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School of striped bass in Alabama's waterway.

Best Striped Bass Fishing in Alabama

Alabama offers bountiful waters teeming with striped bass, commonly known as stripers, that provide recreational anglers with year-round fishing opportunities. These hard-fighting fish can be

Golden Gate bridge in California, a popular striped bass fishing spot.

Best Striped Bass Fishing in California

California offers a diverse range of environments suitable for striped bass fishing, whether you’re after a casual day out on the water or a record-breaking

A river in FL that holds striped bass.

Best Striped Bass Fishing in Florida

Florida has developed a reputation among anglers as a prime destination for striped bass fishing. With a variety of freshwater systems, including rivers, lakes, and

Large school of striped bass migrating up a river in Virginia.

Best Striped Bass Fishing in Virginia

Virginia offers a robust habitat for striped bass, commonly referred to as rockfish, making it a premier destination for anglers. The state’s diverse waterways, from

Man holding 2 striped bass in Massachusetts.

Best Striped Bass Fishing in Massachusetts

Massachusetts offers some of the best striped bass fishing in the Northeast. The state’s diverse coastal habitats provide excellent opportunities for anglers targeting the coveted

Two large striped bass caught in Louisiana.

Best Striped Bass Fishing in Louisiana

Louisiana offers an excellent setting for striped bass fishing, catering to your angling ambitions with a mix of freshwater and brackish environments. The state is

Man fishing for the river run of striped bass in PA.

Best Striped Bass Fishing in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania offers freshwater anglers exceptional opportunities to catch striped bass, particularly in its major lakes. With naturally reproducing populations and consistent stockings of fingerlings, the

Striped bass swimming in a school, inside a Georgia lake

Best Striped Bass Fishing in Georgia

As you venture into the diverse waterscapes of Georgia, you’ll discover an angling paradise for striped bass enthusiasts. Georgia’s lakes and rivers have become prime

Striped bass swimming in the shallows of Lake Texoma, Texas.

Best Striped Bass Fishing in Texas

Texas has long been revered as a premier destination for striped bass fishing, where the potential for reeling in a hefty catch is a major

Striped bass chasing baitfish in the waters off New York

Best Striped Bass Fishing in New York

New York offers some of the finest striped bass fishing in the Northeast, particularly known for its robust fishery that attracts anglers from across the