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Man using a croquet mallet in a croquet match
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If you want to play an old pastime sport, then croquet is for you. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, it’s important to use the right equipment though. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at eight of the best croquet mallets on the market. We’ll discuss the features and benefits of each mallet, so you can choose the best croquet mallet for your specific needs.

Wooden Croquet Mallet Set 28"


When it comes to croquet, size does matter. This six-player wooden croquet set comes with 28" long wooden mallets, giving you a competitive edge against your opponents. We feel the 28" long mallets are a lot better than most other competitors' 26" long handles. Additionally, the overall weight helps your swing and distance as well. Furthermore, the colored balls are easy to spot on the lawn for more time playing, and less time retrieving! You will love the extra-large storage bag that helps to keep everything organized, what other croquet mallet sets forget sometimes is a durable storage bag! With easy set-up and storage, this croquet set is perfect for any backyard or park. So make a statement with this six-player wooden croquet mallet set - because, in croquet, bigger is always better!

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Wooden Croquet Mallet Set

Franklin Sports

If you're serious about your croquet game, then you need a professional croquet set that has high-quality croquet mallets. This set is designed with premium quality wood and comes with four durable, all-weather croquet balls as well. The balls are color coordinated so you can easily keep track of which ones are yours which is a nice feature. Additionally, these wooden croquet mallets are 24" and also have a comfortable grip so you can play for hours without getting sore hands! The nine all-weather wickets are durable and easy to set up, while the wood scoring stakes make it easy to keep track of the score. Plus, the whole set comes in a handy carrying box so you can take it with you on the go. This croquet mallet set is geared toward more intermediate to expert croquet players. Being a very competitive croquet mallet, you should have total confidence in these croquet mallets and be able to hold your own reasonably!

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Baden Lawn Croquet Mallet Set


Champion Mallets, by Baden, is proud to offer you some of the best golf croquet mallets on the market today! Their cottonwood croquet mallets are designed for durability and comfort, and the extra soft-grip handles provide a better overall grip as well as being gentle on your wrists. This set includes six multi-colored croquet balls, nine wickets, two 24” scoring posts, and an official croquet rulebook. And the detachable croquet mallet heads make setting up this traditional game a breeze, and the weather-resistant carrying case allows for easy storage and transportation when it's time to set up or pack up! Baden is your one-stop shop for all your croquet mallet needs!

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Wood Croquet Mallet Game Set 32"

Best Choice Products

What better way to while away the hot summer days than with some outdoor games? Croquet is a fun and easy game that can be played by anyone. This set comes complete with everything needed for 6 players, including six beautifully crafted wooden mallets, which feature rubber caps on their heads; so they won't damage anything when contacting surfaces such as grass or concrete! in addition, this croquet mallet comes with a bag, making transportation easy peasy! A basic set of wooden croquet mallets that gets the job at a reasonable price is always welcomed!

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Croquet Mallet Set

Crown Sporting Goods

Croquet season is coming up and you need the perfect mallet set! Crown Sporting Goods has exactly what you need – a vintage hardwood croquet mallet set that comes with everything needed for up to 6 friends. This would make the perfect gift for any croquet enthusiast. They will love the authentic look and feel of these croquet mallets, as well as the convenience of having everything they need all in one place. A solid choice that you can't go wrong with!

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Premium Croquet Set with Croquet Mallets


Want a professional grade of croquet mallets? Then get this set with everything included, and feel the difference these really make. Coming in at 35" these are perfect for adult players and are optimized as such. With high-quality wood as well as caps, this wooden croquet mallet set is really unique. In addition to its stylish design, this set is also weather resistant which is a huge plus when considering a croquet mallet set, as some are left outside for extended periods of time.

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Croquet mallet Set with Carrying Bag for Kids

Play N Laughter

This wooden croquet mallet set would be a great choice for children to use to get into croquet, as it's at their height! It's made of hardwood and is durable enough to last through years of play as well, so no worries about it getting hurt. Plus, it's easy to assemble - just screw the handle into the mallet and you're done! Your kids will love playing with this colorful croquet set because the bright colors and fun designs are sure to keep them entertained for hours on end. And when they're not using it, it makes a great decoration for the yard or patio!

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Croquet Mallet Set

EastPoint Sports

Ready to take your game of croquet to the next level? With these high-performance croquet mallets and included accessories, you can play anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re a competitive player or just looking for some fun in the sun, EastPoint Sports has you covered. These croquet mallets are longer and stronger, with bigger mallet heads and larger balls – perfect for more advanced skill levels. And the easy storage and portability mean you can transport it without hassle! A solid choice no matter what way you cut it!

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