9 Best Emergency Candles

When an emergency strikes, you’ll be glad you have some emergency candles on hand. These nine best options can help you see and stay safe in the dark. From long-burning pillar candles to small tea lights, there’s sure to be a perfect option for your needs. Plus, most of these candles are affordable, so you can stock up on bulk candles cheaply. Check out our picks for the nine best emergency candles below!

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Coghlan's 36-Hour Emergency Candle


Coghlan's has the perfect solution to your emergency candle needs - this candle that can burn up to 36 hours! It's a great affordable option for camping, backpacking, and emergency preparedness. Plus, it comes with a metal can and cover to protect it. You'll never have to be in the dark again when you have this handy long burning emergency candle in a can. It's easy to use and provides plenty of light for all your needs. So don't wait - get your Coghlan's candle today!

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120 Hour Emergency Candle 2 Pack

Emergency Preparedness

A lot of people think about emergency preparedness but never take the steps to actually do anything about it. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you – this thick-glass jar will burn for 120 hours, so you can be assured that you and your family will be safe in any situation. In addition, this is a 2 pack, so you actually will have 240 hours of burn time or around 10 days of nonstop burning. Emergencies can happen at any time, so don’t wait until it’s too late. Purchase this 120-hour emergency candle in glass today and be prepared for whatever comes your way. You won’t regret it!

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Sterno Emergency Candles 4-Pack


Sterno's is the perfect choice if you want a set of emergency candles. You'll be glad you have these long-burning emergency candles if the power goes out! These candles are made in the USA and each one burns for up to 7 hours. Plus, they come in a set of four so you can place them in multiple rooms! They're unscented as well so they won't interfere with your allergies or asthma, and they provide ample light in an emergency. These are some of the best indoor emergency candles, that you can count on. So don't wait, get yours today!

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115 Hour Emergency Light Candles

FHS Retail

Liquid paraffin is an emergency item that every household should have! It's odorless and smokeless, so it won't cause any problems if there is a fire. It's also packaged with a plastic storage cap, so you don't have to worry about messy spills either! FHS Retails candle would make a great gift for your, friends, or family member. They'll be very grateful to have this safe source of light in case of an emergency. In closing, we know you'll love this emergency light candle!

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Emergency LED Candles


Don't want to mess with an open flame, but still want light? Try an emergency LED candle. This 12 pack of tea lights candles are so lifelike that they even flicker like a real light. In addition to being used as an emergency LED light, you can use them for holidays, and other occasions. Additionally, these emergency candles have an easy on and off switch, perfect if you just need a temporary light.

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36-Hour Emergency Candle

SE Survivor 

Searching for an emergency soy candle? Check out this candle by SE Survivor! Their emergency candles are made with two types of wax - soy and palm - to make sure they burn evenly and last up to 36 hours. Plus, the lightweight aluminum tin is reusable, so you can store your candle safely until the next emergency. You never know when disaster will strike, so it's important to be prepared for anything. With a 36-hour burn time, this candle will get you through any crisis. Make sure you have an emergency candle on hand for any emergency that arises. Purchase your emergency long-lasting candle today!

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Hot Burn Emergency Heat Candle


Keep your family safe and warm in an emergency with an emergency heat candle. The candleTIN is a unique emergency heat candle that can be used to provide heat in an emergency. It’s made of sturdy metal and has three wicks, so it can provide up to six hours of heat. You never know what might happen, so make sure you have a candleTIN on hand and you’re ready for anything! This emergency candle is made with a beeswax blend that burns hotter, once all 3 wicks are lit. Additionally, this is one of the best waxes for emergency candles. In fact, this emergency heat candle is so strong it can boil 8 ounces of water! This is also one of the best candles for emergency lighting due to its dual ability of heating as well as being a primary light source!

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35 Hour Emergency Candle


Are you looking for a high-quality unscented emergency candle that will last for 35 hours? Then check out Stonebriars candles that are made with the best quality paraffin to ensure a long-lasting burn time. These emergency pillar candles are lead-free and have 100% cotton wicks to provide a clean and smoke-free burn. The 3x4 pillar candles are the perfect size for large and medium candle lanterns, centerpieces, and mantel decorations. They can also be used as everyday decor, decorations for parties, but most of all, an emergency candle for power failures. We know you'll love this emergency survival candle. Don't wait, get yours today!

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18-Hour Emergency Survival Candle


Looking for a simple, no-frills emergency candle for the car or home? Then check out this candle by Stansport. This is a company that makes survival outdoor gear and knows their stuff, so you know you can trust their products. This emergency candle provides up to 18 hours of light and has 3 total wicks. You can choose to light one wick or all 3 for more light and heat. This is one of the best candles for cars due to that ability, and we know you'll love this emergency survival candle a lot!

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