfitters, located north of Billings. This outfit is well-regarded for access to private ranches offering rifle and archery hunts.
  • Upland Game Hunting: Expand your skills with upland game hunting in the regions around Billings. Local outfitters, such as Dave Brown Outfitters, lease extensive acreages for this purpose and utilize hunting dogs to optimize your hunt.

Local Regulations and Fees:

  • Familiarize yourself with Montana’s hunting regulations and ensure you have the necessary permits.
  • Costs vary based on the game and services like meat processing, and contributions to funds that protect hunting rights.

For further guidance or to plan your hunting trip, consider reaching out to professional outfitters and local hunting associates who can offer in-depth knowledge and ensure that your experience around Billings is both safe and successful.


Helena Best hunts in Montana's rugged terrain, stalking prey through dense forests and open plains

When you’re considering hunting in Montana, Helena should be on your radar. The area presents diverse opportunities for hunters looking to target big game, upland birds, and waterfowl. The Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest is particularly renowned for offering excellent hunting grounds.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Big Game: The region’s mountainous terrain is home to species like elk and deer. Plan your hunt in one of the popular destinations such as the Elkhorn Mountains, a wildlife-focused region between Helena and Boulder, which provides a prime habitat for these majestic animals. Visit Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest for more information on the area and regulations.
  • Upland Birds and Waterfowl: If birds are your quarry, the forests and grasslands near Helena are home to grouse, pheasants, and migratory ducks and geese.

For a guided experience, consider local outfitters who have a deep understanding of the terrain and animal behavior. One such option is Wild West Outfitters, which can enhance your hunting expedition with expert guidance.

If you prefer a self-guided adventure, properties like those offered by Rhynard Ranch Rec provide a “do-it-yourself” elk hunting experience, complete with deluxe accommodations.

Gear Up: Before heading out, ensure you’re prepared with the appropriate gear. Local shops in Helena can outfit you with necessities, including some of the best hunting knives suited for big and small game as outlined on Step Outside.

Remember, always check with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for the latest hunting regulations, licensing requirements, and open seasons specific to the Helena area. Your adherence to these regulations is crucial for a legal and ethical hunting experience.

Great Falls

When planning your hunting trip to Great Falls, Montana, you’re looking at a region celebrated for its robust wildlife and varied game. This hub for hunters offers over 30 million acres of public land, making it a prime area for your outdoor pursuits.

In Great Falls, elk, deer, and waterfowl are some of the most sought-after game species. For waterfowl, consider visiting during migration periods to encounter a variety of ducks and geese.

  • Elk Hunting:

    • Best Time: Fall season
    • Gear Tips: Durable boots, camo attire
  • Deer Hunting:

    • White-tailed and mule deer abundance
    • Stand Placement: Near water sources
  • Waterfowl Hunting:

    • Optimal Spots: River corridors and marshes
    • Decoy Setup: Vital for success

Upland bird hunting is also gaining popularity near Great Falls, with local outfitters providing guided tours on leased lands like those operated by Dave Brown Outfitters. Many hunters partner with trained dogs to enhance the hunting experience and increase success rates.

Remember to always check the latest Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks regulations before heading out. Licenses and permits are mandatory, and seasons vary by animal and region. Your preparation and respect for the local rules will ensure a fulfilling hunting experience around Great Falls.


A hunter stalking through the dense Montana forest, rifle in hand, with snow-capped mountains in the background and a clear blue sky above

When considering hunting destinations in Montana, Kalispell should rank high on your list. Situated in the northwest region of Montana, Kalispell offers a gateway to an impressive array of wildlife and scenic beauty, enhancing your hunting experience.

Hunting Opportunities:

  • Deer: Acclaimed for populous white-tailed and mule deer, you’re likely to find suitable hunting grounds.
  • Elk: The surrounding areas of Kalispell provide ample chances for encountering elk, especially during migrations.
  • Bear: For those interested in bear hunting, both black and grizzly bears can be found within permissible areas.

Safety and Regulations:
Before you embark on your hunting expedition, familiarize yourself with Montana’s hunting regulations and obtain the necessary permits. Make sure to prioritize safety, especially if you opt for treestand hunting – a popular method in this region.

Guided Hunts:
If you’re new to the area or prefer expert guidance, consider hiring a guide. Local outfitters offer guided trips in Montana that can enhance your chances of a successful hunt. They know the Cabinet Mountains and surrounding areas well, which extends between Libby and Kalispell.

Preparing Your Hunt:

  • Gear Up: Dress in layers and equip yourself for varied terrain.
  • Pack Essentials: A map, compass, or GPS should always be on hand.
  • Post-hunt: Familiarize yourself with local processors to handle your game, such as Swan Mountain Outfitters which lists processing fees for various game.

When you’re ready to explore the hunting available around Kalispell, check out Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks or contact the local offices for the most current information. Your adventure into Montana’s wilds starts here.


Livingston Best hunts in Montana, surrounded by rugged mountains and dense forests, as the sun sets over the vast wilderness

When you’re considering the best hunting spots in Montana, Livingston should be on your list. Nestled along the Yellowstone River and bordered by the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Livingston offers a diverse and rich hunting experience. This area is known for its healthy populations of elk, deer, and antelope, making it a prime destination for hunters seeking a challenging and rewarding outing.

Guided Hunting Experience

  • Chimney Rock Outfitters: Specializing in fair chase elk and deer hunting, their seasoned guides utilize four-wheel drives and Polaris 6 wheelers for transportation. The outfitter practices careful game management for trophy potential.

  • Lone Wolf Guides: Run by Phillip & Chelsea Bowers, this service provides an authentic Montana hunting experience. They offer a range of hunts including elk, deer, and turkey, guided by years of indigenous expertise.

Environmental Factors
You should prepare for varied terrain in Livingston, from the river’s edge to mountainous areas, which can demand different levels of physical fitness and preparation.

Equipment Considerations

  • Use a treestand for a more effective deer hunt in the forested areas around Livingston.
  • Prep with gear suitable for the season; Montana’s weather can be unpredictable, especially in the mountains.

By utilizing the expertise of local guides and outfitters, you’re well-positioned for a successful hunt in the magnificent landscape around Livingston, Montana. With the proper preparation and respect for the local regulations and habitats, you will find Livingston an unforgettable hunting destination.


Vast Montana landscape with buttes, grasslands, and wildlife

When you’re seeking the quintessential Montana hunting experience, Butte offers a diverse landscape for various game. The nearby regions provide viable habitats for deer as well as other wildlife, catering to both novice and experienced hunters.

  • Treestand Safety: Before heading out, familiarize yourself with treestand safety, as using a treestand is a common and effective hunting method, particularly in the eastern parts of the state.
  • Local Regulations: Stay informed about the local regulations by utilizing resources like the Montana Hunt Planner to ensure your hunting trip aligns with state-specific hunting seasons and licensing requirements.
  • Hunting Districts: Be aware of the hunting districts near Butte, such as Montana’s HD 447 – Belt-Square Butte, which features the Highwood Mountains, offering a unique hunting setting. Learn more about district-specific opportunities for deer hunting.

In Butte, Montana, your hunting expedition brings you closer to nature’s untouched beauty and a challenging yet rewarding experience. Careful preparation and respect for local hunting laws and practices will enhance your hunt and ensure a safe, lawful outing in Montana’s wild spaces. Whether you choose a high-altitude adventure or a valley search-and-stalk, your efforts in and around Butte are likely to be memorable.

Miles City

A vast landscape of rolling hills and open plains, dotted with clusters of trees and brush. A clear blue sky stretches overhead, with the sun casting long shadows across the rugged terrain

When you’re considering the best hunting opportunities in Montana, Miles City stands out. In this region, Eastern Montana’s famous Powder River Breaks offers some of the most sought-after mule deer hunting terrains. Known for its large populations of game, you’ll have a chance to seek out not only mule deer but also whitetail deer, antelope, and turkey.

  • Mule Deer: The main attraction in Miles City, with expansive terrain suitable for a challenging hunt.
  • Antelope: Known for their speed and agility, they present an exciting hunting opportunity.
  • Whitetail Deer: Ideal for those looking for a classic Montana hunting experience.
  • Turkey: Perfect for hunters looking to diversify their experience.

Miles City provides necessary amenities and supplies for your hunting trip. Establishments like Red Rock Sporting Goods and Steadman’s Ace Hardware will equip you with everything needed from gear to licenses. Additionally, respect for local hunting regulations, administered by the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, ensures sustainable practices and conservation.

Hunting in Miles City isn’t just about the game; it’s also about immersing yourself in the Montana ethos. With experienced outfitters such as Cottonwood Outfitters and Triple T Outfitting, you’re guided by locals who provide not only their expertise but also share a piece of what makes hunting in this part of Montana unique.

Remember to book well in advance, as guided hunts and accommodations can fill up quickly due to the popularity of the region. Happy hunting!

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