Best Gun Cleaning Cloths

Close up of a man using a gun cleaning cloth to clean the parts of his disassembled handgun, maintaining its pristine condition and performance.
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When choosing the best gun cleaning cloth, there are a few things you should keep in mind. These types of cleaning cloths are an essential tool for anyone who owns a firearm. Not only do they help to keep your gun clean and free of dirt and debris, but they also help to protect the finish from scratches. You should consider the type of fabric also. A microfiber cloth is great at removing dirt and debris, while a cotton cloth is ideal for polishing. Second, think about the size of the cloth. A larger cloth is better for cleaning rifles and shotguns, while a smaller cloth is best for cleaning pistols and revolvers. Finally, consider the price. Gun cleaning cloths range in price from a few dollars to over fifty dollars. Choose the gun cloth for your needs and budget. For more info read on!

Shooter's Choice Cloth Rag

Shooters Choice

The Shooter’s Choice 3-pack of gun cleaning cloths are great for removing dirt, and other residues from your guns easily! With three highly absorbent 12"x27" reusable microfiber cloths in each package, you'll be able to clean just about any surface without leaving behind lint or debris! It will wipe away gun powder, dirt, and even oil! This microfiber gun cleaning cloth is perfect to throw into the truck for the range just in case!

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Otis Microfiber Rags 3 Pack

Otis Technology

Do you own a gun? If you do, then you know that proper cleaning is essential to preserving your firearm. Otis Technology has the perfect solution for your cleaning worries – their reusable gun cleaning cloth. Otis's 12x8 microfiber gun cloth is designed to work with all types of guns, as well as allowing you to use it on scopes, knives, and more! Furthermore, this gun cleaning cloth is machine-washable and can be used over and over again! Plus, it comes in a three-pack so you can always have one in your gun range bag or give one to a friend. This is one cloth you should give some serious consideration to!

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Sage and Braker Gun Cleaning Cloth 3 Pack

Sage and Braker

This gun cleaning cloth roll is a great way to keep your guns clean and free of, grime, dirt, and water. The microsuede fabric is durable and washable, making it ideal for repeated use. This gun cleaning cloth is also highly absorbent, making it perfect for wiping up wet or greasy gun parts. A must-have for any gun owner who wants to keep their guns running and cycling in top condition. Furthermore, the multiuse aspect of gun cleaning cloths makes them great for cleaning other delicate items like lenses, scopes, or eyeglasses clean! Keep your gun in top condition with Sage and Brakers microsuede gun cloth!

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Hoppe's No. 9 Silicone Gun Cleaning Rag


Gun cleaning cloths are important for all your firearms. Acids and wetness can create problems, so this rag is both durable and moisture-resistant to get any liquid or fine powders off your guns. Additionally, this 1-11"x14" soft cotton gun cleaning rag has been pre-treated with silicone lubricant so it's ready to go as soon as opening the package as well. So whether you are at home at the workbench or you go to the range, bring a great gun cleaning rag like this with you to keep your guns looking brand new!

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Microfiber Rags


Keep your guns clean and in good condition with S&T gun cleaning cloths! These cloths are lint-free and perfect for your gun workbench or really any other use! They're also reusable, so you won't have to keep buying them over and over. Make sure you have the right tools for the job when you start disassembling or polishing your gun - pick up this 50 pack of S&T's gun cloths today! The great thing about this 50 pack is how long it will last you, especially with the cloth's being reusable, it could last a lifetime depending on frequency of cleanings!

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Birchwood Casey Silicone Rag

Birchwood Casey

Gun owners know that it's essential to keep their guns clean to prevent malfunctions. And with this gun cleaning cloth by Birchwood Casey, you will be able to do just that. Featuring a 14x15 size, it's plenty enough cloth for the job. It's made from the highest quality cotton, so you can be sure it will do a great job of cleaning your gun as well, leaving no fuzz or microparticles of gun powder left behind! Birchwood Casey's clothes are also made in the USA, so you can trust their quality is to your standard. Having some of this type of high-quality cotton allows you an ultra-smooth surface, taking with it dirt and oil. This leaves you behind with just a brand new-looking gun that anyone could appreciate! And with the competitive pricing, you can afford to get an amazing silicone rag for your firearm!

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Silicone Cleaning Rags 2 Pack

Bore Baby

Does your gun run dirty due to cheaper ammo being run through? Bore Baby has the perfect solution - their silicone gun cleaning cloth. It's non-toxic and safe to touch, so you can be sure that your gun is getting great treatment thanks to the silicone treatment without making yourself sick! Wipe away all that fine gun powder, dirt, fuzz, and more, easily! Not only does this cloth help clean your gun, but it can also be used for polishing many other surfaces. Plus, it comes in a square design that's easy to store and transport. Order your two-pack to keep one at home and one in your range bag!

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Microfiber Rag Pack of 12


Your guns need to be cleaned frequently because of the dirt and residue that builds up over time. But don't worry, Mr. Sigas 12 pack of gun cleaning microfiber cloths has got you covered. Their rags are made from a soft microfiber material and will never scratch your gun. They're also reusable so you can keep your gun looking and performing like the day you got it. Additionally, they can be used for other things too - like cleaning your car or scopes, even fishing reels!

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Silicone Gun Rag


Jephny will keep your guns looking new! The silicone impregnated treatment will help keep your firearms looking shiny and new for years to come, all while leaving behind a brand new surface. Not to mention, it works on a variety of other items such as guitars and fishing reels - so you can clean and protect them all with the same cloth! You'll be able to protect your investment and keep them in pristine condition with Jephny's easy-to-use gun cleaning cloths. While they're non-washable, they still are very much reusable, so you can keep them forever!

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