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If you’re looking for a way to transport all your beach gear with ease, then you need a beach wagon! They come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs and make it easy to cart everything from towels and sunscreen to coolers and chairs! To help you find the perfect wagon for your next trip, we’ve rounded up eight of the best options on the market. From large-capacity wagons to collapsible models that fit in your trunk, there’s sure to be a beach wagon that’s perfect for you. Read on for more info on the eight best beach wagons!

Buyers Guide

When shopping for the best beach wagon, there are a few important factors to consider. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Wheel Size and Material: Look for a beach wagon with large, sturdy wheels that can easily navigate the sand. Ideally, the wheels should be durable materials like rubber or plastic.
  2. Size and Weight Capacity: Consider how much gear you need to transport and how many people will be using the wagon. Look for a beach wagon with a weight capacity that can accommodate your needs.
  3. Folding and Storage: If you have limited storage space, consider a beach wagon that can be easily folded and stored when not in use.
  4. Material: Choose a beach wagon made of high-quality materials that can withstand the elements, such as sun, sand, and saltwater.
  5. Accessories: Some beach wagons come with useful accessories such as a canopy for sun protection, a cooler for drinks and snacks, and cup holders. Consider which accessories are important to you and choose a beach wagon that offers them.
  6. Price: Beach wagons can range in price from under $50 to several hundred dollars. Determine your budget and find a beach wagon that meets your needs within your price range.

By considering these factors when shopping for a beach wagon, you’ll be able to find the best one for your needs and enjoy a hassle-free day at the beach!

Types of Beach Wagons

When it comes to beach wagons, there are several types available that cater to different needs. Here are some of the most common types:

  1. Foldable Beach Wagons: These wagons are designed to fold up for easy storage and transportation. They are a good choice if you have limited storage space or need to transport your wagon in your car.
  2. Non-Foldable Beach Wagons: These wagons are sturdy and durable, but they don’t fold up for storage. They are a good choice if you have plenty of storage space and don’t need to transport your wagon often.
  3. Collapsible Beach Wagons: These wagons are foldable and non-foldable types of hybrid. They are collapsible and easily stored, but they are also sturdy and durable like the non-foldable wagons.
  4. All-Terrain Beach Wagons: These wagons are designed to navigate through any terrain, including sand, rocks, and rough terrain. They have larger wheels and a sturdy frame that can handle heavier loads.

When choosing a type of beach wagon, consider your specific needs. If you have limited storage space or need to transport your wagon often, a foldable or collapsible wagon might be a good choice. If you need a wagon that can handle rough terrain or heavy loads, consider an all-terrain wagon. And if you have plenty of storage space and don’t need to transport your wagon often, a non-foldable wagon might be the best choice.

Top Picks for Best Beach Wagons

Folding Beach Wagon



This fold-up utility beach wagon features 4" x 7" inch oversized hard solid wheels for improved traction on all terrain making this wagon a great choice. Furthermore, it's designed with an adjustable pull handle for effortless transport. Beau Jardin's beach wagons open and fold up easily in seconds, all without hassle! It also features 600D Polyester that is strong and easily removable for cleaning as well. Lastly, a large 300 LB carrying capacity makes this a perfect companion to take your next family picnic!

  • Easy to remove canvas to wash
  • Oversized wheels for easy pulling
  • Roomy
  • Hard to pivot around corners
Key Features:
  • 300LB capacity
  • Oversized 4" x 7" inch wheels
  • Inner canvas is washable
Buy from Amazon
03/08/2024 03:44 am GMT

Collapsible Utility Beach Wagon



MacSports wagon is perfect for all of your beach trips! It features a max load capacity of 150 pounds, This wagon also features large tires that can easily navigate all terrain from soft sand, wet dirt, and even snow! Moreover, its constructed from a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame and built with 600D fabric for longevity. Lastly, it also features a telescoping adjustable handle that locks and extends. No need for tools or assembly either!

  • Easy to pull across sand
  • Durable steel frame
  • Quality fabric
  • Heavy frame
Key Features:
  • 150 LB capacity
  • 4" x 10" inch wheels
  • Foldable
Buy from Amazon
03/08/2024 01:53 am GMT

Collapsible Beach Wagon



Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to transport your beach gear? Look no further than this utility beach wagon! With the simple push of a button, this wagon folds compactly so it can be stored in your trunk or closet. No assembly is required, making it super easy to use. Furthermore, the strong steel frame construction provides stability and a 225-pound weight limit, while the durable high-density polyester fabric is both sturdy and easy to clean after usage. It also comes with oversized 8" wheels that make traversing wet sand and any terrain effortless! This well-designed product is perfect for sporting events, concerts, trips to the park, or even just in the backyard. Plus, it's collapsible so you can take it anywhere – making it a great option for the avid outdoor enthusiast!

  • Easy to transport with
  • Has a large weight capacity
  • Easy to store
  • Sinks in soft sand
Key Features:
  • 225 LB capacity
  • Oversized 8" inch wheels
  • Collapsible
Buy from Amazon
03/07/2024 01:47 am GMT

Folding Utility Beach Wagon



Looking to make transporting your beach gear a breeze? Check out this collapsible all-terrain utility wagon! It has an impressive 220 lbs weight capacity, so you can pull a lot of gear in one go. Plus, it requires no assembly and features a large storage space of 150L for all your beach necessities. The 600D Oxford fabric is durable, waterproof, and easy to clean – perfect for the outdoors. Plus, it's large 7" all-terrain 360° rotating wheels make pulling it easy. A great option for any avid beachgoer looking for an effortless way to get their stuff back to the car.

  • Large wheels for traction
  • Large capacity
  • Pulls easy
  • Stitching loosens easy
Key Features:
  • Collapsible
  • 220 LB capacity
  • 7" inch wheels
Buy from Amazon
03/06/2024 03:59 am GMT

Folding Boardwalk & Beach Wagon 1.5+


Radio Flyer 

Take your beach and boardwalk adventures to the next level with the Radio Flyer "Beach & Boardwalk" wagon! Featuring wide, ultra-durable tires and a linked steering mechanism that's optimized for sand, this wagon has a foot storage bar that can hold up to two beach chairs and an easy-to-stow feature. Safety is a top priority - as this toy is safety tested plus it comes with seat belts and a sun canopy for protection. Make your beach trips more enjoyable by taking along this awesome product to hold all of your belongings!

  • Sun canopy keeps sun off back
  • Convenient rear chair holder bar
  • Wheels aren't wide
Key Features:
  • 1.5+ Year old
  • 150 LB capacity
  • Safety tested
Buy from Amazon
03/08/2024 01:28 am GMT

Utility Beach Wagon


Mac Sports 

The MacSports utility wagon is a reliable and versatile tool for carrying all of your gear. You can haul anything from blankets and chairs to ice chests in this spacious environment that sets up quickly! Furthermore, this lightweight utility wagon offers convenience in every aspect: oversized wheels that allow a smooth ride over bumpy surfaces and sand, and an adjustable handle for easy transport. It even features two cup holders in the front where you can store drinks while you're transporting the wagon to the park/beach/sporting event grounds! Lastly, the durable 600D polyester fabric not only looks good but is easy to clean. This 150-lb capacity wagon is great for all different situations - all while you transport it in style!

  • Roomy interior
  • Durable canvas
  • Good handle
  • Wheels can squeak
Key Features:
  • 150 LB capacity
  • Folds up easily
  • 2 Cup holders
Buy from Amazon
03/08/2024 03:49 am GMT

Heavy Duty Wagon



Get rid of the hassle and strain of carrying beach supplies with this heavy-duty collapsible wagon! Its strong construction allows it to carry up to 175 lbs of gear easily, while the 600D Oxford fabric offers a waterproofing layer. Moreover, the adjustable handle rotates smoothly and locks securely when needed, while the 360-degree front wheels make it easy to operate. Lastly, no assembly is required for this Vivosun wagon, saving you time.

  • Durable
  • Carries a lot
  • Easy to fold
  • Pulls to the side
Key Features:
  • 175 LB
  • 600D oxford fabric
  • Adjustable handle
Buy from Amazon
03/08/2024 03:22 am GMT

Folding Wagon


Ozark Trail 

Make the most of your beach and camping trips with the Ozark Trail wagon! It offers a convenient quad-fold design for storage outdoors or indoors! Plus, you will love the strong steel frame, built to handle all of your cargo! Furthermore, this wagon features a 225-pound weight capacity and oversized 7-inch wheels, which offers a smooth ride. Enjoy easy transportation and make trips more enjoyable with this awesome product!

  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Large capacity
  • Center doesn't lay flat completely
Key Features:
  • 225 LB capacity
  • 7" inch wheels
  • Steel frame
Buy from Amazon
03/07/2024 03:19 am GMT

Benefits of Owning a Beach Wagon

Investing in a high-quality beach wagon can be a great addition to your beach gear. Here are some benefits of owning a beach wagon:

  1. Convenience: A beach wagon makes it easy to transport all your gear to the beach in one trip, without having to carry everything by hand. This can save time and energy, and make your beach day more enjoyable.
  2. Comfort: Beach wagons are designed to be comfortable and convenient to use. Some wagons come with features like a canopy for sun protection, a cooler for drinks and snacks, and cup holders for added convenience.
  3. Versatility: A beach wagon can be used for more than just beach trips. You can use it for camping, picnics, or even for carrying groceries from your car to your house.
  4. Durability: High-quality beach wagons are built to last, with sturdy frames and durable materials that can withstand the elements. This means you can enjoy your beach wagon for years to come.
  5. Family-Friendly: Beach wagons are a great option for families with young children, as they can transport all the necessary gear like toys, snacks, and drinks in one convenient location. This can make your beach day more enjoyable and stress-free for the whole family.

Overall, owning a beach wagon can provide a range of benefits and enhance your beach experience. Consider investing in a high-quality beach wagon to make your next beach day more comfortable and convenient.



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