8 Best Disc Golf Bags

In this blog post, we’ll discuss eight of the best disc golf bags on the market today. We’ll highlight their features and how they can benefit your game. As a disc golfer, you know that having the right gear can make all the difference in your game. Read on to learn more!

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Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Backpack

D.D Dynamic

You’ll never have to worry about losing another disc again when you use one of Dynamic Disc's bags. With room for 22 discs, it’s easy to carry everything you need with you wherever your game takes you. It features a padded strap so carrying around all those heavy discs doesn't feel like such a burden anymore. The zippers are sturdy and won't bend easily either. Plus, they offer a limited lifetime warranty so their customers never have to worry about their investment.

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Disc Backpack Slinger 8-12 Discs

Infinite Discs

Introducing Infinite Discs carrying bag, a revolutionary new way to carry all your discs. It’s lightweight and easy to use. You can throw it over one shoulder or across both shoulders like a backpack. The strap is adjustable so you can find that perfect fit for yourself! Plus, there are two pockets on the side where you can store extra discs, snacks, water bottles – whatever you need! And if that wasn’t enough already…it has 10 DISC CAPACITY! That means no more running back and forth between holes trying to pick up all those stray discs laying around in the grass. Just grab them off your Infinite Disc when you get to them! No more sore arms from carrying heavy bags either - this bad boy weighs less than 2 lbs empty!!

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Dynamic Discs Paratrooper

Dynamic Disc

You’ll never have to worry about your discs getting damaged again with this 18-disc bag. Featuring a pocket that fits all of your accessories so they won’t get lost or misplaced while you play. The best part is that this bag only weighs 4 pounds, which means carrying it around will be easy on your back and shoulders.

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MVP Disc Sports Cell Disc Starter Bag


Are you a new disc golfer? If so, then this beginner bag is perfect for you! It’s designed to hold up to 12 discs and features high-quality fabric that will last. You can easily carry it with the padded shoulder strap or grab it by its top handle. You’ll love the lightweight design as well as the ability to carry it with just one hand. This beginner bag is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get into the sport but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on their equipment until they know if they like it or not.

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Innova Adventure

Innova’s disc bag has everything you need to carry all of your discs and accessories! Holding a whopping, 25 discs in the main compartment, which can be accessed from the top or bottom. Secondly, the front pocket is great for storing keys, wallets, snacks, and other small items. And with two side pockets that fit water bottles flawlessly! An adjustable shoulder strap rounds out the bag so you can comfortably carry it around while playing.

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MVP Disc Sports Backpack


Do you hate carrying around your discs in a flimsy bag that doesn’t hold all of them and has no pockets for your keys or phone? If so, check out this bag by MVP. You'll enjoy the lightweight and durable nature this bag has to offer. Thirdly this bag can hold up to 24 discs! Plus it comes with a water bottle holder so you can stay hydrated on those hot summer days! 

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Innova Champion Discs Standard Disc Bag


Innova is one of the best-selling brands of disc bags in the world. This bag is designed to hold 6 discs and has great starter features like adjustable dividers, two large putter pockets, and more! You’ll love how easy it is to carry your bag and storing is even easier. Plus, it has plenty of storage options including side pockets that will hold your keys or wallet securely while you play. It doesn't get much better than that!

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Athletico Disc Bag - Holds 10-14 Discs, Water Bottle, and Accessories


If you're searching for a disc bag that can hold 14 discs, give Athletico a shot. With its 600D polyester fabric, you won't have to worry about rips or tears. Furthermore, it's so affordable, that even the newest players can start playing, thanks to this bag. You can't go wrong with this high-quality disc bag that will last you years to come. With its 100% satisfaction guarantee, there's no risk when ordering today. 

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