Best Bass Fishing in North Carolina

Small mouth bass caught in the waters of North Carolina.
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North Carolina stands as a premier destination for bass fishing enthusiasts, offering a wealth of diverse waterways and scenic landscapes that set the stage for exceptional angling experiences. From the sprawling lakes to the winding rivers, the state’s abundant freshwater reservoirs provide a haven for both casual and dedicated anglers. With a variety of bass species calling these waters home, along with knowledgeable local guides and a year-round fishing season, North Carolina offers a haven where the thrill of the catch meets the beauty of the great outdoors. Whether you’re seeking the challenge of tournament fishing or the tranquility of a leisurely day on the water, the best bass fishing in North Carolina promises memories and moments that will reel you in time and time again.

Lake Norman

This expansive freshwater reservoir, often referred to as the “Inland Sea,” offers a dynamic blend of natural beauty and exceptional fishing opportunities. With its vast surface area, diverse aquatic terrain, and thriving aquatic ecosystem, Lake Norman has secured its place as a premier fishing destination in North Carolina. Stretching across more than 32,000 acres, Lake Norman is not merely a water body; it’s an angler’s paradise that beckons with promises of trophy-sized catches and serene angling experiences.

Reasons to Bass Fish in Lake Norman:

  • Year Round Fishing: Thanks to its mild climate, Lake Norman offers year-round fishing opportunities. Whether you’re casting your line in the warmth of summer or the cool of winter, the bass are active, ensuring that every season is a potential angling season.
  • Tournaments and Community: Lake Norman has a vibrant fishing community and hosts various bass fishing tournaments throughout the year. Participating in these tournaments can be both competitive and social, offering a chance to showcase your skills, learn from others, and make lasting fishing connections.
  • Abundance of Trophy Fish: Known for producing trophy sized bass, Lake Norman provides a chance to land that fish of a lifetime. The lake’s nutrient-rich waters support the growth of large bass, giving anglers an opportunity to reel in some impressive catches and create unforgettable memories.
  • Scenic Beauty and Recreation: Bass fishing in Lake Norman is not just about fishing; it’s also about soaking in the stunning surroundings. With picturesque views, clear waters, and opportunities for other recreational activities like boating and birdwatching, a day on Lake Norman is a complete sensory experience.
  • Family Friendly Atmosphere: Lake Norman is an excellent destination for family outings. You can introduce your loved ones to the joys of fishing while enjoying the lake’s welcoming ambiance. Spend quality time together, create lasting memories, and instill a love for the outdoors in the next generation of anglers.

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Jordan Lake

Jordan Lake stands as a testament to the state’s natural beauty and recreational diversity. Spanning over 14,000 acres, this expansive reservoir offers a perfect blend of excitement and serenity for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. With its clear blue waters, encompassing woodlands, and a myriad of recreational activities, Jordan Lake invites you to explore its shores, indulge in water sports, and discover a captivating ecosystem that has captured the hearts of locals and visitors for generations.

Reasons to Bass Fish in Jordan Lake:

  • Tranquil Wilderness Setting: Bass fishing at Jordan Lake offers an escape into a tranquil wilderness. Surrounded by lush forests and undeveloped shorelines, the lake provides a serene backdrop that enhances the fishing experience and allows you to connect with nature on a deeper level.
  • Quality Fisheries Management: Jordan Lake is meticulously managed to maintain a healthy bass population. The efforts of local authorities ensure sustainable fishing practices, contributing to the lake’s reputation as a prime destination for anglers seeking quality catches.
  • Variety of Habitats: The lake’s diverse habitats, including coves, points, and submerged structures, create an exciting array of fishing spots. This diversity allows you to experiment with different techniques and lures, keeping the angling experience dynamic and engaging.
  • Scenic Birdwatching Opportunities: Beyond bass fishing, Jordan Lake is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. While waiting for your next bite, you can enjoy observing a variety of bird species that inhabit the lake’s shores, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your fishing excursion.
  • Educational Nature Centers: Jordan Lake is home to educational nature centers that provide valuable insights into the local ecosystem. Learn about the lake’s flora, fauna, and conservation efforts, deepening your appreciation for the environment and the importance of responsible angling.

Recommended Gear: Fishing Pliers, Fishing Reel, Sunscreen, Swivels, Fishing Net, Tackle Box, Comfortable Clothing

Falls Lake

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the vibrant city of Raleigh, Falls Lake emerges as a serene oasis, offering a welcome escape from the bustling urban life. Encompassing over 12,000 acres of pristine water and lush green surroundings, Falls Lake serves as a haven for those seeking a blend of outdoor adventure and relaxation. With its extensive shoreline, diverse wildlife, and a plethora of recreational activities, the lake beckons adventurers, families, and nature enthusiasts.

Reasons to Bass Fish in Falls Lake:

  • Serene Natural Surroundings: Nestled amid lush woodlands and rolling hills, Falls Lake’s natural beauty creates a picturesque backdrop for your fishing trips. Immerse yourself in the serene environment while waiting for your next bite.
  • Varied Bass Species: While renowned for its largemouth bass, Falls Lake also offers the opportunity to catch other bass species such as spotted bass and smallmouth bass. This diversity adds excitement and variety to your angling experience.
  • Year Round Fishing: Falls Lake’s moderate climate allows for year-round fishing. Whether it’s the heat of summer or the crispness of winter, you can indulge in bass fishing throughout the seasons, making it a reliable destination for angling enthusiasts.
  • Hidden Gem of North Carolina: Falls Lake remains a hidden gem, offering a more secluded and peaceful fishing experience compared to some busier lakes. The serene atmosphere allows you to focus on the thrill of bass fishing without the distractions of crowds.
  • Abundant Bass Population: Falls Lake boasts a healthy population of bass, providing anglers with excellent chances of landing impressive catches.

Recommended Gear: Sunglasses, Fishing Pliers, Lures, Fishing Line, Tackle Box, Sunscreen, Terminal Tackle

High Rock Lake

Lying gracefully within the heart of the Tar Heel State, High Rock Lake emerges as a shimmering jewel of aquatic beauty and recreational wonder. Covering over 15,000 acres, this reservoir stands as the second-largest lake in North Carolina and a cherished destination for locals and travelers alike. With its captivating blend of serene waters, surrounding woodlands, and a rich history of fishing and water sports, High Rock Lake invites you to embark on a journey of exploration, relaxation, and the thrill of reeling in remarkable catches.

Reasons to Bass Fish in High Rock Lake:

  • Impressive Largemouth Bass Population: High Rock Lake is renowned for its thriving largemouth bass population. Anglers flock to this lake for a chance to hook into these prized bass, known for their size and fighting spirit, making every fishing trip a potential adventure.
  • Breathtaking Scenic Beauty: The lake’s scenic beauty, surrounded by rolling hills and lush landscapes, creates a picturesque setting for your fishing excursions. Enjoy the tranquility of the water and the stunning vistas as you cast your line.
  • Variety of Fishing Styles: High Rock Lake caters to a variety of fishing styles, from shoreline angling to boat fishing. Whether you prefer casting from the banks or voyaging the expansive waters, there’s a fishing approach for every angler’s preference.
  • Year Round Fishing Opportunities: With its mild climate, High Rock Lake offers year-round fishing opportunities. Experience the thrill of bass fishing in any season, as the lake’s bass remain active throughout the year.
  • Local Culture and Cuisine: Fishing at High Rock Lake isn’t just about the catch; it’s also about immersing yourself in the local culture. Engage with friendly locals, savor delicious Southern cuisine, and create a holistic experience that goes beyond the angling itself.

Recommended Gear: Fishing Reel, Sunscreen, Fishing Line, Fishing Pliers, Sunglasses, Fishing Net, Sunscreen

Lake Wylie

Gracing the border of North Carolina and South Carolina, Lake Wylie stands as a picturesque reservoir, celebrated for its stunning vistas and diverse range of activities. With over 13,000 acres of sparkling water and over 325 miles of shoreline, this lake offers a haven for boaters, anglers, and families in search of outdoor enjoyment. Nestled amidst the rolling hills and verdant landscapes, Lake Wylie presents a unique opportunity to relish both water-based adventures and the tranquility of its scenic surroundings.

Reasons to Bass Fish in Lake Wylie:

  • Urban Oasis for Anglers: Lake Wylie offers a unique blend of urban convenience and natural beauty. Situated close to urban centers, it provides easy access for anglers while maintaining the serenity of a natural fishing haven.
  • Abundant Cover and Structure: The lake is adorned with submerged trees, rock formations, and brush piles, creating a haven for bass. This abundance of cover and structure enhances your chances of landing a prized catch while providing an exciting fishing environment.
  • Interstate Waters and State Boundaries: Lake Wylie straddles the border between North Carolina and South Carolina, allowing anglers to fish in two states from the same boat. This feature adds an element of novelty to your angling experience.
  • Year Round Fishing Variety: With its mild climate, Lake Wylie provides year-round fishing opportunities. The lake supports a diverse range of fish species, making every visit a chance to target different species and try various angling techniques.
  • Recreational Activities: Beyond bass fishing, Lake Wylie offers a plethora of recreational activities. From kayaking and paddleboarding to picnicking and swimming, you can enjoy a full day of outdoor fun while incorporating bass fishing into your lakeside adventure.

Recommended Gear: Fishing Rod, Fishing Reels, Lures, Fishing Line, Tackle Box, Fishing Net, Polarized Sunglasses

Shearon Harris Reservoir

In the heart of North Carolina, the Shearon Harris Reservoir stands as a testament to the state’s commitment to conservation and recreation. Spanning over 4,100 acres, this reservoir offers a tranquil retreat for both anglers and nature enthusiasts. Created to provide cooling waters for a nearby nuclear power plant, the reservoir has evolved into a thriving ecosystem that supports a variety of fish species, including the prized largemouth bass.

Reasons to Bass Fish in Shearon Harris Reservoir:

  • Trophy Sized Bass: Shearon Harris Reservoir is known for producing trophy-sized bass. Anglers have the opportunity to hook into some truly impressive catches, making it a favorite destination for those seeking a challenge and a memorable fishing experience.
  • Clear Waters and Serene Scenery: The reservoir’s clear waters and picturesque surroundings create an idyllic setting for bass fishing. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance as you cast your line, and take in the beauty of the natural landscapes around you.
  • Lesser Crowds: Shearon Harris Reservoir tends to be less crowded compared to some other fishing spots. This means you can fish in a more relaxed environment and fully immerse yourself in the angling experience without the hustle and bustle of larger crowds.
  • Unique Fishing Opportunities: The reservoir offers unique opportunities for anglers to explore different fishing techniques. Whether you prefer shoreline fishing, boat angling, or even fly fishing, Shearon Harris Reservoir caters to a variety of fishing styles.
  • Proximity to Raleigh: Situated conveniently close to Raleigh, Shearon Harris Reservoir provides easy access for both local anglers and visitors. You can enjoy a day of bass fishing and still have time to explore the nearby city’s attractions and amenities.

Recommended Gear: Fishing Net, Fishing Line, Lures, Sun Hat, Tackle Box, Fishing Pliers, Dry Bag

Lake Gaston

Encompassing over 20,000 acres of pristine water and scenic beauty, this reservoir offers a haven for those seeking a perfect blend of leisure and adventure. With its expansive shoreline, clear waters, and a plethora of water-based activities, Lake Gaston beckons families, anglers, and water enthusiasts to bask in its natural splendor.

Reasons to Bass Fish in Lake Gaston:

  • Spanning Two States: Lake Gaston spans the border between North Carolina and Virginia, allowing you to fish in two states from the same body of water. This unique feature adds an element of novelty to your angling experience and provides a sense of adventure.
  • Hybrid Striped Bass: In addition to largemouth and smallmouth bass, Lake Gaston is home to hybrid striped bass. This variety offers anglers the chance to diversify their catches and try new fishing techniques, adding excitement to their outings.
  • Varied Lake Structure: The lake features an array of aquatic structures like submerged humps, points, and brush piles, creating diverse habitats for bass. Exploring these different areas adds an element of strategy and discovery to your fishing trips.
  • Recreational Activities: Beyond fishing, Lake Gaston offers a wide range of recreational activities. After a satisfying day of bass fishing, you can engage in water sports, boating, or simply relax on the lakeside, making it a versatile destination for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Community and Events: Lake Gaston boasts an active community of anglers and hosts various fishing events and tournaments throughout the year. Participating in these events allows you to connect with fellow enthusiasts, share experiences, and compete in friendly competition.

Recommended Gear: Sun Hat, Comfortable Clothing, Hooks, Lures, Tackle Box, Fishing Net, Sunscreen

B. Everett Jordan Dam

Standing as a symbol of engineering ingenuity, the B. Everett Jordan Dam commands attention in the heart of North Carolina. Constructed on the Haw River, this dam not only controls flooding and aids water supply but also creates the expansive Jordan Lake. Named after the former U.S. Senator B. Everett Jordan, the dam plays a pivotal role in water management, recreation, and environmental preservation. With its impressive structure, serene lake, and the myriad of opportunities it offers for fishing, boating, and outdoor exploration.

Reasons to Bass Fish in B. Everett Jordan Dam:

  • Thriving Smallmouth Bass Population: B. Everett Jordan Dam is renowned for its thriving smallmouth bass population. Anglers are drawn to the challenge of catching these feisty and elusive bass species, making each fishing trip an exhilarating adventure.
  • Scenic Reservoir Setting: Nestled amid the rolling hills of North Carolina, the reservoir’s scenic beauty provides a tranquil backdrop for your bass fishing expeditions. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance as you cast your line and appreciate the surrounding landscapes.
  • Year Round Fishing Opportunities: With its moderate climate, B. Everett Jordan Dam offers year-round fishing possibilities. Whether you’re casting your line during the warmer months or in the cooler seasons, you can indulge in bass fishing throughout the year.
  • Opportunities for Multiple Species: While pursuing bass, you’ll also have the chance to catch other fish species, adding variety to your angling experience. The reservoir supports a diverse aquatic ecosystem, providing a well-rounded fishing adventure.
  • Proximity to Raleigh-Durham: Situated conveniently close to the Raleigh-Durham metropolitan area, B. Everett Jordan Dam offers easy access for both local and visiting anglers. You can enjoy a day of bass fishing and still have time to explore the nearby urban attractions.

Recommended Gear: Fishing Net, Fishing Reel, Lures, Fishing Pliers, Sunscreen, Polarized Sunglasses, Sun Hat

Roanoke River

Flowing through the heart of North Carolina, the Roanoke River weaves a tapestry of history, ecology, and recreational splendor. Stretching over 400 miles, this historic waterway has witnessed centuries of human exploration and settlement. From its headwaters in the Blue Ridge Mountains to its convergence with the Albemarle Sound, the Roanoke River offers a diverse range of experiences, from serene paddling routes to thrilling fishing adventures.

Reasons to Bass Fish in Roanoke River:

  • Striped Bass Migration: Roanoke River is renowned for its annual striped bass migration, attracting anglers from far and wide. Witnessing this natural spectacle and the chance to catch these powerful fish adds an extra layer of excitement to your fishing experience.
  • Scenic River Landscape: The river’s picturesque landscape, with its lush shores and meandering waters, provides a serene backdrop for your fishing outings. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the environment as you await the thrill of reeling in a catch.
  • Challenging Fishing Opportunities: Bass fishing in Roanoke River can be a challenging endeavor, requiring skill and strategy. The dynamic currents and varying depths of the river create an environment that tests your angling prowess, making each catch even more rewarding.
  • Cultural and Historical Significance: Roanoke River has cultural and historical significance, adding depth to your fishing experience. Explore the rich heritage of the area while enjoying the thrill of fishing in a river with a storied past.
  • Abundant Wildlife: Beyond bass, Roanoke River is teeming with wildlife. While waiting for your next bite, you can enjoy observing a variety of bird species, turtles, and other aquatic creatures that call the river home, enhancing the overall angling adventure.

Recommended Gear: Dry Bag, Fishing Rods, Pliers, Terminal Tackle, Tackle Box, Polarized Sunglasses, Hooks

Cape Fear River

Spanning over 200 miles from its origins in the heart of the state to its majestic embrace by the Atlantic Ocean, this iconic river has played a pivotal role in shaping the region’s culture and development. With its meandering waters, diverse ecosystems, and a rich tapestry of stories, the Cape Fear River offers a gateway to exploration, recreation, and a deeper connection with the essence of North Carolina.

Reasons to Bass Fish in Cape Fear River:

  • Untouched Natural Beauty: Bass fishing in Cape Fear River offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in untouched natural beauty. The river’s unspoiled landscapes and tranquil surroundings provide a serene backdrop for your fishing escapades.
  • Diverse Bass Species: Cape Fear River is home to a variety of bass species, including largemouth bass and striped bass. This diversity allows anglers to target different types of bass and experiment with various fishing techniques.
  • Year Round Fishing Potential: With its mild climate, Cape Fear River provides year-round fishing potential. Regardless of the season, you can enjoy bass fishing and explore the changing river conditions throughout the year.
  • Historical Significance: The Cape Fear River holds historical significance, with its ties to North Carolina’s past. Fishing along its waters allows you to connect with the region’s heritage while indulging in your angling passion.
  • Adventure and Exploration: Bass fishing in Cape Fear River is an adventure in itself. Navigating the river’s twists and turns, exploring hidden fishing spots, and encountering the river’s unique challenges all contribute to a memorable and dynamic fishing experience.

Recommended Gear: Fishing Net, Fishing Reel, Lures, Fishing Pliers, Sunscreen, Polarized Sunglasses, Sun Hat

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